10+ Tips to keep your home young always

Are you stubborn to bring enough decorations and change interior designs though your home is 10 years old? If so, no doubt, old age will attack your home easily. Do you know a simple change of position of furniture or flower vase can bring a change and refreshment to your interior. Painting one wall of your family living room with bright lemon green or baby pink can alter the whole look itself. Also as we change our tastes very often, why can’t we do something bit once in a while to give a ‘new look’ to our home? Let me give you a few tips to make your home stay young forever.

1. Let us begin with our flower vase of living room. Let us take a break from plastic flowers and dry flowers. Place a few peacock feathers in your flower vase. I am sure your mind will be refreshed a lot with this new change.

2. Another option is to place a small urli in your living room with a little water and few flowers like rose petals, lotus etc. You can light a floating candle also.

3. Change those old expensive cushions furnished with velvet and silk. Instead choose a few shades according to latest trend; give preference to colours. Strips, dots, check and strange plain colours can change the entire look of your interior within a few moments.

4. Instead of carpets, use rugs and runners of latest trend. You can also replace table sheets with runners.

5. You can bring new cushions of different shapes and colours to your interior, and throw away old ones to waste bin.

6. Now let us replace those old thick curtains with light and simple ones. You can experiment with different colour shades of blue, green, yellow or red. Change in curtains and its colours can give a new look to your interior. Also read: Top 10 latest trends in curtain.

7. Paint your home once in three or four years. For darker shades, choose earthly colours. You can use texture paints to give colour to one or two walls of your kid’s room or family living room. Design paints, wall cladding and highlighting borders are other options you can do to bring a quick change to your home interior.

8. Never place old magazines and newspapers in your living room. You can decorate your living room with simple items, leaving a lot of space blank. It provides a spacious and lively look to your living room.

9. Corner lights made from paper and plastic make your rooms appear trendy. You can replace them once in a while to give a new look to your interior. Choose corner lights with trendy colours and prints.

10. Place a few decorative plants or money plant beside your bathroom windows. You will never place shampoo or oil in that window side.

11. Place a few sharpened colour pencils in an attractive pen holder in your kid’s table. 

12. Place a big mirror or a few pictures in your corridor to give a new look to your interior.

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