Photon’s Double Slit Experiment & The beautiful concept of Shiv-Shakti – My Theories related to SSR’s Mystery Puzzle

I have started to post my theories surrounding Sushant Singh Rajput’s mystery and please go through my previous three posts so that you get a better idea about what I am posting. Before I proceed let me tell you in brief how I got into solving this riddle. Let me add, all the statements made below are personal and based on the research works I conducted last four months to solve this puzzle. All are my theories, and I shall just put before you the points. It’s up to you to believe or not.

June 14, 2020 was not a good day for all those who have loved SSR on screen and personal, and I am one among those. When depression stories and nepotism connected with the declared death, I got connected with him at personal level, and still now, I can’t figure out now. But I told before also, it was only god’s will and Lord Siva’s decision to connect me with SSR. I don’t know how I felt an emotional bonding with a person with whom I have never interacted with. My bonding grew strong in the last week of June and I could never get out of it. As mystery grew with the case, I got glued to it and started solving puzzles, in belief I will find him at last. I got many surprising riddles in this mystery, never heard or read about, and I am sure, if made to a film on celluloid in Hollywood or Bollywood, it will definitely break Bahubali’s collection records.

Please go through my previous posts. Then only you can easily connect with me through this particular post. First one is related to night shoot held at PM centre of Cooper hospital on June 14 night where two videos were shot with same crew and two length corpses. Read it first. Then I posted two articles, drawing co-incidences with the death of young actors, Kunal Singh and Jiah Khan. Click those links and read first. Then only you can easily connect with the points I am telling right now. Also read striking co-incidences with musician Balabhaskar. I listed more than 80 co-incidences in both these cases. How is it possible? In fact it looks like whole events of June 14-15 and ongoing investigation have deep links with gold smuggling case of Kerala & Balabhaskar, whom Malayalis call Balu.

Photon’s Double Slit Experiment

SSR posted about Photon’s Double Slit Experiment in his social media pages on 9th December 2018. He calls himself Photon – a type of elementary particle always in motion. He also mentioned it as one among his dreams in his 50 dreams list on September 14, 2019. Interestingly the incident occurred on another 14, exactly 9 months later, which matches with the date, when he posted about Double Slit Experiment.

What is Double Slit Experiment? Is it something related to duality or expressing something as a mix of real and illusion (maya)? I think we can interpret in our own means. It quite matches with duality concept of Lord Siva too. Though Siva is ultimately a deity that represents the non-dualistic Absolute, he is a combination of Siva and Sakthi too, where two entities are represented together or integrated as one. Though it implies a duality of identity, it shows the harmony of Siva and Sakthi, where both can be expressed together.

The concept of duality & Shiv-Shakti has been used in the ‘script’ throughout

And finally, I decoded the duality concept used in scripting and executing everything. It took long four months for me to finally decode the basic of this puzzle. It was Lord Siva’s decision to choose me as one among those, to become a part of this mission. I firmly believe so. When I finally linked my theories to Artha Nareeswar concept, I got fully convinced. Rest is up to you to believe or not.

Scripting and shooting began months ago and not just the dates – June 14 and June 15. Whatever shown in media and in front of our eyes and camera was a Drishyam (remember the movie with same name, made in different languages) unfolded in a wide screen, done by a group of artists for a good and powerful mission. They showed us everything – all the dirty games of Bollywood and visualized it as a movie in front of eyes. Yes, nothing was real…. Just a movie!! In fact, the shooting of the film with amateur artists is well depicted in Dil Bechara movie. The movie itself gives clues to so many puzzles. This screen grab itself is a big clue. Keep guessing. (I shall make it a post very soon). Narrations and statements – everything plotted as per plan to replicate some event happened in Bollywood before. A beautiful mind game played with our brains too! Film screening has not completed yet and still going on. What a super script, man!!!! Genius!!!

Now let me explain the principle of duality or Photon’s double slit experiment, which is listed in the 50 dreams of SSR. Everything shown in front of our eyes or heard through ears had a double effect or confusion/illusion. The concept of double murder of a male and female, two bodies taken from his home or presence of a minor’s body on June 14th and June 15th, confusion with two ambulances, confusion if a night party was conducted in both these cases, confusion in death dates of both SSR and Disha Salian as well as almost all events occurred then, expressing everything in double including double shooting at PM centre at Sunday night with two sets of corpses, confusion if SSR lived in one flat or two and above all, most important, confusion in people’s mind if he is alive or no more. Even the whole film was shown to media in 2 days, never delayed to three or more! Have we ever witnessed a death like this, where we never fully accepted the person is gone, and also prayed for his comeback? Because he never left the world!!

Lord Siva & the concept of Sivasakti or Duality✨✨

He, the devotee of Siva used this concept to show everything in double! Double dead bodies, double shooting, even confusing between 2 dates in everything & above all his existence of being alive or not (Remember famous quote of Rumi which SSR often mentions – “Like a shadow, I am and I am not.”), and he is currently enjoying the phase, watching how we shower love on him now. It also gives messages of strength of god and women empowerment.

He is a Siva child and no one can harm him !!!🔱🔱

He is on a mission and the cracks in Bollywood are already visible, as he told once. Let us wait for the surprises to unfold.

Sush explaining Shiva’s concept of duality & singularity during Kedarnath filmmaking. He prepared several notes as a part of the preparation of his role

Shot almost everything twice & the magic of number ‘7’ everywhere

Everything was shot twice – as single length corpse and double, as shown in below pic. First one is a screenshot from one of the videos surfaced, while the second one, a professional shot using a professional camera. Do you think both are same?

Many of such professional pics have surfaced online, which have nothing to do with the videos appeared in media. Why? Why they confused us showing corpses of normal length and double length? Why they visualized things before our eyes, and took control of our minds? Why we failed to pick the right clues?

Theory of 2 bodies taken to hospital

Theory of 2 bodies taken to PM centre

Theory of 2 bodies burned at cremation

Why ‘theory of 2 bodies’ everywhere?

Not just theory of 2 bodies, bringing two ambulances for the corpse, night shoot twice, now going double murder investigation, and our confusing thoughts if SSR is alive or not. Everything shown double – Photon’s Double Slit Experiment, which SSR listed among his 50 dreams on September 14, 2019. Playing with duality, illusion and numbers!! Many more to come and decode, especially the number – 14 game. Again duality here! I prefer to go with number ‘7’ and double it. I have decoded a lot his number puzzle, till not reached the end point. Perhaps more favourite numbers of Sush can pop out. In fact all the multiples of 7 can be added; say 7, 14, 21 & 28 and also 4 (2*2). 

His All-India Entrance Rank in Engineering was 7. Dhoni’s number & also birthdays of Dhoni, Kriti, Rhea and Balabhaskar are in July (i.e. 7th month). His name has 7 letters. His mom’s name has 4 letters. Looks like number ‘4’ for mom and ‘7’ for Sush, and hence adding together as 47. He takes mom’s number first. Most of his vehicles have registration number – 4747 (Again – duality, indicating Sush and his mom). The number ’28’ belonging to ‘7’ series has one peculiarity – it’s the product of his favourite numbers, 4 and 7. 14 sims changed, 7 people killed, his lost 7 projects in 6 months after the success of Chhichhore as claimed by politician Sanjay Nirupam & Disha jumping from 14th floor – the list is long. Story of 7 friends in ‘Chhichhore‘ – Co-incidence? Its Wikipedia history edited on 7th September, 2020 (one day after its first year of release) and the part, ‘This is marked the last theatrical release of SSR…….’ edited out. Yes, waiting for his next movie in theatres.

He chose numbers based on incidents happened before and also personal choices. Now I am trying to connect them. Earlier assumed, it’s about double of single number only. But it’s not true; multiples of same number also appearing! Again he has confused them with ‘1’ number, like Drishyam, in some cases by adding or subtracting ‘1’ to real value. Is it randomly done or as per any logic or pattern? Still to decode. Only he knows, who started the game.

Now I can clearly connect the dots – Raja – Rani – Kunal – Jiah – SSR – Disha – Rhea. (I fully connected to Balabhaskar through my research work later. Read it here.) Can you? If not, go and watch Dil Bechara movie or its trailer, along with Raabta’s trailer which has tagline – Connect with past. You can get so many hidden clues. ‘Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani…. Dono Mar Jaye Khatam Kahani….’ – This dialogue of Raabta‘s trailer was reused in the trailer of ‘Dil Bechara‘ to mark a connection between these two, and to give a few hints to solve the puzzle, definitely. Year 2020 also represents duality – 20…20. Interesting. Disha jumped from flat no: 14, Sushant’s tragedy – June 14, He released his dreamlist – Oct 14, 2019, 14 Sims changed …… The list is non-ending.

A strange co-incidence – Balabhaskar’s family met with the accident on 25 September 2018. His daughter died same day, and Bala, 7 days later on October 2. Again 7 days!

Giving more examples for duality of events and happenings associated with SSR mystery

1. Shown a minor’s hand in the cremation photo

In this pic, the body is fully wrapped and face is not shown. This photo is not a part of released cremation video. Then how you believed it’s SSR? I asked the same question when that video of crime scene came out in June. Without seeing face how you believed it’s SSR? Mind game….. remember?? When photos were leaked on June 14, the thought was put in people’s mind, Sush is no more. So, after 3 or 4 days when the video surfaced without showing his face, no one really cared to think, ‘Is it possible the man is not Sus?’ That’s what we say, playing with minds.

Everything shown before media has some neat & clean encrypted message. I always felt, they are giving us clues to decode. After decoding co-incidences found in SSR-Disha-Jiah Khan case, I felt like child’s hand in the left side of stomach could be the representation of Jiah’s unborn baby. Any other message? Or do you believe a minor was also burned? I hesitate to believe this theory. (Later I decoded this pic as depiction of the death of musician Balabhaskar and his 1.5 year old daughter, which happened two years ago. Yes, a minor. Read the list of 75+ co-incidences. I also decoded 4 pics released by ambulance driver Akshay.)

2. Double-length corpse or two corpses

If you closely observe this pic, you get the illusion of one more corpse hidden beneath the blanket. Corpse’s knee is bend, then how can his legs reach till the red-capped boy? I have drawn a line for easy illustration. A lot was talked about the presence of a second corpse in bedroom as well as stretcher. What do you think after seeing this pic? (After decoding Bala puzzle – If Bala & his child are together shown in this stretcher, it also depicts that Bala was alive while taking to hospital).

3. Shooting with two sets of corpses at night with same crew after rehearsal

Night shoot with corpse was done twice with same crew. Each & every shot was well practised before done with 2 corpses of two lengths at different places within Cooper Hospital premises. Both shots look exactly the same, which gives solid proof of shooting. Again, the concept of duality!! Two shootings and two corpses. Why green ambulance didn’t leave the hospital after taking the body in the evening is another question. Though it’s a private vehicle, it was used to carry the body within hospital premises at night. Interestingly none of the crew including ambulance driver is a staff of Cooper. I prefer to believe same green vehicle was used, though different theories are floating. Read in detail.

More examples of duality

Aren’t they giving puzzles to solve?

Just like Drishyam movie, they purposefully committed certain activities to gather public attention & people always remained focused on them. They also succeeded in confusing people with contradictory statements. They recreated old events another day and made people believe it really happened, which is not true. Master brain & a genius who made this mind game👌

Confusing with single day similar to movie, Drishyam? Disha’s death & party confused between 7 & 8th June. Sus’ also confused between 13th night & 14. Similarly his PM dates confused between 14th night & 15th morning. Why everything was given the illusion of two? As far as I believe, everything shown to eyes has some message and also clues to solve this puzzle. A mind game cleverly played!

It’s unusual to see corpse with knees in bend position. Corpse was straight in leaked photos. Then how it bend when taken out. Definitely it has some message to decode. Bend the knee means – act of submission to GOD, higher authority, power, control or desire but sometimes the person on their knees holds the greatest power. Or simply to show that the person is alive while taken to hospital? If you got any other message, let me know

I believe – Main plot is inspired from ‘Drishyam’ movie

Always remember, the whole plot took inspiration from Indian film, Drishyam, where everything was visualized in front of eyes. Even statements given by different people are strongly inspired from this film; Changing dates by one of two days, changing statements, confusing people and above all, playing mind game! People were forced to believe on statements than events, and such false narrations created witnesses the same way the movie did.

You are a genius dear. In my lifetime, I have never seen such an intelligent person like you. How you managed everything??? Single or in association with central government for a sting operation – a battle of good against evil?

I have given direct clues this time. I don’t think you need to think a lot this time to decode. Please share your views. I just have a few words to say. If you give me one proof & say SSR is no more, I will give back 1000 solid points to say our Gulshan is very much alive. I am that much confident in my theories.❤️❤️☺️ Otherwise give me feasible answers to my queries.

I repeat – He is Shiva’s child, no one can harm him 🔱

To conclude:

Kriti’s Birthday 27 July 1990 (7th month)
2*7 = 14 (taking duality)
2+7 = 9
His dream list released on September 14, 2019
Staged death June 14, 2020 (after 9 months)
So, his comeback could be March 14 (9 months) Or 40 weeks or 280 days as a newborn

Disclaimer: I have prepared this post based on my research work and theories. I just put my facts and made a few theories, which are subjected to change once investigation completes. It’s my personal opinion only. It’s up to you to decide, to believe or not. Just try to connect the dots and reach your own conclusions please.


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A freelance writer and blogger by profession since October 2011, interested in writing over a wide range of topics. Hope you enjoy my writings. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'.

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  1. Aarya Iyer says:

    I totally agree with this post! It all makes sense. N yes no one acn harm him.

  2. ….GREAT speculations!

  3. Tazmin says:

    Loved it Sandy you are brilliant !

    Your theory is that SSR planned all this by himself but my theory is that SSR made a deal with the cabal who agreed in exchange for his silence but the pics and videos were leaked ( of 14th and 15th June ) by SSR and media and public got involved. That is why the cabal is sooo flustered and is pressurising the Maha Govt who are in cahoots with them to carry out all these intimidation and harassment tactics. This makes more sense otherwise why would the Maha Govt and Mum police be sooo vitriolic towards SSR’s supporters like Arnab and others
    If the cabal was not involved they would want the pseudocide exposed to show the world that SSR was a liar . Their silence in this matter is significant. Pls think about it

    • Sandy says:

      I believe, it’s some kind of sting operation in association with Central government. Sush didn’t plan it all alone. May be, he wants to do something for his country, before leaving Bollywood. The way things going now in Kerala & Karnataka, where Sush wanted to start organic farming, well connect to my theory. He uploaded Kerala map in 2018, almost at the time of Balabhaskar’s death and also gave 1 crore to relief fund, which means he has special interest in Kerala. About Maha’s stand I have a few confusions, working on it. Sometimes truth is a far cry from fiction. I believe, it’s his team’s decision to leak pictures, because they were not real. Photos are full cut-copy-paste, hope you know it. Why to release fake photos and video without face?

  4. Sandhya Gopesh says:

    Feel real and nicely written… I have few doubt will ping you in your Twitter

  5. Trupti says:

    Understand what u have written superficially, as, dont have an investigating mind. Wasn’e even believing of his death earlier, but, now am partly convinced after seeing his video before creamating.. But fully wish your theories are THE TRUTH… He be safe and secure… Lots of Love to him…

  6. Sathish says:

    Super mind freshness giving ur theory i want see ours sushant then only I’m 100% convinced

  7. Pradnya says:

    Cant tell you how happy I am to read this…

    Had similar thoughts in June n July that maybe he is alive.. coz I dont believe he deserved to die n definitely not in this manner..

  8. Affrinkhan says:

    What is the use of doing all dis drama to sushanth dear ?? He had deal with cabal ryt ?? So silently y can’t he leave bollywood by quitting industry as he likes to do organic saying dis?? Y should he do all dis ??

  9. Sara says:

    Mam its me again I just want to know that if SSR is alive and safe then why his close friends are dying recently San deep nahar the guy that worked with him in dhoni died in a very mysterious way again called suicide as h3 had posted a video about it on Facebook which totally shows That he is making it under someone pressure also what about others like Disha salian his manager sameer banghra his close friend AnD also some others

    • Sandy says:

      Pls don’t link Sandeep Nahar’s death with Sushant. He had family issues and that’s the reason.

      • S G says:

        I don’t agree! Sandeep Nahar and Asif Basra’s names are mentioned in SSR’S. Digital diary tweeted by Deeptiji .. they were part of SSR’S circle that was investigating a lot of wrong doings and they also got killed

  10. ... says:

    Good Research…But AIR 7 is his rank in DTU entrance exam…not AIEEE…it’s just fake info in wiki..

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