Food and exercise – How are they mutually related?

It’s a myth that if you exercise in empty stomach, more fat burns away. You can have a small meal one hour before exercise. Two slices of whole wheat bread with peanut butter or boiled banana can be taken as small snack before your exercise. What else?

1. If you have taken solid food, do exercise after 2 hours only, the time needed for its digestion.

2. Before and after exercise never take fiber content food. It can lead to gas trouble. Pulse grains and daals should also be avoided maximum. Nuts, chips and unripe banana should not be taken before workout.

3. It’s a myth that avoiding food soon after workout reduces obesity. While doing exercise glycogen stored in muscles are used as fuel. To restore it, carbohydrate food such as rice or chapatti should be taken. Otherwise for those who take hard workouts, their muscles may weaken easily.

4. It’s a myth that if you are a vegetarian, you won’t get muscles through workout. An adult person irrespective of diet consumed can get improve muscles through proper workouts. Vegetarians should eat pulses and nuts such as groundnut, red beans, black gram etc. They can also eat fruits. But to increase muscle mass, red meat such as beef is the main option.

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