When women exercise – A few tips to note for

Women can do any type of workouts. But strength training exercises are less needed for ladies.

1. Through regular exercises, there will be significant change in body structure and beauty. Body remains in good shape. Fat deposits of thighs, stomach and back will be reduced considerably and beauty of breast will also be increased.

2. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming and dancing can increase heart beat and functioning of lungs, thereby reducing body fat.

3. Weight training, push up, pull up etc can increase the size of muscles and strength thereby keep body in good shape.

4. Bench squat is a good workout to achieve attractive waist, thighs and buttocks. It’s a sitting exercise where one needs to sit and stand up from an imaginary chair without bending backbone.

5. Wall push up can be done to keep breasts in good shape by giving strain to muscles of breasts, hands as well as shoulders. It’s a push up done in standing posture by pressing hands against wall.

6. Ladies should give preference to exercises which give easiness to joints and muscles. It helps to overcome the difficulties caused by hormonal imbalances post menopause stage.

7. Though men and women possess same type of muscles and they possess same strength and stiffness, women can never develop muscles similar to men.

8. It’s a myth that if women do men’s exercises, male hormones will increase in her body. Yet if steroids or protein powders are used, they can alter the hormone balance of women’s body and can also promote hair growth in body parts.

9. If cramps or joint pain occur while doing exercise, give your body a little rest. Start again with simple workouts only. If pain is severe, consult a doctor.

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