Diabetic Patients need Carbohydrate, not Sugar

Carbohydrate is the main source of energy for man. Diabetic patients also need carbohydrates, but simple sugars are not advisable for those affected by diabetics.

What are simple sugars? Simple sugars will be easily absorbed, and sugar level in blood will increase suddenly. Honey, sugar and jaggery are some of the common items which contain simple sugar in abundance. But grains and pulses have complex carbohydrates, which break into glucose and absorbed by intestine. So they will be absorbed by blood very slowly. So increase of blood sugar is a slow process.

What is Glycemic index? Whenever a food is taken or glucose is consumed in the same level, sugar level in blood will definitely increase. The comparison between these two rates is called Glycemic index. Glycemic index of sugar is 59. Glycemic index of some of the common items are Apple (37), Orange (40), Chickpeas (47) and Green gram (48). Glycemic index of sugar is high comparing the food items listed here. Sugar gets easily absorbed to blood stream and increases the sugar level. That’s the reason why diabetic patients are advised not to take sugar.

It’s advisable to diabetic patients to take food items which increases blood sugar level only slowly. Comparing sugar, fruits take more time to be absorbed to blood, and hence they are better comparing simple sugars such as honey, sugar and jaggery.

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