A few natural and homemade cleansers for you

Cleansers are used for multiple purposes. When exposed to sunlight and dust, your face may turn dry and dust can get deposited in pores. Cleansers not only clean dust from face and skin, but also softens the skin. Before you put makeup, it’s always better to clean your face with a cleanser. It also helps to clean dead cells and remove makeup, and cleansing milk is mostly used for this purpose. It’s possible to make natural cleansers at home and here are a few.

Using orange skin – Dry and powder orange skin. Mix one small spoon of this dry orange skin powder with ¼ cup cold cow’s milk. Keep it aside for half an hour. Dip a piece of cotton in this mixture and gently massage your face with it. Wash off the cleanser using warm water. You can keep this mixture in fridge for maximum one week and use it.

Homemade body cleanser – Take a half litre bottle and add ¼ cup honey and equal amount of glycerin to it. Add any liquid soap to it, mix it well and your body cleanser is ready. You can use this body cleanser instead of soap while you bath. It cleans your skin and keeps it soft.

Olive oil or Almond oil – You can use anyone of these oils to remove your makeup. Apply oil on your face and use a tissue paper to clean it.

Aloe Vera Jelly – Mix two big spoons of aloe vera jelly with a small spoon honey and a little oil. This mixture is a good choice to remove makeup.

Cleanser for dry skin – Unboiled cow’s milk can be placed in refrigerator and chilled and apply it on face. Wash it off. It’s a good cleanser for dry skin.

Cleanser for oily skin – Take honey and lemon juice in equal proportions and mix well. People with oily skin can use this mixture as cleanser. Add a little sugar to it and use it as scrubber.

Cleanser for normal skin – Take honey and milk in equal proportions and mix well. People with normal skin can use this mixture as cleanser. Add a little sugar to it. Your scrubber is ready.

Grape juice as cleanser – Take olive oil and grape juice in equal proportion. Mix it well and use as your cleanser for face. If you have oily skin mix grape juice, lemon juice and egg’s white yolk to make a perfect cleanser. Massage your face with the cleanser and wash it off.   

Vegetables as cleansers – Take four big spoons of tomato juice and cucumber juice each, and apply on face several times. Massage well and wash your face using cold water. Skin turns soft.

Easy cleansing milk – Grind together 2 big spoons of rice and 3 almonds together. It should be powdered well. Exchange the contents to an airtight container. When you want to use it, mix it with a little milk, and apply on face. It’s a good cleanser, and improves skin’s beauty as well.

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