Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 3

“Love is pain in disguise🖤🖤”
“I have an ocean of words to spell
Yet converging everything in a single tear drop”
“Painful conversations are always the unsaid ones”
“My love letters written on autumn leaves were never read🍁”
“My dark skies devoid of stars
And filled with dark clouds
It won’t out-pour as well
Instead will smolder and diminish forever,
And who cares!!!”
“Some distances can’t be seen, only be felt💔”
“Some people come with spring and leave with autumn fall”
“Love may die, not its pain💔💯”
“Heart can cry more than tears”
“Have you ever experienced a situation when you are fully broken, yet had to prove to yourself and pretend to others, ‘Nothing really happened’?”
“Tears can melt your frozen heart and make emotions appear real”
“No one in this world can measure
The intensity of pain
I am going through
Right at this moment”
When a deep grief is not addressed, it gets added every time when it happens next time. It never settles down. Some griefs are to be dissolved forever before culminating to next stage🍁🌪️”
“If you can hold everything except me, how will I feel like? How should I take it?”
“More close I brought people
More far they kept me”
“Are you trying to rebuild me from scratch, by snatching away everything I hold, and mould me to a new one which you like? Do you want to change me totally?”
“Pain shows its true colours only as time passes by”
“Nobody really cares you, my baby
Better take care of yourself💃💃”
“Everyone want an understanding partner. In reality, what they expect is a tolerating partner, and tag as ‘understanding'”
“Fate could have been a little soft towards me….”
“Sometimes dry flowers give you that fragrance, which fresh flowers can’t”
“A strange combo of two…
Does it ever exist??”
Paying guests living together🍁”
“However hard you try, people will never understand, unless they have gone through same situation”
My brain is almost dead because of overthinking”
“Softhearted people take a lot of time to actually realize, they were treated bad, someone hurt their self respect, and that, that person is never going to repent, because they never treat others bad, and believe others will do the same, even after repetitive bad experiences”
“Listen with heart, not with ears”
“It’s hard to exist in a space
Where your existence is ignored,
A space where you don’t exist at all
In someone’s thoughts,
Memories, presence or anything else,
A place which no longer can be called home 🍁”
“Many times love is at arm distance
Yet we prefer to wait a little longer,
And the moment is gone forever!!”
“I completely shattered in front of you many times
Like those clouds beneath setting sun”
“Why you fail to read every time
My hidden love in everything I do?”
“How long can someone take advantage of you?
As long as you allow to do it”
“Lucky are those who are blessed with beautiful hearts,
Carrying so much love with them
But unlucky too,
If they can’t give their overflowing love to anyone,
And they remain not understood fully”
“I always keep my mind chapters open
In hope you will read them.
But you go away each time
Without even letting me know,
You read or not”
“Knowing you doesn’t imply ‘Understand you’ too”
“I got colour blind in love,
I failed to recognize different shades of it🍁😝”
“The only true friend who stays sincere with us – Pain/Sorrow/Grief”
“Some people believe in ‘freedom to hurt’ loved ones to heal themselves”
“Silence is pain
Nothing else”
“Is there a greater sorrow exists in this world other than the condition when no one can understand you, no matter how hard you try?”
“Why are you reading unwritten pages?
Why are you breaking me with your words and imaginations?
Is it simply because I allowed you to cross my boundaries?
Is it because I am helpless?
Or is it because you enjoy seeing me in pain while you talk?
Remember, time can change any moment
If today is yours, tomorrow can be mine”
“Learn to walk alone. It will help you at least once in a lifetime🙂”
“Worst happens when no one truly understand what’s running in your mind, even after you try the best from your side”
“I keep holding my sunsets for long
In hope, I can pretend nights are not arriving
In hope, I can resist nights a little more”
“Just because you keep tolerating all pains,
Does it mean you deserve pain only?
Can’t you dream happiness?
Can’t you wish something solely for you?
Can’t you think, good things can also happen tomorrow?
Is it only repeated healing reserved as the best happening of your life?
Is it the best thing you ever dream & possess?”
“How can all of a sudden I become a wrong person for you? How can you break all ties abruptly and stop communicating?”
“If you gain something in a moment
And loss it in another,
Can ever it be called a gain?”
“Dark clouds hide some of the darkest shades of my griefs, without ever pouring. It hides all the seven visible shades of my rainbow too; yet can’t hide thunder and lightening.”
“I was never given an option.
Instead you created a closed world for me,
A wonderland,
Where I was transformed to a butterfly
And given full freedom to fly inside it”
Yes, I tried a lot from my side to touch your expectations,
Even after knowing I may not reach there.
Yes, different people have different expectations,
Who to blame!!!🍁💔”
“Where have I lost you?
Still now,
You haven’t answered my question”
“No one gains by hurting someone without a reason”
“Like a dream
As you slowly fade away
Fading are we both…
Me in you and you in me”
“You have left her without saying a word,
Now there is no need of fake drama”
“Everyone think about their lives and happiness
After all it’s the right thing to do in the short life span.
I don’t know why I never gained courage –
To dream about my happiness and peace,
Thinking it will hurt everyone.🍁🥺💔🦋”
“You own all my tear drops
Those shed ones
And all the unseen ones too :):”
“When a wall starts to build up between the two,
What if one person is aware and the second is not”
“Your one word could have changed my life totally. But you never feel the need”
“Chillness you gave was more intense than all winters I have seen.
Heat you gave was more severe than all summers I witnessed.
When monsoon poured heavily you drenched me much more than all clouds could.
Yes, you gave me much more than what all seasons could”
“Dancing without music🖤🖤”
“You hurt me in ways, even you can’t imagine”
“Some hearts are fixed only to break again”
“Please don’t fix my heart to break again”
“To leave someone without telling a word,
Someone who fills your entire universe
With stars and love,
There must be some strong reason.”
“How can I underestimate my own pain?”
“My pain never counts……”
“It doesn’t take long to find a place in someone’s heart and lose it”
“How many times might have I died and reborn in your heart🍁
“If you loved me like I do
You understand what I’m talking about”
“Pain also has weightage in human eyes. It’s not the same for every. Some people’s pains have less value, some have more and some people’s don’t. Double Standards!!”
“Why should you force someone to leave you every time?
It means, that person is not important for you. Right?”
“Love is colour blind🌈🌈
It can’t see grey and black shades,
And often filters colours it want”
“Sometimes I feel, whatever it is, we should take only minimum or average efforts, nothing to do beyond our limits. If so, if we don’t get desired output, we won’t feel bad too much…. Won’t feel get lost or exploited.”
“Some good memories end as illusions”
“Can I get a single day in my life
Before leaving this earth
A day,
Fully free of lies and illusions?”
Love is colour blind”
“Some pains are unavoidable….”
“Seeing you is painful for me
“I fear I will remain in your virtual world forever✨💫,
As a beautiful rainbow🌈,
That can’t be touched,
But only be felt🙂🌪️”
“You want to see me happy
Yet you want to stay away from me”
“When eyes take rest
Heart turns heavy”
“Love is a burden many times”
“There is no greater curse in this world than being misunderstood. It is worse than isolation”
“My heart is full of unsaid words for you”
“Rain talks to me more than you”
“Once upon a time she blossomed like a spring”
Substitutes and extras will always remain so
No one can make them a part of the real script
Their role is to perform perfect till –
The deserved one reaches and fits into the space”
If I go far away from you,
Everyone will say…you are wrong…
No one is bothered about reasons behind it 🚶‍♀️🍁”
It’s a heartbreaking feel when you realize….
You sacrificed a lot in silence
Embraced all sadness
Everyone around you are happy
And no one is really bothered about you”
“In a bad attempt to fix you in my skies for our future”
Many times we get signs
We are not going the right way.
But when our mind moving in some particular direction
Nothing can convince it all.
It keeps going on
And never comes out of that illusional world
Till it’s too late💜🚶‍♀️💔😢”
How can you withstand so much pain dear??” #AskingMyself
“It’s not because some people have a lot of time, hence they give you a lot and reserve you special …..
If you can’t realize it, it’s your loss only”
No one can change fate or destiny…..
Some deep words deep from heart
And hard efforts go muted!!!
Who to blame,
And what for!!!!”
“Your pain is intense
But it doesn’t make my pain insignificant”
“Joys and pains are seasons which come as uninvited guests
When one comes, other goes
All in different versions in alternate pattern💕
None of the joy versions returned💜🍁💫
But all the pain versions got cumulatively added every season🥺💔”
“How will it feel like
When you are suddenly shifted from
A whirlpool of love to a barren desert
In a fraction of seconds?
How long will your heart take
To accept the reality?”
“Each ‘GOODBYE’ has a back end story to tell!!”
“Without landing in any shore,
My fate is to keep sailing always
In the stormy weather”
“People do change
Everything never remains the same
We should accept it
And move on with the swift of time🍃”
“Any loss that cannot be replaced or recovered is a loss”
“I haven’t changed.
Still at the same level of my atomic spectrum of love.
But it’s you who have changed”
“For those who are tired of waiting a lot
Don’t keep them waiting again.
Waiting is not a choice always”
“Not only flowers,
Hearts also blossom during springs
Not only leaves,
Desires also shed during autumns”
“Your heart has never been touched by any
Otherwise you would have read my heart much earlier🍁”
“A ‘GOOD BYE’ carries a lot of said and unsaid words
It’s not just a single phrase uttered in a single moment of time,
But connected to thousands of emotions from past
Which someone doesn’t want to carry to future”
“How can we say only happy things to someone?”
“You insisted that you would go
I insisted not to go.
When you put it into words
I joined the company of silence.
When you finally won and left
I was happy with your victory
And without mincing words,
My silence kept watching you”
“Mind slowly settles down in silence
When it slowly accepts the reality.
All things around play swan song in perfect tune
And there begins a new struggle of existence”
“I kept turning back repeatedly
In hope, you will call me back
When it moved from moments to days,
From days to years
And from years to ages,
I never knew
And I lost everything
In this long wait”
“Pains given by different people are different😆😆😂”
“Some tears get stuck inside eyes,
Hesitating to pour”

“Wish you were one of the stars among us. This world would have been treated me better”

“How fast seasons went away
One by one, without me even knowing.
If I realized earlier,
I would have collected
At least a few shades for me too,
While busy for others.
What remaining today is winter dumbness,
Cold and a white blanket.
Have stopped waiting for seasons & its colours
Now going far away, wrapped in white”
“You could have left without hurting me.
But you didn’t…..”
“Failed twice
Didn’t want to fail third time too
My heart was not prepared to break third time again”
“As time passes by
Tears condense as dew drops
And hide in the deepest corners of heart,
Making it frozen”
“Not everyone hold the right to show pain to others”
“Till we reached my autumn fall🍁
We walked together as strangers
You kept me waiting for an answer
Then let off my hand saying,
We can’t be together anymore
You can stay or not, decision is yours;
Smiling deep inside,
I have taken my revenge
Because you assumed
I will never start off again”
Now I can feel the distance. Slowly I want to cultivate it”
“People can come and go in your life
Even while physical presence is felt🍁💔”
What to do, if darkness is the only reality”
I want someone to miss me sincerely”
Pretending to be far away from me, though standing near”
“My tears spiked like a cactus flower
In the deserted garden of your love”
“We never think about calling some people back to our lives,
Even if we sacrificed a lot for them in the past
That’s called self respect💜🍁🌪️”
“When pains reach the highest extreme
It enters a world of illusion,
Where you doubt if you are in pain or not”
Very often I feel like a departed soul who can’t wipe your tears, even if standing near”
“Some distances can’t be seen, only be felt
Love is blind, but heart is not”
“If I can find at least one person who can share his/her feelings without expecting I should also do the same ……!!!🌪️🦋🌈”
“Sometimes you share everything
Sometimes you share nothing
People do change
People develop new habits too”
“Lack of courage is the cause of all sort of sufferings, most times”
“I remained silent
It doesn’t mean, I didn’t made an attempt
Yes, I tried
To heal
To recover
To weave again
To forget
To forgive
To care
To adjust
Till I realized I was a replacement only
Before I finally gave up years back💔🍁♾
And I don’t regret😊”
It’s said, each day is born to erase –
The darkness of every night
But still now I am waiting for that ray
Which can change my long lasting night to day”
“Painful conversations are always the unheard ones,
The unsaid conversations too”
“Tears can change their habits
Tears can change their path too”
“Some pains have no mouths to scream aloud,
No tears
Only fire and fumes🔥🌪️”
We met again as strangers”
We may meet again as strangers” / “Hope we meet again as strangers”
“Every person has feelings
It’s not specially reserved for a few
Not all smiles are of joy
Not all tears are of sadness”
“The pain you feel when someone you love and care most, finds excuses to keep you at distance”
“Sometimes, when I read a few messages, I feel like I should send back my received messages to the same person so that they can also feel the same emotion which I felt🤐”
“Ya, some people showed me light in my darkness for short time. But no one really stayed with me with lamp forever”
“Can’t you really see my tears?
My unborn tears have a story to tell
Those spilled tears have told their story,
Only you didn’t listen”
“Some losses are always in repeat mode”
“I would prefer to silently move away rather than keep arguing,
If it’s someone very close to heart♥️♥️”
When you burn as candle from both ends
I shall drop my tears to put out the fire you suffer.
May be your silent agonies need it later,
So I shall preserve one tear drop for later
Who knows I may carry a heart so frozen
Deprived of tears, sorrows & joy,
When you need someone to give a light”
“Rejection from someone who you love fondly, multiple times, can take away all happiness of life….
Nothing can replace it”
Why parted days never return? Why certain goodbyes are forever? #Memories”
Why certain unsaid goodbyes are forever?”
It’s hardest in this world to hide true emotions and live as another person throughout life💜🍁💔”
“If you can’t understand me, how can I blame others not to understand me?”
How can I break you when I am broken inside?”
I want to escape in darkness forever
Years have passed since I am roaming in this endless corridor”
“The disappointment you feel when you have no idea about what the other person wants, yet you try best from your side, but fall short of expectations”
“You all have asked me thousand times, take care of him, never hurt him. At least once have you ever asked him, take care of her….. anyone of you? 🍁😔”
If those parting moments turn at me once …….”
I miss your emotional and virtual tight hugs…”
“Feel the emptiness of my smiles with my words
Feel the emptiness of my heart with my love
Feel the emptiness of my path with my footsteps
Feel the emptiness of mine with my presence
Can you?
You read me, Right?”
Please leave me….. I will survive somehow🍁”
I can emotionally feel your tight hugs” #MyFriend #Corridor
Some sudden happenings in life change us so swiftly we hardly imagine”
At any cost I can’t disturb anyone….
Better I shall leave…
When I feel I am no longer
A part of someone’s priorities”
“Yes, I tried a lot from my side to touch your expectations,
Even after knowing I may not reach there.
Yes, different people have different expectations,
Who to blame!!!🍁”
“Heavy heart can’t cry
But storm rises, breaking it into thousand pieces”
“Both candle and love can burn you.
Play safe”
“Just a short term pleasant memory sometimes
Make you wait for someone forever
No promises
No assurances
Yet you keep waiting.
Only time can give you an answer
Most times like raindrops disappearing in soil
Your wait turns futile
Those moments of separation & long waits cost you everything
“A moment when a helping hand could be at a hand short distance from you, but it appears at infinite distance for you”
“I want to revisit those old good days again”
“Can you return back my ages
I lost waiting for you futile?”
“If you don’t want, let it go…
Never hold and leave as per your convenience😊😊”  #Switching
“It’s nothing more sad than those moments
When you have to realize every time
You have to kill your emotions
And pretend nothing happened,
To make someone else happy”
“Those birds of desire
Trapped me coming near,
And then flew away
When I was about to touch”
“Unsaid conversations and unheard ones are equally painful”
“Tears pouring from eyes can express more emotions than words
If you understand they are priceless and meaningful
Otherwise only water drops
“What about those whose hearts are filled with countless shades of emotions which keep changing, yet deprived of tears!!”
“Some waits are forever, in a loop till the end of life journey, and the people who are meant to understand will never understand it”
“Yes, I still remember each and every moment
I fell short of your expectations.
But do you?🍁😊”
“My hidden tears are much more than all these seven oceans can accommodate
So I transform them into tiny clouds and place them in sky boats to sail above skies.
Though they pour down occasionally beneath the hot sun giving temporary relief
They once again sail back to my eyes to start the journey again”
“Many times we are helpless
Even for our own situations,
Where we can watch ourselves
Only from distance”
“Can you tell me one reason,
How I can stay happy?”
“Burning to ashes
It’s bound to happen
Today or tomorrow”
“Among four, only younger brother Laxman was destined to separate from his better half for 14 years. Among the sisters, only Urmila :):💫🍁💕
Though she spent 14 years in sleeping, lost years never turned back. Gone time is gone forever”
“Revisiting memories are painful most times”
“We both are living in our own worlds,
When will they finally connect?”
“Why can’t you stop pretending?
How long will we both act like strangers?”
“When you fade like a dream
The seven colors you shaded inside me also fade away”

“Seriously, do you believe someone who doesn’t recognize your true value when you were there, will miss you after you have gone? 😕🤭🤔😂

Perhaps return back too😷🤐
“Breaking me too hard,
I doubt
I or you can fix me once again,
My soul and my existence
Slowly diminishing
Disappearing in dark,
Without replacement.
Never complain me later
If I won’t blossom once again”
“To let go someone is so easy,
To hold someone is so difficult
To make someone cry is so easy
To make someone smile is so difficult”
“My heart no longer exists!!🖤
“From the silent pains I shed as tears
I want to make a pearl necklace
And present it to you.
You should name it after me”
“When you went far away silently,
I was busy collecting your
Scattered words, scattered footprints,
Your silences, tears & all those puzzles you left
In hope to find you”
“When you finally reach this point where I am right now,
I might have travelled infinite distances far away from here”
“The moment since you started acting like a stranger,
I failed to find happiness in your presence💜🍁🌪️”
“I walked away with the autumn season,
When you didn’t call me back”
“No one should get stuck in pain like me”
“If we are nothing to them,
It doesn’t matter if they are dear to us”
“When smile fades away from soul,
It’s not easy to restore”
“We can’t expect good bye from everyone!!”
“Simply to account the heartbeats of yesterdays,
I don’t want a return trip”
“Storms returned back so unexpected, can fully rupture your heart boundaries”
“You said goodbye in a twilight beyond the ages.
It’s only my heart which took ages to reach there.”
“We cannot hurt the ones we love for long”
“My heart is beyond repair”
“Sometimes a million droplets of love deep inside the heart are not enough to hold someone you love💜🍁💫”
“Deepest water currents
Deepest secrets
Deepest sufferings
Deepest love
It’s always the deepest which go unnoticed”
“Why do you always choose colours for us, of your favourite?
Once often, you can choose my shades too”
“When will you start playing the songs
I specially tuned for you?”
“One thing is common in all of you
All of you broke my heart multiple times”
“Some stories begin with tears
And there is no end at all”
“I often wrap my pains in red roses
And send you with unseen notes”
“Love is nothing,
But a candle burning from both ends”
“Even after staying together for years,
Some people remain mere strangers forever”
“Time can bring lost seasons back
They can go on for many cycles
But none of the seasons can replace
What I lost forever”
“The scar you put on your face with your anger for no reason
Is a scar you put on the face of our love”
“We both were lonely before we met,
Are lonely even after finding each other.
Though our hearts are woven together
Many seasons do pass between us.
Even while we talk for hours through silence
Words fade and fall like autumn leaves.
We are stars destined to burn alone
Unaware of days and nights”
“All of us fight unique wars for you💫
Some fight loud,
Some fights are silent
After all it’s all about you,
Not about us.
War is all yours
Which you never tell anyone
And we form your army”
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