Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 1

I can accept sufferings if they belong to me only,
But can’t if I am responsible for pain of someone else
“I want to take a deep sleep
To return to a world without you
By freeing myself from pain given by you
To reach distances you can’t see🍁💔😪”
“If I own the privilege to take away my pains,
I would have already done 💫😪
“The deepest forests always wear black sunlight😇”

“Worst happens when no one stays, or when no one truly understand what’s running in your mind”💔💔

I broke down before you many times, completely shattered. But you never lend your hand anytime🌪️💞”

“A simple stone is enough to make great ripples in a lake which looks silent from outside, but carrying loads of water currents inside.”

As I slowly moved with time, I learnt to act silent and slowly reached that point🍁”

“If I had known earlier I was a temporary placement only
I would have tried not to be so sincere towards you”
“I don’t know why
You always want to see me normal
I don’t know why
You always want me to put the smile mask
I still don’t know why
You still love my acting, even after knowing I am faking
Is it your guilt feel
Which forces you to ask me to be normal?🍁
“There is no bigger pain on earth than love. Some experience it once, some multiple times and some never”
“My problem is I accept the people the way they are, even forgetting their flaws. But the problem is, once I accepted them, I erase all boundaries & freely allow them in, & get hurt by the way it finally leads to. Then think, I have done too much, much more than what they actually deserved. I do it repeatedly”
“Only those who are going through, or gone through same turmoils can understand your heart or lift you from a difficult situation. Expecting even little from someone who has never experienced the same in life is a wild goose chase. Forget it.”
“Sometimes you get more, sometimes you get less.
Lucky are you, if you get the same or more😇”
“More good you become,
More softhearted you become,
The more they will use you
As a tissue paper for their personal matters.
You are not even granted the right to respond,
But they hold full rights to ill treat you.
Just look around,
You can find 100s of people like this,
Who lost their voices”
“For everyday repetitions
You are asking in vain ‘An end’🥺”
“Sometimes we pay price for them, sacrificing ourselves and they will never come to know about it”
“When day & night meet at the last hour of nightfall
Give rest to all hopes & your beliefs
Oh my tired mind.
Forget everything &
Slip into deep sleep forever
Let your eyes not dream again
Let no one wake you from sleep again &
Let no one light those –
Extinct lamps of hopes again”
“Yes, it’s most painful to keep waiting for something without being sure about it. Yet some people do it. Moments can change to days, days to years and years to decades to let you know, you were waiting for something, which was never yours. When it happens in loops, nothing more to say💜🍁💔”
“Sati still exists in Indian culture. Only thing is fire is not visible🔥
She doesn’t deserve happiness, she should never think about her dreams, says society. Only his happiness and comfort matter. Everything else is totally wrong”
“Many times we too break like a jigsaw puzzle. It’s luck if we get a few to put us back to those broken parts perfect. Many times we have to do it ourselves. Sometimes it fits perfect, sometimes not.”
“Many are just like misplaced pieces of a jigsaw puzzle”
“The innocent flower,
Whose petals were once
Filled with dewdrops
Now tear drops fill them,
Like lengthy paddy fields.
No one to listen her pains
No one to listen her sobs
And she will be lost forever
When, what she receives as replies
Are always silences
And nobody really cares💔”
“We are never lost forever
We simply get lost in our world of thoughts,
When we get stuck somewhere
And keep waiting for something,
Which was never meant to be ours.”
“Not just listening ears enough. Listening heart also needed”
“Don’t force me to change
One more time.
I am scared
Even I may fail to recognize myself🔥✨”
“Staying together in hearts is more important than staying together in same space”
“If you are too busy in happiness of present, you will never get time to think about dark past. You simply forget it. If your present time happy moments are scarce, you may search in past, and when you bring them to present, will have tint of bad memories too.”
“What to do,
When you wanted my sunshine only
I may rain sometimes
I may turn a thunder or lightening
All I wanted was someone
To accept me as whole,
As I have accepted you
With all your flaws🍁”
“Some people use exactly same things as their weapon to attack you, the things with which, they already knew, you struggle most”
“Some people just want colourful stories to satisfy their egos, more than realistic and heart touching ones, many times at the cost of others. For that, they can break true hearts and build unrealistic ones too, without any feel of sadness, or tint of regret”
“I wrote lines filled with love & pain
In every leaf that fell down in autumn🍁💥
You never read & time passed by
Many autumns shed their leaves later
& My words got permanently broken
Because I started moving with time
What remained were some sobs
Which those rain clouds took away with them”
“The listener should also understand what’s you are saying. Otherwise for their bad response against your expectations, how can you blame them? Always choose people who know you better. It changes their perspectives a lot”
“If these visible rainbows colors
Is like a bubble,
If only a dream🦋🌈
Let no one wake me up from this trance
& Let me die in the lap of this dream forever
Without hurting anyone,
Without letting know anyone”
“We, humans have turned so selfish that we can’t see dew drops or tear drops in flower petals. For us, all are just water drops. Our eyes have now failed to distinguish each and every emotion”
“As long as you treated me good, they also treated me right. When they realized you ignore me and treat me bad, they ill-treated me, disrespected me.
Sometimes we earn respect not through our deeds, but for a tint of love we gain from someone else.
Some truths hurt🥲”
“World’s biggest sacrifices were made without letting them know at any point of time”
“If I own the privilege to take away my pains,
I would have already done
But what to do,
Every moment I attempt to begin again
Time is not sparing even a moment to take a breath.
Be a little kind to me
I will show you, how strong am I”
“Never stay in someone’s life,
Who says, You have no space in my life,
We two can never stay together🍁
If you think time can change everything,
Perhaps it’s the biggest mistake –
You are doing to yourself🔥”
“While playing a beautiful tune,
If one beat goes wrong,
All the beats following it
Will also go wrong,
Giving a bad tune,
Unless corrected”
“Hope you have visited my blue hills💜💜
Am planning to burn it full to ashes😜😂
Again, a long wait for another Jupiter year😇
If I stay alive till then, we shall meet again🚶‍♀️🌈”
“Wearing a dark forest
With wild flowers and black clouds”
“Some people may leave you so unexpected when you’ve been tolerating them for long but simply reacted when you can’t take more of their disrespects. Never try to hold them. Slowly, you will realize what we were missing in their presence. Never allow anyone to hurt you twice without a reason”
“There are many silent lakes carrying an ocean full of love in their hearts, yet silently floating without letting even their banks know!!!”

“Uninvited guests…

Joy Version 1💜
Pain Version 1
Joy Version 2🍁
Pain Version 2
Joy Version 3💫🦋
Pain Version 3 + Pain Version 2 + Pain Version 1🥺💔
And none of the joy versions returned🥺😔”
“It happens sometimes,
We intensely desire something in life
Even more than our life breath
And after a point of time,
We intensely desire not to happen at all,
A point when we let it go”
“What you have never got,
You will never know🍁”

Footfalls of separation tuned my memories”

Standing near to me at far away distance”

“My story died inside me💔”

Sometimes a small broken word or wounding silence is enough to break a heart forever”

“Lucky are those who are blessed with beautiful hearts,

Carrying so much love with them
But unlucky too,
If they can’t give their overflowing love to anyone,
And they remain not understood fully”
“If we are so close,
Then why is this infinite distance?
If we can hear the voice of the other,
Then why is this deep silence?♥️💫”
“How short are the moments!!!”
“It’s only my non-shared thoughts which can kill me
No one else
I can’t put blame on anyone else
When it’s me, me only😕”
“Tears unknown to eyelids and eyelashes
Are heavy
Have more depth,
Carry more pain too”
“How to sleep without letting eyes know?”
“I wrote lines filled with love and pain
In every leaf that fell down in autumn🍁
You never read and time passed by
Many autumns shed their leaves later
And my words got permanently broken
Because I started moving with time
What remained were some sobs
Which those rain clouds took away with them”
“Faith is still there
Though I am absent😕
“If you can stand with the unknown me,
Why can’t you stand with the known me?
Why everyone leaves the real shades?
Everyone loves the beautiful existence of everything,
Not need a scare, bad mark or anything
Everyone wants full moon only”

“How many times I desired for just one heart-touching moment!! 😢

Almost every moment I was awake and took my breath.
Infinite 🍁♾💥
Some pains get inbuilt slowly🔥”
“We are never lost forever
We simply get lost in our world of thoughts,
When we get stuck somewhere
And keep waiting for something,
Which was never meant to be ours.”
“I want someone to make me happy
Like I try to bring blossoms in others’ faces🌸🌸
I have been learning to live alone
Free of all bonds and friends
When you came to my life as my friend
You changed my life forever.
But when I got used to it
And started feeling happy in your presence
You left me for no reason”
“How much your absence hurts me, do you have any idea?”
So unexpected I started loving life once again
Started listening positive music
Started smiling and laughing
But again, the story remained the same
Story of nightfall and repetitions”
“It looks like my sun deprived me of his light😔🖤🖤”
I can’t find happiness in anything
Your absence hurts me that much”
It’s not because I am not aware of my boundaries
But every time when time gives something –
So unexpected without asking,
I start believing it’s mine.
I get hurt soon or later,
Yet I never change”
How much can I worry for me and others? For how many people can I cry? For everything there is an extreme. Already crossed that boundary. Everything in a vacuum space now and mind willing to go the way I feel” #Probably 
“Let me take back my old pains
I am used to them😉😅
“If people go far away from you
Don’t ask reasons
Let them go…..
Because they no longer have a reason to stay with you”
“When god show up as angels when most needed
Those moments can bring miracles.
But for some, such moments are mirages……”
“Miracles can be mirages too…..
At least for a few
For who, waits are specially meant forever 😇”
“Love me to destroy me
Because no one stay with me”
I have been struggling to find answers to many questions since long. Am I mentally weak or strong? Am I able to withstand pains or not? Why I behave indifferent to pains and sorrows of normal people?”
Some, rather than transforming to an erupting volcano, burn and exhaust as a pyre because when you burn yourself no one will be affected. But a volcano can harm all those who are near. Let them stay happy and safe, and blame pyre for the bad smell and discomforts! Such sacrifices go unnoticed🕯️🔥”
I shall try to forget as a dream in past
In a deep breath I take”
I often think, sufferings & tears are most received by those who have more tolerating power, yet all alone. May be test of god. More they tolerate, more they receive in gifts. Silence pain went unnoticed while those speak louder get many to comfort. All measured in droplets of tears!”
“It’s ok, you don’t want to offer your helping hand 🤗
It’s ok, you can’t understand my pain.🤗
But please don’t break me more with with heart breaking words
You can’t imagine even a single moment like this
Which I went through all these years🕯️🔥🥺”
90% of life gone in waits…… That too without any assurances”
“To ponder the throbs of heart
When I turn over the pages,
Like a rain halted in middle
My words also started sobbing
Without even knowing
The language of silence.
My sobs are in long wait of words
Like those dark clouds waiting to pour down”
Return journeys are interesting
If travelled paths were fine”
When you isolated me from you,
I started isolating each and everything,
And the whole world from me🍁”
I know you will hurt me every time when you are not feeling OK
It’s OK
But never kill me with your silence after that….
Promise me”
“Some pains are worth suffering….💕💕”
Don’t hurt me by hurting yourself”
I am in search of a broken heart which exactly fits mine
I shall complete you and you complete mine”
“Sometimes the other side of story is more stranger than fiction. The person may not be able to tell you the real facts due to some helpless condition. So never judge someone by thinking from your side only. Even if you boast to know someone so close, you fail in this case💯”
“Idanazhy (Corridor) – Reminiscences of my broken heart and lost dreams”
“My tear drops in corners of eyes
Hide oceans of storms inside.
When I close eyes to hide them
One or two drops occasionally drop.
Valueless, meaningless …….
Already an ocean overflown with its drops💧💧
Waiting for another meaningless ocean to fill again🔥
You can’t fly when you are broken inside”
“I can’t dream to fly🦋
My wings are broken😐
Ya, my mind says, you won’t come. Yet why can’t my heart ignore this pain?”
What to do
If darkness is the only reality”

“You told, “I didn’t give you a life”

But I say, life can be started any moment
From today…. From this moment 🍁🤗
Nothing is late, Only we need to start 🤗
Yes, we can’t simply take away anyone’s pain. But can understand”
“I can read many things
Your eyes can’t see
Painting illusions in someone’s mind
Can cost a lot.
Only thing I want
Is to protect you😇💕”
It has stopped raining in my dreams”
“Certain things will never change😓”
Me and my corridor. I am all alone……. and my world of illusions”
It rained whole day…. So are my sorrows and happiness”
Idanazhy – Reminiscences of my broken heart and lost dreams 💜🍁💫💔🦋😐
“Pains which nurse me
Pains which pass me
Unknown to all!♾♾”
“If I own the privilege to take away my pains,
I would have already done 💫😪
My loneliness
And my corridor”
Why pain intensifies every time it happens?”
“When you have accepted the reality,
Try to take care of yourself from falling again🍁😊
Yes, It takes time to stabilize,
Yet it works, definitely
As long as you never turn back.
It may be a bitter truth
It may not be what you have been waiting for
But, once u got answers, move on”
Sometimes you have an untold story to tell the whole world, Sometimes to a special person only. Depends.
Sometimes the whole world knows the truth except the one you want to hear. Sometimes the whole world blames you for something which you never committed, when you totally hide an told story inside you”
“From my side, I have tried maximum
Not to get hated by you🍁😐
Not even shared my happiness”
Some seasons do repeat
Some monsoons do pour again
Same are some summers and autumns”
If I own the privilege to take away my pains, I would have already done”
“Some people simply walk away and never return back
Only because there is nobody to call them back,
Though they are fond to you😌😌💔💔”
“I want to travel back for a few moments
To take back a few things which I forget
And return back
To start again a new journey”
“We grew close pretending as friends
And remained so forever💔😌💜🌪️”
You hurt me in many ways, you too can’t imagine”
Not able to keep myself busy to forget things”
“How many loved ones simply walk away because they are not called back !!!”
Your mind has never been touched by any
Otherwise you would have read my mind much earlier🍁🌪️”
“I can’t intentionally hurt anyone,
Not even those who destroyed me
Not even those who laugh at my failures
Then how can I hurt people I love,
Those who are important to me?
I simply walk away from lives,
Who I can’t adjust,
Whose actions I can’t tolerate
Why to fight & prove
Am just like them?”
You hurt me in many ways, you too can’t imagine💫”
Is there anyone to rent me a few tears to cry?”
Now you can’t hurt me like before
However hard you try🍁
“It hurts most when you are being misunderstood
And you never get the opportunity to know the reason”
“Some pains which I don’t want to leave🌪️🌪️
They are precious than several happy moments combined💕💫”
Some waits are for lifelong. Better put breaks to divert yourselves”
Some rights are not to be asked, but to be given”
“A woman can be made feel worthless only by her man
By making her believe, she is not worth to touch
By telling her through words….
Through action…..
Or both…..🍁💔”
I want a space free of your memories”
When you are stuck in love, All other pains are just meaningless”
Things never remain the same
Sometimes there is a reason
Sometimes no💫”
Certain things will never change”
The gap was just a few moments. But many centuries passed in between”
Gulmohar – The flower of separation”
Why pain intensifies every time it happens?”
I don’t want false hopes again
Unless you are sure about it🍁”
Do you remember the same moments I do? Do you recollect same memories I do?”
My tears belong to my personal space only. No entry to others”
I always fight not to cry before others and win most times”
Do u have any idea, how much I am hurt?”
“I was broken
That’s why I failed to react the way you expected
Hope you understood😒”
Ya, I am happy, when many people around me try to make me happy. But I fail to find it”
Still in struggle to learn the language through which I can communicate straight with your heart”
“Sometimes messages get wrongly communicated leading to misunderstandings 😕✨”
“Today or tomorrow,
Everyone hurt me”
“The secret you haven’t revealed till now…
Why you like my acting this much?
Always you want to see me smiling
But sometimes you can’t tolerate my real smile
Why you dislike always, me showing the real thing?”🍁😊
Sometimes responding to a bad situation with silence doesn’t indicate mental strength or maturity, but it shows mind is too weak to respond now, after so many bitter experiences.”
“Never love anything so fondly like this
Never think it’s your possession
When fate desires something
It’s exactly the same you crave in your heart most🔥💯”
I don’t want to recreate that moment again”
You have never given convincing answers to my questions. Yet I never took them offended🍁❤️”
“Whatever you say,
Only happiness can make you forgot your sadness and dark past
Without forcing anything or taking any serious effort”
“First time you are broken you will cry
Second time you are broken you will be silent
Third time you are broken you will laugh😂😂
And the fourth time, you will dance💃💃”
“Yes, I am sad for the silly reasons people make to leave me
But it has made me more strong only
To stay all alone”
“I have never owned a permanent place in anyone’s heart at any point of time”
“I don’t want anyone
To pour oil in my lamp of hope again
And light it once more,
To witness its flame gone
Once the oil is exhausted🪔🪔🔥🔥”
“Never say abide to by hurting someone”
“To hold someone in a relation
Never act loving that person🍁😓🙄”
“You hurt me both with your silence and words equally”
“I also get hurt with the same weapons
Yet I have learnt the lessons of forget and forgive
Because I know it well
You won’t survive those wounds”
“Some people find reasons
And leave you without leaving any word
They will hold hands of people they love
Giving you mysterious puzzles as last kisses 🍁💔😐”
“To get hurt by someone, physical presence or bad behavior is not a factor
Even some unpleasant memories are enough to tear your heart when loneliness haunts you”
“Pain is not reserved for a special group of people
Everyone can feel it
It is a nice feel if you can understand
Other people’s pain too”
“I will survive as long as my heart takes me forward”
“A single word ‘OK’ can hide an ocean full of feelings💕🌪️”
“Many have torn my heart into many pieces many times
Never ever felt to take revenge
Instead always preferred to walk away silently
Not to cause disturbance to them anyway
After all, how can I take revenge on those
Who got spaces in my heart, which I never give away so easily?”
“You could have told me I am a replacement only
If so, I would have never turned so much sincere😪🍁💔”
“I am not sure how long can I melt like a candle like this spreading happiness,
When my days are already numbered!!”
“To mind get fully cooled off,
All the hidden tears should pour down as mist drops
Till the dark clouds
Completely dissolve as snow drops💧💧”
“You hurt me much more than what you expressed in love”
“What stay with your pains and soul now
Are only the burned feathers of your bird of hopes”
“How to make a song and tune it,
From the pains I have collected?🎶🎶🤔
My pains are multi-coloured
Some are told, some untold
Some are hidden, some expressed
Some have words, some have only music
Some are intense, some are lessons
Yes, my pains have thousand colours
Some known, some unknown🌈🌈”
“Every time you hurt me
I pardon you thinking about my wounds caused by same weapons
Because I know it well
You won’t survive those wounds”
“I am broken beyond all repairs. Now it’s all my new world”
“I also have a lot to say
About those helpless moments
I cried before you
With tears or without
With your knowledge or without 🥺💫💜🍁🌪️💔”
“When you put all weight together on my shoulders
Make sure you support my feet good enough”
“I am not sure how long can I melt like a candle like this spreading happiness,
When my days are already numbered!!”
“Even your best friend can never understand you fully.
However hard you try, you will only fail”
“Same story repeating 🔥
“To mind get fully cooled off,
All the hidden tears should pour down as mist drops
Till the dark clouds
Completely dissolve as snow drops💧💧”
“What stay with your pains and soul now
Are only the burned feathers of your bird of hopes”
“Words of dear ones, who we believe to understand us
Hurt us more than strangers….”
“Sad every time
Seeing me treated like a door mattress every time”
“A feel of emptiness after yesterday’s storm
Don’t worry,
I will catch you soon”
“You have never hold me
Then how will you ask,
Never leave me🍁😑”
“Sometimes you are left with no other option except to heal in the situation, and among the people, who literally broke you & still doing their best to continue it. If you manage it, you emerge as the strongest soul, who can withstand anything” #Souls #Broken
“Miracles can be mirages too…..
At least for a few
For who, waits are specially meant forever 😇”
“Most people are more keen to spend time in forming relations, but not in retaining them. Some take it for granted”
“How much I loved you
How much I cared you
I may not preach
I silently did everything I could
But what became visible to you
Were only the indifferences🍁💔”
“Among the broken wings,
Among the burning embers,
Smouldering in thoughts
Still I am doing what I can do the best”
“Without promises
Some wait for long years
With the strong belief,
The other person will never betray,
Only to witness he/she leaving,
Uttering words or telling in silence,
“I have never given you promises”.
Nothing in this world can –
Replace that broken heart
When this love goes unrequited💜🍁💔”
“I never told you before
I started living again
I started smiling again
But the moment I saw tears in your eyes
I never smiled again
I never laughed again
I broke down thousand times
Silently shattered thousand times
Till I started seeing you smile again
My heaven lies in your smile”
“No dear one has been kind to me
So, I least expected it always
It it really happens
It will be a miracle😌😌”
“Taking infinite silences as debts
Want to walk away one day
Far away from everyone, silently,
If there is no one to call back”
“I showed all the wounds & pains
I showed you all, my bruises & deep cuts
I didn’t want it
But I couldn’t bear it more.
But you all pressed those nails more deep
You all tore me to pieces
And told in cool, “Everything will be ok,
When you correct yourself
And remain in silence”
“If you keep breaking me like this
I may get lost in this returning path forever
And no one may find me again,
Not even me😒💔”
“Sometimes we need to move out of their lives to make them understand how precious are we…”
“Where were you when I was in need of a shoulder to cry?
I cried all alone for all the tears given by you”
“We two were two poles,
Tried to meet at a common point
Which never happened 🍁💔”
“May be I am not good in expressing love
I never meet people’s expectations”
“True love and intentionally hurting long
Lie in two opposite poles
You can’t see tears in your dear ones’ eyes”
“Sometimes we fail to understand the meaning of sincere tears, even when eyes are fixed on us
When we give so much importance to hollow words than true silence💜💜”
#Thoughts #Mistakes
“We might have thousand reasons to feel happy
Yet, one reason can make you feel totally devastated too
We can’t simply choose our reasons to remain happy”
“No one can do everything right always
Everyone make mistakes
Some mistakes are momentary
Some are situational
Just we need to forgive, forget and move on
If we truly treasure that relation”
I don’t want false hopes again
Unless you are sure about it🍁”
“Not a ray of hope,
Not a ray of light
Here I light my coffin
And my dead body along with it,
To provide a little light for myself
To provide a little warmth for myself
And to give break to everything
Which keeps my hopes alive always”
“Maple leaves are falling
In its final autumn season🍁”
Yes, I too exist🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️”

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