Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes (Part 4)

These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera . Read first part here, second part here, third part here and fifth part here.

“Sometimes I fail to understand how I manage to overcome a bad situation every time & remain cool. Is it because of my mental strength to withstand everything or is it because my mind still busy struggling to fix those events somewhere, comparing with others?”

“I remain silent. It doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t speak” #Meera 💕💕💜💜

“How long can we pretend?”

“It has been a hard time for me always

When you make me remember every time
From that moment
To this moment♾♾♾♾
I never owned a special place in your heart 💔”
#21 #Hari #Meera 💕💕💜💜
“You never tried to understand my side of your story
You never knew my story💜
Perhaps never ever💔”

“One should believe he is healed. It can be a compromise. Yes, it works many times”

The moment I felt my heart can’t hold it anymore, I was to express everything. But was forced to hide it again the next moment, and the journey between those two moments was not easy!! How many times I experienced this journey!!!”

Feeling loneliness in the presence of someone who took it away from me once before💔”

Oh God, while I was ‘living’ in this world, for something I asked you heartbroken, why such a test in life? For what mistake? But how the events took a twist very soon, that question looks so weird for me now. Feel like laughing now. Future is so unpredictable”

The day till you manage to forget all worries and give more importance to happiness only, Nothing can destroy your peaceful life, joy and happiness”

“Sometimes our prayers are heard later. By that time, we might have changed our prayers too, and moved on. Maybe our mind adjusted it somehow. But what to do, those wishes asked first get fulfilled, before the latest ones reach there”

Is there any truth behind falling stars? Can they fulfill our wishes?🌠🌠”

She never thought beyond my words!!!💔”
I just knocked his hand and walked away without even looking at him.
That moment
Was the end of everything I was holding with me till then”
My heart was beyond repair!!”
“After that moment,
I never cried like normal humans do….
Maybe I gained more mental strength
Or I lost it forever”
“There are moments when we can’t shed tears like a normal human beings do. To convince us that courage is more than enough, counterfeit coins are thrown to us by none other than Fate. If we collect them, our story is over”

Most people never think out of the box. Why do they think, if I didn’t get it, how can someone else get; Impossible!! Keep such negative people at bay. Poor Meera”

I couldn’t simply act more. Otherwise I would have kept your friendship for a lifetime, as you wished”💜💜
Heavy heart; Untold words; Unheard words

She unloaded her heavy mind every night in the world of stars and moon, and the next day, a new beginning as always”

Heavy heart blocks both words and tears.
Sleep brings short breaks.
But when waken up in morning,
For the first few moments,
It’s something like a battle fought,
To bring grip to mind again and restore it.
Yes, Meera is reborn again as usual –
For one more day” 💜🖤😊
“You could have fixed everything in a few moments
My broken heart, broken dreams,
Shattered present and everything
But you never tried.
You were more broken than me
Then how can you fix my heart?💔😔
No complaints 🙌”
#Hari #Meera
You couldn’t tell my presence hurt you
And I failed to tell I want your presence only”
Every night I wished it should never end
Used to stay awake till late hours as much as I can.
I was not sure, if whatever I hold till now
Will remain next day or not.
Tomorrow I can loss everything forever!
I wished time clock stopped here!
Literally I died every night!”

A hasty decision that ruined two hearts💔😔”

When you live in the shadow of someone
You loss your power of reasoning
Your thinking power will be shielded by someone else
And you loss your freedom in your decision making process”
When she took rebirth in a moment
She forgot her past.
Past can turn an illusion in a matter of few moments.”
To lose his love and faith in love in a few moments was much more than her heart could ever accept”
I couldn’t ever own those moments
But never thought I will lose forever
Every moment when I feel like losing
I hold my breath,
To capture those moments
And make them prisoners forever”
“Thinking of you
As always❤️”
The unknown fear that one-minute silence can rip you apart and remove your mask. 
One of the rare definitions of #Noise” 🔥
She thought for a moment,
He never told anything
Maybe he repaid everything through his silence”
“How many evenings have passed
Without answers…
How much more??”
If you manage to remain silent and calm, time gives answers to many of your questions. But not sure if, those answers are relevant with present situation, and if it can help you some way”
When fear becomes your only true companion🔥”
“Why didn’t he come to talk to me as usual?
After yesterday’s incident,
Is he doubting me now?”
Her mind hesitated to talk to him,
Her eyes hesitated to look into his eyes
And her mind got stuck in worries so unexpected”
Deep cracks always appear deep inside
Hard to notice by anyone”
We can’t put a sudden break to mind and its travel space. If it’s done, it breaks into thousand pieces. Allow it to travel a little more distance in same direction. And give it a little more time to cope up with new situation.”

“Time sometimes put you in a very dangerous situation, where you can’t come close or go far from someone🔥♾😔.

A state of mind where you are not so close or far away too, or no idea to which direction you should move. An endless corridor!!!👀😌”
“The moment I realized I was chasing shadows💜🖤
I turned back and started walking
Yes, I glimpsed once
But never thought of taking the same path again🌪️🔥💥”
“I was numb, you were normal
But the silence path connecting us,
Exchanged 1000s of untold words
In the hurricane, that existed between us.
You lost nothing in that single word
But I lost myself forever in a world unknown till then,
Searching for that silent path to re-establish connection”
Do you know your single word destroyed me and shattered my life forever?”
“How will you feel like, when you wish something without any expectation, and suddenly your mind crosses all limits and you can’t survive without that dream, but your thoughts and dreams are fully controlled by someone else, who doesn’t see any ray of hope for fulfillment of your wish?”
“Two rebirths in just three days. How can a human being survive??
As another Meera”
“If the listener can’t connect with the words you try to communicate, it’s like constructing a mansion on the top of sea waves 🌊🌊. No grip at all”

“Years can or cannot determine bonds, but moments definitely can💫♾🤗”

“Will be left a few things to say
However hard we try to tell everything”
“She started feeling pain inside, after time granted her tears after a long interval. Till then, it was a heavy heart only, puzzled with countess questions”
“You can allow your mind to fly like a kite wherever you want. But don’t forget to keep the end of its string in your hand.”
“When heart starts to unload weight, pain gets loaded into it slowly 😐”

“At any cost, I can’t loss that freedom

Freedom of friendship”
“I don’t have infinite good moments to remember”
“Am I too good that if a boy comes close, he can’t keep pure friendship relationship with me? Should I take it as compliment?”
“The feel of separation affects heart only if you feel close to someone. When you intentionally keep distance from everyone, killing your emotions, pain of separation is comparatively less” 
“”I have a lot of friends. But the one who I can make fool most easily is you, Meera”❣️❣️ #Hari “

“I know, retakes are not possible in real life. Yet I really wish each person be given one chance to revert an action done in past. Perhaps it can change everything

Literally everything🤗❣️❣️”
“Words once told can’t be taken back. But smart people know how to take back promises, given through words”
The way you appeared today literally broke my heart. Infinite thoughts running in mind 💜💔 #Hari “
“How long can I pretend I didn’t notice? #Missing #Bond “
“It’s one of the worst stages of mind where it can’t respond to events happening around, both sad and happiness, figure out the reasons ‘why’ and confused in thoughts, “Am I happy?”, “Am I sad?”, “Why am I not happy?”, “Why am I not sad?” like others or as I was before”
“I mastered myself to hide me inside –
The deep corridors of my heart
But when I see you searching me –
I fail to resist myself from coming out💕💕”
“I never lost it…
Freedom of friendship “
“She cried and cried aloud deep inside her heart,
In relief, nobody can notice her sobbing”
“How can the most meaningful chapters of life end meaningless!!!”

“Same May Feelings💓💓 #Gulmohar #Rain 💕💕”

When I fail to express myself
How can you express my emotions exactly the same?”
How can you give an ocean of love to non-deserving people and deprive me of even a few drops, which I truly deserve?”
What’s running through his mind? Why he never attempted to search truth? Now full blames on me?? Now fate put me in such a condition where I am forced to leave in silence, without knowing truth”
Forced to become scarecrow for hours to witness what heart doesn’t want to🥺🔥
Nobody really cares!!!!”
My corridor is endless without entry and exit points”
Some sudden happenings in life change us so swiftly we hardly imagine🔥🥲”
I can emotionally feel your tight hugs…. #MyFriend #Corridor “
“Want to correct that foolishness
Want to live my life once more”
“I kept on loving you thinking…
I may never get a chance to love you again😞😞 #Truth “
“I failed to cry before you and you failed to decode my tears and emotions”
“A return journey is not possible
That leads to my world of dreams and desires
Because I slipped & fell down on my path somewhere
Along with thousands of assumptions and imaginations
Woven by my mind to complete that dream journey”
“No one can bring me back to previous self….
Not even you”
“Where is my mind, which slips away from me,
Never giving a chance to hold”
“You two are lucky, because you can communicate even in silence without exchanging words💕💕 #Abhi”
“A human being fails to cry when his mind is filled with infinite question marks, giving contradictory answers ⁉️”
“If I get someone to kill this ‘Meera’!!”
“I think in different ways at different times #Paradox”
It’s one of the most painful moments
When you part from someone every time,
You have a feel, “I am no one to you”
And you can’t express your feelings before that person too💔”
He went far away after teaching me, what’s love💕💕”
“So many people in this world don’t get chance
And those who get chance, don’t use it properly”
#Irony 💜
“Ya, it’s OK. I can adjust if I try as usual🤗🤗
But why should I do it every time?🤔😐😕”
I can’t hate you though I can’t love you”
Can you count the number of times, you made me believe, you don’t love me?😢♾”
Yes, you told me many times, don’t give love which you never get back. But what to do, my heart never listens”
“Sometimes you give people many things they don’t deserve,
Thinking you may never get another chance to give💜💕
May be love, care or anything else”
“Your pain is reflecting in your face nowadays. I can’t see you like this” ~ Abhi
“Because I have stopped acting. Everyone is busy in their own worlds. I assumed wrong, everyone is watching me. Fear is slowly vanishing from me” ~ Meera “
I have been following the path of someone else all these days, when I lost myself”
You never knew I have been acting all these days. If I tell the truth, me too!!”
Where is my mind, which slips away from me,
Never giving a chance to hold”
You two are lucky, because you can communicate even in silence without exchanging words #Abhi”
A human being fails to cry when his mind is filled with infinite question marks, giving contradictory answers⁉️”
Her mind flew away from there. But Abhi didn’t notice it as always”

“Someone’s presence can make you happy and sad at the same time

“The strange feel when all around you know what’s running in your mind, except the one who you want to”
“How could I go far away from you when you were in deep pain?”
“So unexpectedly you enter my thoughts
My heart loses its beats for a few moments
Though I warn my thoughts
It’s not listening to my words
Can’t answer your questions without trembling
Can’t face u with confidence
Why my mind is overflowing with happiness
What’s actually going on”
“Words are spelled in different contexts
Sometimes in love
Sometimes in duty
Sometimes as promises
And sometimes to get a little comfort”
“If you can’t give courage, remain silent. It’s the best thing you can do for someone🤐😷”
“Why didn’t you think for a moment and ask, “What do you want? What have you decided? I asked you the same, right?”. Instead you exploded at me”

“That 45-minute journey took my life to another destination, a place not even in weird dreams. Totally new and strange. 🔥

Where was I at the beginning of journey,
And where was I when it ended. Hardly can anyone imagine🌪️🌪️🌪️🌪️”

“It’s the people most close to you always, who can break you the most #Truth”

She started forgetting the days when he used to happily talk with her…..
Its memories too”
“Heart gains courage when you love someone beyond limit….
Heart losses courage when you love someone beyond limit….
Two extremes and contradictions of love
First one, in passion to gain
And second one, in fear to lose”

“Most times it is two-sided when we assume to be one-sided. Intuitions are mostly true, which we ignore when influenced by noises outside or someone else speaking louder than us, totally overpowering our feelings and thoughts #Abhi #Meera 💕💕💜💜”

“Some people hurt in deep love,
And that’s called, Freedom to hurt”
“I took rebirth everyday as a new, with new tasks and new problems which I search and find everyday”
“Meera died that day
At that moment💔🌪️🔥”
“When you lose the most precious thing or moment of your life only because of some silly mistake from your side, whole through your life, you can’t forgive yourself”
“Years have passed
Still I can’t take freedom in you
Years have passed
Still you can’t take freedom in me” #Truth #UntoldPromises
“The moments when I scared our friendship🔥🌪️”
“The overcast skies poured down with big sound. But her mind was still clouded. She was in wait of a rain that can melt away all her hidden pains”
“To part with someone
Exactly the moment when your heart is closest
Is the deadest of all wars,
Nobody notice”
“The moments when my heart tried to grow close and go far from you at the same time”
“Never keep anything in your mind
Not even dreams”
“It’s highly possible we can travel through the same path, which was once ended abruptly”
“A moment’s realization that I am no one to you
I died in that moment!! It all ended there !!
Just like the fragrance –
That never returns to a fallen flower”
“Life without dreams is like an empty planet”
“If an unexpected moment can take away everything from you,
An unexpected moment can bring back more than what you asked too💕💫”
“I wish it existed a little more time!!!
Beautiful moments are always short!!”
“It’s a painful moment when you realize,
The person who you believed to understand you –
More than anyone else,
Is not as you expected”
We grew close pretending as friends and remained so forever”
I told back then, I will never be able to see him in pain and will express the moment when he does so. Yet when it really happened, time changed, situation changed and I became totally helpless”
“I strongly believed in you
I strongly believed you will tell me
I forgot everything in that strong belief
But you failed me”
“Infinite are the words which I dissolved in silence, more than stars in sky 🌠🌠 and more than waves in seas
“I am a bit of poetry written in a piece of paper,
Even if you know or not”
“From that moment
To this moment,
Every time
When you make me remember
I am not a part of yours,
I take rebirth every time,
As a new person,
Trying to erase the past
Without even
Letting you know”
“Perhaps you might have kept things in your memory which I have also done. How can I say!!
Perhaps you might have kept things in the memory which I have forgotten. How can I say!!💕💕💜💜”
“Till the moment I told you, it was two-sided love, and after that, so unexpected it became one-sided”
“Life turns lifeless
When your hope, which helped you to survive,
Turns a mirage💜
What if it repeats twice or thrice
Like a storm?”
“When someone else speaks louder than you, you fail to hear your own inner voice which is most times true. Never let anyone to overpower you and take control of your thoughts, mind and brain”
“Never let anyone else to take your life decisions. Better you break that relation than losing your dreams and fortunes. Very often you don’t gain enough courage to protest against someone you love, though you are right & they is wrong. And finally loss will all be yours only”
“How hard I tried to create moments and failed!!
They never gave me the same happiness”
“When you have just survived from a shock, and didn’t get enough time to recover, second shock will totally destroy you, especially if you are to lose the same reason, which helped you to survive first time💔”
“No heart can survive beyond two shocks in quick succession, especially when related to love, relations, and bonds. After that it reaches a stage where it can accept anything on earth with ease💃💃”
“When someone makes you remember your forgotten pains, it’s miserable. You might have adjusted your mind somehow, when someone or some incident brings back memories of everything so unexpected. Then you start searching some survival technique to get rid of everything 😕”
“When will I fix everything?😕😕”
“Those 7 months when my mind stood as silent witness of everything😕😕”
“Walking down the stairs to the past
I see many faces slowly emerging
Me too in an empty corner,
Not at all familiar to me today,
That old innocent me.
When time inflicted many wounds and passed by
What I lost is that old me
I often search and find her many times
But forced to leave her too”
If you don’t want to listen I will tell the story to these waves and sea breeze. Let me check if they have ears to listen😝”
“When I try to come to close to you, you pretend to go far away. When I tease you pretending to stay away, you become restless and complain. Why are you doing this to me?
Why? Why such a drama if you don’t want me? If you can carry an ocean of love in your heart, why to hide it?”
“Why I stopped believing, he loves me?”
“At any cost, I shouldn’t have left my self confidence.
At any cost, I shouldn’t have stopped believing, he loves me.
When I lost both, I lost everything💔”

“You are so brilliant Meera. You are totally different from other girls. If you have so much thinking power at this age, how could you make such a silly mistake which ruined everything and changed you forever?” #Krishna

“Do you know, till now she is not healed💔
How can she heal when wounds are born every time she starts recovering slowly?”

“How can you survive

How long will you survive
If you don’t believe in anything?”
“”You are saying, you can’t love him. But can you replace him and fix someone else in your heart?” ~ Krishna
“No, I can’t” ~ Meera, in a fraction of seconds
“Can you fix it?” ~ Krishna
“Absolutely” ~ Meera
“If you can’t fix someone else above him, it means you love him most. Accept your love Meera, believe it” ~ Krishna”
“Why are you giving so much importance to expressions? Instead why can’t you think how much you adore him in thoughts and in which position you fix him in your heart?”
“He told me once, ‘though I lie a lot, I never lie to harm anyone’. But till now he never knows, how his single lie costed me everything!”
“When you failed to decode my emotions for the first time though I wished intense,
I failed to cry for the second time💫💫”
“Moments just happen
We can never create them, however hard we try💕💕💫💫”
“How hard I tried to create moments and failed!!”
“Though you are well aware of negative consequences much earlier,
Why often you feel pain when it really happens?”
“Just like we forget old path when we take new journey
We forget many pains of life;
A few when time provides medicine, a few without waiting for time to heal, and a few act like lost in memory. Those scars will remain forever. Unless you try to scratch them, it’s OK🤗”
” “Why you accepted the defeat?
Why you never fought back?”
“Because I got defeated in love
And I never wanted to survive without it”💕💜💜”
Path is same
Visuals are same
Only I look different”
“How many tasks we do in life, thinking we may never get a chance again!
How many things we love in intense, thinking we may never get a chance to love again!”
“That love died very long back, and its colours too
Only because you were not willing to give it back
But you failed to take back the pain you gave me
And it still stays in me and its perfume.
Love may die, not its pain”
“From one wave to another,
Mind slowly shifting to new world💜💜”
“I really wish you know my side of story someday
I really wish I know your side of story someday💥💥”
I have a story you never knew
You have a story I never knew”
From that day
To this day
Each moment when your presence makes me remember
I never owned a special place in your heart
I take rebirth as another Meera
And you never knew”
Did he read my thoughts without letting me know? Is it the reason why he goes far away from me?”
“This time she didn’t give an opinion. Might be thinking I am right or decided to remain neutral. May be correcting the mistake once done”
“Without demanding anything,
Someone gives so much care and love beyond expectations.
When you start loving it,
Suddenly tries to distance you without any reason.
Then what will you do? How will you respond?” #Irony
Better we never knew each other💔”
“You will never know my story”
“Till this moment you never know
What drifted us apart
Till this moment you might be thinking
It was me who never wanted you
Till this moment you never know
How much you hurt me
And till this moment you never know
How much I loved you once!💜🦋💕
Some truths are never unfolded💔🌪️”
“From end to new beginning ♾♾♾♾♾”
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