Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes (Part 5)

“It’s nothing more difficult or painful than to get into a conversation, when you have an ocean of feelings for someone, yet deeply hurt inside believing, the other person has no feeling at all”
#Meera 💕💕💜💜
“Water was steep & all girls were scared to cross the water. All boys have already crossed. Hari, standing on a rock, turned back, lent his hand & helped each girl to cross the water. Meera, in confused mind, was standing away from all, thinking how to avoid situation.🤣 At last she had no other option left, except to give hand to Hari. Trembling Meera couldn’t hold his hand properly & she almost fell into water. But Hari strongly pulled her & helped her to cross water. She knew it well, it was her mistake, yet she blamed Hari.😂
“What is this, Hari? You can’t even hold a hand properly? I would have fallen into water” 😉
“If you give me ur hand in trust, I shall never let it go”
Meera was left speechless. Abhilasha who was watching everything from behind had a great day ahead to tease Meera.”
“While healing process is going on smoothly, if a storm stuck the sailing boat so unexpected, it will totally loss direction & will have no idea, in which direction to sail. It will loss the oar & move with the direction of storm, for another destruction or not, who knows”
“Tear is not the extreme infinity point”
“If lost in stillness of silence in a moment,
The evoked fear of being caught
– One among the many definitions of eloquence 💜”
“Prasad: Today u did absolutely brilliant. (Thinking)
You really don’t believe in anything?
Meera: I have been trying to find its answer for a long time. I fail to accept any truth fully
Prasad: Why is it so, Meera?
Meera: Maybe one among the big chapters time taught me
Prasad (Smiling): So, our friendship is also fake. Am I not right, Meera?
Meera (Smiling back): It’s better you find its answer (avoiding the question trickily)
They reached the bus stop, & Prasad crossed the road. Meera got buried in her thoughts again.
We both start from the same point, though we travel in opposite directions, towards two poles. Yet how much our thoughts and ideas match. At a single point, many things merge”
“Why you force me to remember everything now in a moment, when you have created deep wounds in my loving heart with your words without my permission & advised me to forget everything, without even asking what I am carrying in thoughts?”
“Anju: How you learnt to talk too much, Meera? I just can’t believe.
Meera: I learnt
Her answer was short with deep meaning, and her friend kept starring at her, as if the answer didn’t satisfy her. Meera’s mind was wandering in some unpleasant thoughts that time.”
“Abhilasha: I have told many times before too. You don’t behave like normal girls, you are different.
Meera: Don’t treat me like normal girls. That’s enough”
“Spring can blossom again in the same seasonal cycle
Sometimes spontaneous and sometimes taking time💜”
“I believed I was right
You believed you were right
Time proved you were right”
“Where I went wrong?”, She asked a sea wave going far away
“Illusion”, The wave replied while moving away.
“Love can appear as different shades at different points of time, its intensity may vary, moments may chance. But true love remains at core. It’s foolishness to compare feelings& emotions at different times, and to arrive at a conclusion, love doesn’t exist or has changed, if you found a gap or differences.”
How will it look like, when someone who brings you from the world of darkness, who you trust you most, who you believe understand you most, pushes you back to that hell, though unknowingly!!”
“I was crying whole day
Yet managed to hide all those tears in fever and cold
And everyone believed me too!”
“She once assumed life is like a beautiful dream
And time proved her wrong”
“Tears can’t be transformed to words always”
“Strong beliefs are strong feelings too💜✨”
“The gap was just a few moments
But a long distance was covered in between,
Where hopes were less
To return back to the same point”
“You never tried to know me”
“Sometimes heart can’t withstand intense happy moments, when received so unexpected💕💕”
“Sometimes madness is a blessing, when you are deprived of tears”
“How many mistakes will you try to find yourself? Why can’t you try to list the right decisions you made?”
“I have a story that you don’t know
A story of yours too, I didn’t know either”
“I can’t mend my broken heart
But will try…
To love you again with this broken heart”
“Some conversations are so painful that we think, “Better we don’t talk””
“She is the only one who realizes that she is dead inside, but alive for the outer world”
“Despite losing faith in love
My heart beats for you
Because I can’t walk away
Pretending, not seen your heart”
“There are not so many shades, I can claim🤍🖤”
“I was sure you will return some day
That’s my strong faith in you.
That’s the only reason why
Though she discouraged thousand times
And my mind was confused beyond infinity
I kept waiting for this single moment to happen.
Till this moment I am not sure
If I am right or wrong”
“I was not in a position to listen any bad word against him. So I guarded him and took all burden myself, alone”
“All the wars I fought for you and for us,
You never knew”
“Unknowingly harboring love for someone is denying oneself love in return. But there is also a pleasure in being in love with someone, without anyone knowing”
“How long can we pretend as strangers?”
“You boasted many times, you know me 100%
But you don’t know at least 1% of me
Truth is that you never tried.
How much close where we too
But drifted apart in a moment and communication broken
You never realized, there could be some strong reason💔💔”
“You could have told one strong word and left, instead of drifting from me.
Sometimes a single word is so powerful to end thousands of confusions which we carry in mind without any reasons.”
“Do you know when I see you gloomy, totally broken and tears in eyes, I unknowingly transform to a burning candle melting inside, with lost freedom of expressing myself????”
“Without letting knowing each other
Without ever telling,
Some moments can pass for a lifetime
And never return”
“If our siblings or parents do some mistake, won’t we forgive them? Can I leave them? Then why can’t I give you pardon? Yes, I often feel sad, angry and a mix of so many unknown emotions. Sometimes I hate myself, you and everything on earth. Yet I control myself and ask my mind not to hate, and pardon and withstand everything. It helps me to adjust myself”
“You claim you don’t believe in expressions.
You claim you don’t expect anything.
Then why did you expect me to express, Meera? ~ Hari 
#Untold #Dreams 🦋🌈”
” “Is sorrow the only reality?” ~ Meera
“Happiness is mostly a stranger!” ~ Krishna”
I can’t fix my broken heart. Yet I shall try my best to love you”
“His silence shattered her completely
More than all the words he ever told”
“She was deprived of tears inked in emotions.
Still she is……”
One-sided love is not always one-sided. We just don’t know the other side”
“With who you are fighting?
With a person who has lost all battles fought🥺🚶‍♀️”
“We both are so close to each other that I never bother about our physical parting”
“Some moments…..
We can’t keep to ourselves for long time
We can’t own them too
Only thing we can do is to
Treasure those simple moments,
And never complain💕”

“How can I smile when

I see you struggling to make me believe, you are happy
I see you deeply broken inside, still smile at me to make me happy
I feel I am responsible for your tears
I fail to bring back your joys and dreams every time”
“I want to take a deep sleep and wake up as a dream in your eyes
Before I die and reborn everyday as another Meera”
Many thoughts started whirling in her mind together in high speed without any break”
“Some moments hold thousands of meanings,
And some moments, none”
If there is true love & bonding between two, a third person is not needed to make the other person let it know. Love is perfect when loving hearts understand the true emotions. The day you try to convince a third person about emotions of two hearts, you are lost. You will lose your love too💔”
Why did I always try to convince her, I am in love? Why did I always try to convince her, he is in love with me? Was it really needed? I failed me and my love at least a thousand times  #MistakesMade “
I hope we meet as strangers again
And start everything from zero
When your mind is healthy enough to give your answers, why should you rely on someone else? Listen patiently to what your mind says, and what your thoughts are trying to communicate with you❤✨”
Till now I believed whatever you told, never argued with you. Never did anything against your wish. But now, my belief is more important than anything. Let it be right or wrong, I don’t care anymore”
Is it a game? Why do you want to win over me? Either win or loss, both of us should be in same side, right? How can you win by failing (defeating) me?”
“It’s nothing short of a disaster, when you have infinite questions to ask, yet never get an opportunity, though you strongly hope so”
Why he never ever attempted to read me? Still an unsolved puzzle”
“I forgave you because I am strong”
“Every moment when I feel like you are saying,
“From that moment
To this moment
You never owned my special place in heart””

She didn’t pretend she knows nothing”

How much it hurts when the person who you believe understands you most, disbelieves your words and asks proofs, when you are willing to believe anything blindfolded he/she says!!”

“How can the most colourful chapters of life loss all its colours in a fraction of second?”

“I was slowly settling with the new space and gifted dreams🦋🌈 Yesterday only I confirmed and told stars, I want it for a lifetime. Please don’t take it away from me ✨✨. But……..😭 “

“How will you exactly feel like,
When you start loving life more than ever before
And the next moment, it’s snatched away from you?”

When she starts talking, tears start rolling in his eyes. His eyes will be stuck on hers telling a lot. She failed every time to understand and he failed every time to transform to words”

“How long will I pretend
I don’t listen my heart?💜”
“When the sorrows flutter in the depths of my soul
How long will I pretend not to feel?”
“Do you really win by hurting & neglecting someone who cares you so much?”
“Some monsoons and some summers stay with us forever”
“How can I give my frozen heart to someone?💔
An alive person?
Confused Meera😔😔”
She thought for a moment……
‘There is no one to receive me'”
I was proved right, I was proved wrong too. Oh God, show some mercy at least this time. I don’t want same repetitions. I have already seen it once 💔😔”
Repetitions of same kind of emotions. How is it possible? Speechless”
Mind tangled in some unknown depression and pain”
I know the pain of isolation”

“Finally settling in a decision taking time

Forced to take decision in one moment
Can make vast difference”
“”If I try to withstand this pain also, it’s easily possible for me. But I have decided not to”
Keep some dreams to yourself “
“Ya, I am seeing changes in people now”
She felt like those were hidden arrows, directly hitting and piercing her heart”
“When people
Who I keep close to my heart, hurt me
I try not to let them know it.
If they really love me like I do,
And understand me at least a little bit,
They should read my pain from my silences.
This intense desire ends in delusions
Most times💜”
I saw him completely breaking down in front of me. Yet I couldn’t do anything. It happened in repetitions”
Did he misunderstand that I pretended unaware, when he expressed everything before me? Did he feel exactly the same I felt a few days back? If so his heart might have completely shattered like mine and I am helpless💔”
Many thoughts started whirling in her mind together in high speed without any break 🌪️♾”
Mind gets a little peace only when I give a little hope to my heart”
Time advised me to keep distance from everyone. The day my heart failed to listen that advice, it was punished. Why couldn’t my heart keep distance from him?”
Did my negativity affect him also? Why he changed so much?”
Yes, love is still there. But its life breathe is gone”
Now I can’t feel his presence as before”
Everything is still there as before. But looks like everything turned lifeless”
“How I survived each day
No one can even make a wild guess”
“How many night falls have shed like this? How many more?”
Why have I every time discussed my thoughts and dreams with someone who has always pulled me down with her negativity? What was I trying to prove?”
“Tears got condensed in different hidden corners of heart, adding weight to it. It took many years to evaporate them in the heat of rolling tears😪”
“The heartbreaking moments when you feel everything deeply affecting heart, things which give new meaning to your life, are to end meaningless. No words to explain its silent breaking inside!!!
“Abhi realized for the first time, Meera’s mind is not responding to her words”
“The moments when his breaths gently touched her”
“Two nights she spent staying awake under moon and stars”
“Distressing thoughts started suffocating her and she felt difficulty in breathing. Her heart turned heavier as time passed by”
“The moment when I desired not to love…..”
“He started drifting more from her.
It was much more than the distance she deliberately kept between the two”
“It’s easy to take a decision if mind fixes either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. But when her beliefs shifted between the two like an oscillating pendulum in repetition, her mind was swept away by illusion and thoughts and it always struggled to find a grip somewhere”
“To hurt someone by showing love to another is a form of enjoyment as well as revenge to many🔥”
“If all these sufferings belong to me only, it’s ok, I would have adjusted somehow. But my mind says, my actions hurt him also; a feeling that I am responsible for his sufferings. And that’s not acceptable to me.”
“As distance between two hearts increases
Slowly they turn strangers”
To adjust with both happiness and sadness, we need a little time”
When you try to hide everything in a moment, how will you get time to think so many things… that too after the occurrence of an unexpected moment?”
“When she got happiness for two days, it explodes in a moment & the heavy mind of those two days attacked her together. If the comfort is for 1 week, then what coming is a hurricane.🌪️Slowly she started fearing even small comforts and happiness”
Problems can be solved only if the source is identified”
The loneliness of silent corners and corridors couldn’t comfort her……
Even the loneliness too!!”
Two hearts grew apart till they turned strangers”
To run away from memories
I took rebirth everyday
But what to do
Each day reborn, brought me back –
To the same maze of illusion”
When she reached home
It was darkness everywhere
She felt like it’s scaring her.
The darkness that spread around that time
Marked the first dark hour of her life
The night which she wrote the first heartbreaking lines”
The moments when I feel shrinking like a rosary pea
In front of both
No words to explain the emotions running in mind.
I go fully numb in a distant ray of hope,
At least one of them could decode my silence!!”
Performing duties as obligatories
Otherwise I am frozen long time back
What remains now is only
The last reminiscence of life!!!”
“When fear becomes your only true companion
Nothing works in your favour”
“Dead inside
Full of life outside”
You taught me not to expect anything in life. Now you see its consequences too😕”
How can you search your lost dreams in me and claim to find it?”
We talked for long than usual. It was for the first time we interacted for long hours. Yet I can’t find why I couldn’t find happiness, in his presence for the first time”
They talked more. But distance also grew more.”
“Perhaps you have kept in your memory
Which I missed to remember again.
How can I know that?
Perhaps I have kept many things in my memory
Which you forgot.
How can I say that?”
“I told you that day itself, broken glass can never be restored. I can’t forget everything or my problems will never be solved. Only positive thing happened is, I got mental peace” #Hari #Meera
Distance between hearts starts at the point where words reach nightfall”
I believe you can understand what I told” #Untold #Hari #Meera
The moment I noticed, he starting knowing the growing distance between we two……”
“Distance between sky and earth equals the distance between old Meera and new ♾♾. It doesn’t mean, sky is better or earth. Simply, both belong to two worlds. Same is the case of Meera too🤗🤗❣️❣️”
“Ages may pass by
Between two moments”
“When I failed to cry in front of you,
Actually who lost,
You or me?
I would say, we both!!
When I pretend to be happy,
When I tried not to shed tears,
I was mistaken.
When my words rained
I hid my words inside the drops
Each moment I forgot to cry
My love was hidden inside
Hardly you noticed💜”
“Colourful dreams seen by her eyes
Faded away in the darkest blue shades of night.
Yes, she was seeing it,
But not able to respond.
Didn’t try to stop
Didn’t try to cry either.
Once again everything was shrinking to
The new meanings of chillness.
Is she aware? Is she trying to find?
No idea.”
When calculations go totally wrong, she feels to laugh like nothing”
“A feel of relief when someone blow fire of hope from finished ashes✨😌🌪️”
How can someone hurt you by hurting himself?”
Every time you ask him, I strongly feel he won’t reveal anything. Yet feel a glimmer of hope if he says something, ….. at least a word. I know, if it happens I will get some grip in the atmosphere where I am struggling right now. And in that single hopeful moment I forget everything”
You measured me with your mental status. That’s where you went wrong”
“You should have waited a little more. A little patience from your side would have granted a heaven of dreams to me”
“From that moment
To this moment
You never owned my special place in heart” #Meera
“Each moment in infinite loops when you make me remember
I never owned a special place in your heart
Each moment in infinite loops when I am forced to make you believe
You never owned my special place in heart”
“Sometimes a single ‘YES’ gives happiness and relief which thousands of words together can’t bring”
“Sometimes heart fail to gain strength to listen,
Even though it’s quite sure the words are positive💕💕✨💫”
“Her mind got so scared that she stopped listening everything around”
I lost him as a friend 💔. Missed it, right from beginning!” #Abhi
I wish I die in one of those moments …..
When I hold my breath,
To capture those moments
And make them prisoners forever”
I didn’t have any expectations at that point of time. But definitely owned a few moments”
Singing a lullaby for love right now”
When the love you once put to sleep, returns back so unexpected, it brings storms and hurricanes also, enough to destroy you completely💔🌪️”
It takes just one moment of foolishness to lose all dreams”
Moments count more than years and ages”
Her shyness & joy got expressed as laughs, as she failed to control herself.
“Stop laughing”
For a moment she turned silent with the harsh reply. 
Her mind still had not woken from that beautiful dream.
She took much time to settle in silence
And she never smiled again”
Slowly her smile started fading from her face and soul”
“Still I preserve many of your favourites in my memory
Yet never gained courage to share them with you”
“Strange is everything now
That happens between us
You, me and everything connecting both”
“Your memories still appear as lavender flowers,
Though they lost their fragrance 💜”
We often assume, ‘Yes, there is lot of time. I shall make everything right’. Truth is that, it’s often a fake coin fate throws in front of us to trick us to commit mistakes” #Illusion
Is she blaming me? Did I commit anything wrong?”
It was my assumption, she will understand everything slowly, which backfired me. She never thought beyond my words or read my thoughts.”
“Puzzles never give tears
It gives stress only”
You could have asked my decision at least once. But you never did it! Instead you believed yours is mine too or it’s only the right.”
Why are you still competing with someone who has totally failed, broken and shattered for you only?”
“Road is same
Co-travellers are different
Yet they are not strangers anymore
They carry a tint of old people”

“Why can’t you give at least 1% consideration you give to her? Do you really win by hurting & neglecting me like this? Is it your style of revenging someone who is completely defeated?🔥😕

Ok, carry on till you get satisfaction & joy
Just 1 question, if I do the same how will you react?”
What she was trying is to search and find happiness in his presence, while spending time together and to gather a few good memories before they part. But both these distanced from her every time. Good moments (and happiness) is not proportional to total time being together”
“You are still living in my virtual world, without even your knowledge”
“When you talk about friendship as if nothing has happened between us, I think about my misfortune where I didn’t get chance to tell the truth, when you misunderstood me, hated and distanced me. Yes, you are not a part of my today. Still I am worried, I need to act as I used to be, till my last breath goes out.”  #20 #Meera 
“I never tried to run away from you
You never tried to come close to me
That makes you and me totally different”
“It’s after a long time……
She didn’t want to give rest to those gifted tears.
If this volcano won’t erupt, let it cool a little bit.
Will somebody notice it, she didn’t care that moment.
Tears can also do a lot of duties, of course.
“When she was blessed with tears for first time, she started losing her frozen heart and pain started slowly affecting her. She didn’t feel ashamed of crying for the first time and continued crying, thinking about all bitter moments till then😂”
“Small clouds are playing in the skies like kids at sea shore in the evening. Seeing those mischievousness clouds, it appeals as if they are painting a picture in a big canvas. In haste, they have scattered many colours in the sky, predominantly saffron”
“Most people say, they don’t like life. But if death suddenly comes in front of you… everyone keeps the desire to live, even if it is small, in their heart”
“We believe our own eyes only”
“Nothing is changing.
The days
The nights
The evenings
People who we see everyday
Buses always board from the same stop.
Drop off exactly there in the evening.
Not even a change in that.
A repetition of boredom 💜”
“Days and nights going on without any change.
She started hating a life that’s completely automatic like a timetable”
“Many good friendships have been extinguished by the breath of time. But memories never die”
“Very often even death is just a dream!!!”
“Move forward with optimism, without regretting the chosen path. Even if a delay happens, you will reach the destination”
“Often, even if we are not fully convinced that it is true, we convince our minds that it is true and make us believe it. Why? Just for a little relief.”
“When we do something for someone, a debt is created, without even us knowing it!”
“There is not even a single person on this earth who never ever thought to die, at least once”
“I don’t believe in anything, not only love. There is nothing called love, and I disbelieve love most. If someone says it’s love, I have to think twice to believe it”
“True love is not happiness always….
Sometimes it bleeds and go untold & unnoticed♥️♥️😪”
“There is nothing between we two??”
“Her experiences have made her a philosopher. Is there any person who doesn’t change with time?”
“How quickly human nature changes, like a river changing its course”
“In the turned pages of the same book,
There was a single word which got erased!
I lost belief in everything”
“Is there anyone in this world who does not want to be loved?”
“Is there a music for sadness? Is it melancholy tuned by depression? We need not try to listen to it. It will come to us, uninvited”
“Mind always get tangled with silly questions”
“Have you ever thought why I moved away from you so suddenly?
Because you rejected me exactly the moment when I realized I can’t go far away from you.
But still now, till this moment I speak, yes I know, you are not aware of it💔”
Last time when it stopped raining in my dreams
A teardrop that waited to come out of your eyes
Spilled on my hand
Suddenly I took away my hand
To realize it was a raindrop only.
Suddenly my eyes started pouring &
I kept its last drop in my heart
Hidden from everyone
Not sure why!”
“She started searching her lost dream in those pouring raindrops and finally found them in his tears💜”
“Dream sequence and climax😓💜”
These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera . Read first part here, second part here, third part here and fourth part here.
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