“I am a very simple person,
Who go crazy for simple things, small happiness,
May be a butterfly, a drop of rain, a small bit of song,
A simple smile, a cloudy sunset, a white flower
May be the reason why I can’t meet high expectations
Yet I am happy for what I am
I am not going to change for anyone🦋🦋”
Time to shift from sunsets to sunrises 💕🤗
Tints are same,
Appearances are same,
But both are different✨😉”
“My words may not speak the truth
But my actions speak
I don’t like showoffs
Just do what makes me feel happy
By giving you support
When u really need.
Lucky are you
If you manage to decode me.
Not every one is not like me
And bad luck again,
This whole world falls for expressions”
“I am very much into my own world
Free of chaos,
Only silence and peace💫✨”
“I simply do things which make me happy,
And most times, it’s to make someone else happy”
“I am an introvert
Who may appear extrovert 😉
I have fixed a door
Into the chaotic world of my own craziness,
Silence and much more beyond definitions.
If I have opened that door for you
You are special♥️💫🦋🦋”
“Once born a little flower,
Pure white, full of innocence
Its petals filled with dew drops
She had everyone till she grew up
Everyone love & cared her
But after a point of time
Everybody stopped caring…
Those petals which were once filled with dew drops
Now teardrops became more visible
Slowly she learnt to condense those teardrops,
Hated herself
Hated living
Then came one stranger, a gentle breeze
He loved her like nobody else can
He cared,
He understood like nobody else can
He took away all those condensed tears
Brought her dewdrops instead,
From wherever he can,
To fill her heart with life once again
To fill her heart with innocence once again
And she blossomed once again🌼🌼🌼”

“Whatever you think about me, interpret about me or going to tell others is not going to change what am I or who I will be. It’s me, simply!”

“I am Neelakurinji, whose beauty others notice, when fully blossom only!!! Once in a Jupiter year!!”

“I swim because I can’t fly
I swim in an ocean without water”
“Wherever I am right now,
I have built myself without any aid.
I built my castle with hard stones,
Rather than soft flowers
Because I received –
More stones than flowers always🔥🤗”
“How many times will I wear and tear my mind?”
“I am simply a piece of poetry
You may know me
Or may not🤗🤗🌈🦋”
“My love rains in different forms
Sometimes I rain as monsoon
Only a single tune, intense or slow
Without accompanies
Sometimes I turn October rain
Accompanied by thunder and lightening
Sometimes I appear as white clouds
And never rain
Sometimes I show my gloomy face
Like dark clouds
And go without raining
Sometimes I turn summer rain
To pour as consoling friend
When you miss me
I may come as drizzle
Rain has so many shades
So am I
I can drench you the way I feel
If I start pouring as rain,
I will drench you completely in my craziness
Come close thinking twice
I may pour at day
I may pour at night
I may pour day and night
And even during nightfalls
And morning sunshines
My craziness has no limitations
My shades are infinite
So am I 💃💃💃⛈️🌦️”
“It was just a colourful tale in a single line for all of them.
But it was her everything”
“I am Neelakurinji, whose beauty others notice, when fully blossom only!!! Once in a Jupiter year!!💜💜”
“Among the broken wings,
Among the burning embers,
Smouldering in thoughts
Still I am doing what I can do the best💫💕”
“I often create a virtual friend in my mind,
When I feel the need of someone to talk”
“It takes a little time to be normal
Yes, I am sure I will be OK
As always have been 🤗🤗
It’s a habit now😊”
She loves black colour with tints of blue” #Meera
“My mind is a fully opened book
To those very close to heart
Who keep it safe & sealed,
And remains closed book to others,
Giving access to book cover only😝😛🏃‍♀️”
“I just love trees with broken branches, felled trunks too, though don’t know the reason why”
“You kept waiting for me till I turn perfect,
Fitting into you perfectly
And with my broken parts,
Slowly I sailed away from you
To fix myself, all alone🍁💃💃”
“Looking at my own rain drops
To find where am I standing right now
And I can see rainbows and springs
Flowering in those colourless drops”
“Many of your wins are my lost battles, which I intentionally lost for you people, not to hurt anyone. You can boast your success. You can call me a loser. You can call me a idiot or fool. You can disrespect me. But it was always my heart which you lost forever”
#ForMyHaters 😆
“Don’t get too comfortable
Seeing my failures
A day will come when I will change my path,
Rise as a phoenix,
And move to a new world
Embracing new happiness
Because not everyone fit into my story always
Time always change
If today it’s yours
Why can’t tomorrow be mine?
*Only for all my haters💃💃”
“I am not that kind of person who strictly believe in making rules, being perfectly disciplined and all. Life is not all about living in a forced gravity or circle. Leave the pressure, let a few things be of less order, never mind. Admit a few mistakes too and find fun in them as well”
“Her colourful rainbows and sparking stars✨🌈
Often remind her some of the missing shades –
Of her old barren heart,
Which she left far behind
To move towards new horizon
Yes, she will never go back to her old version🙂🦋💥”
“Beneath the stars in the deep valley
She kept something precious sometime back
Hidden from everyone
In hope,
When she revisits the valley next time
She will take it back
That day mist showered everywhere
This day too,
Perhaps to make her remember
About the hidden treasure”
“When I give something
I give with whole heart🤗❤️
Not half, not less than one-quarter
Or little bit greater than three-quarter😉😝”
“Sometimes we need to turn stubborn
Just to prove, at least to ourselves,
Our side is right”
“Her words hold her beauty❤️”
“I have always healed myself throughout all my problems.
It has only strengthened me to let go things easily,
Forgive, though I never forget
Only problem is I never cared about my happiness.”
“I am not like seasons
Which keep changing
I am not like seasons
Which come and go
If I leave,
It’s not easy to bring me back😌✨😐”
“Nishagandhi and Neelakurinji are specially reserved for me😉
You can search jasmine, rose or any other flower if you want🤗😂”
“For every walk
For every decision
She has been all alone
It made her strong only,
Not weak
Made her less-expecting
Made her self sufficient
And what she expect least now is
“I don’t respond doesn’t mean
I am not watching
I simply learnt to avoid and neglect🍁”
I am among those who take too much time in decision making. But once made, it’s not easy for me to step back”
“I have a bad habit to pluck all the flowers of my blue mountain, one day after planting😕💜💜”
“She doesn’t want to be
A display object of anyone’s life anymore
She can’t hurt & break herself anymore,
Simply to see others’ equilibrium of life not affecting
Because what done is more than enough
Let she live her own life
Without bothering anyone, at least now”
“Once I let go
I never choose the same path again🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️😝😝”
“She has been walking aimless till now
Now her each step, each walk is a decision made.
Yes, time is changing🤗💥”
“Sometimes moon may go dim,
Clouds can hide her too
Sometimes she rains
She can shine different in different days
Yet everything will be ok
She has got a few smiling stars around
She has learnt to take care of herself”
“Lost in a chaotic world of birds, butterflies
And their sounds
Finding myself once again,
Close to nature🌿🌾🌺🌈🦋🦋💃💃”
“I may be bright like a blossomed rose whole day
May turn queen of the night too,
Which withers at day hours
Yet my feelings remain the same, pure as white
If I fade at day,I may bloom at night
Sending you more love than usual
To keep you warm in my safe hugs💕💫🤗”
“Nishagandhi dreams at day
And wakes at night🦋💫
She is different😉”
“My scars are same as those of moon
They help me to shine differently like moon💫”
“I don’t lose temper so easily
If it happens
All the very best for you😂😝💃”
“This star will stay in sky
Forgetting her woes
And will smile in moonlight
Only she wants is a supporting hand
To hold her
If ever she breaks down to fall✨💥🌠”
“I want to make my heaven in clouds,
Far away, hidden from everyone.
Not many will be happy
Seeing me rebuild myself,
Slowly healing
Or build another version of me,
Where I can feel better of myself
And also, take care of everyone around me”

“I miss me at many places”

“The only way you can break me is by hurting yourself😂😉”
“When nobody cares your existence,
Stop caring them too🤗🤗
Be yourself 💕🌈🦋”
“I can’t intentionally hurt anyone,
Not even those who destroyed me
Not even those who laugh at my failures
Then how can I hurt people I love,
Those who are important to me?
I simply walk away from lives,
Who I can’t adjust,
Whose actions I can’t tolerate
Why to fight & prove
I am just like them?”
“I never meant to hurt anyone
Simply I can’t tolerate
If I feel I become burden
To someone’s flying wings
This bird has no dreams at all🦋✨💕”
“Sometimes I may turn stubborn
Not try to impress others too
Others may find wrong in it,
Not because I am wrong,
But not willing to adjust as they want,
Because I am a woman.
Yes, I am so,
If you test my patience level again & again.
I don’t want anyone’s goodwill certificate😝😝”
“Why to prove to others, to be one among them,
When I am different?”
“Even when tears dipping from her darkest clouds
She shines as brightest rainbow in someone’s thoughts🌈😌💫”
“My shades are infinite
My emotions are infinite
Because my shades get mixed multiple times
Along with my changing emotions
Just like the falling nightfall
To get unknown colours, never seen before🌈🦋♾”
“I prefer to became a dark cloud hated by everyone for its black face, rather than a white cloud with less qualities except external beauty. At least I can pour as rain for someone. Maybe I am lonely, maybe I am hated. Yet that’s what make me unique. That’s ‘I am’🤗😊”
“I don’t care any more,
Who supports me, who not!!!
I want to follow my heart only♥️😌”
“I asked my eyes to stay awake
I made her promise too
But when sleep came in the evening
She forgot my promise😪😒”
“It’s me and my pains
Which opened new shores of oceans before me”
“I prefer to stand alone with truth
Rather than with thousand lairs and a bunch of lies 🙌”
“Maybe I am generous
Maybe I remain cool
Maybe many took me for granted
It doesn’t mean, I will remain so always.
The moment you people break my threshold,
It will be the end of everything!
Literally everything!!!!”
“How can I say only happy things to someone?🍁🍁
I share both happy and sad moments
Accept me if you can listen both😕”
“You may call me ‘I am not flexible’
Yes, you are right
Only after I fix myself in something
Because I can’t stand with wrong to please others
Can’t take brainless decisions too🤯😷
But that’s what I made of💃💃”
“She found herself in the lost woods,
Where she lost her path once”
“She is a deep ocean in condensed form,
Holding gallons of love like water for many eras
In hope, she will find someone some day
To share her love drops & empty herself”
“My heart may be made of glass, brittle
But my mind is made of iron, strong and well-determined😂😂”
“Some days I pour heavy
Some days I may drizzle only
Some days I turn white cloud
But always reserve moist drops in my heart
Waiting for the moment
To transfer myself to the raining dark cloud🌪️🌨️”
“One of the biggest corrections I have made in my life in the recent times is to trust my intuitions, if it’s strong & repetitive, and fully ignore others’ words with negativity. Lately I realized most people will drag you down, as they are more concerned about their satisfaction, not my happiness”
“In what shade do you want me to pour?💕🌈
As a chilling summer drizzle,
Heavy monsoon☔️
Or accompanied by thunder & lightening?⛈️
Sometimes I can go fully silent
Showing myself through lightening only😂
Just tell me, which shade you like most🤗😝💫💥”
“My journey has been not easy so far,
Not an easy road for everyone
Still, I survived”
“I have always fought alone
Till this point,
Though not sure
If I have win this battle or not,
And I will never stop💃💃”
“It’s me and my pains
Which opened new shores of oceans before me
And I don’t fear storms anymore”
“There are many invisible shades in my rainbow
Which I never show anyone 🌈🌈
Some shades are read,
While some others never☺️😂💫💕🌈”
“I accept humiliations of only those, who I believe a part of me, even at the cost of self respect & I may do it repeatedly too, even after knowing I am being taken granted and I may not get the same thing back. “
“Invisible shades in my rainbow are infinite🌈🦋🤗”
“Most times my anger and sadness converge as a single emotion in tears”
“Sunsets add more intense shades to her life
From boring repetitions
To colourful transformation/transition to a rainbow,
Life has changed a lot✨🌪️”
“Those who know me
Have the keys to unlock my words easily
For those who are ignorant
I am still an unknown continent😉💃”
“When I hide myself
In my white clouds,
In the skies
They slowly turn darker.
I spread across the skies
And rain as heavy monsoon
It’s me, a simple cloud
Who can bring a small change
To the skies and many lives around me✨🤗🌧️❤️”
“Most of my life changing moments happened in October, both happy and sad🔥
Always accompanied by rain😂😓”
“I prefer to burn myself as pyre
Rather than erupting as a volcano
Simply I can’t hurt people who I love
I have seen infinite volcanoes
Erupting silently inside my heart
Without disturbing anyone
Or letting know anyone
Now it’s a habit💃💃😁😁”
“When I give something
I give with whole heart
Not half, not less than one-quarter
Or little bit greater than three-quarter”
“I have learnt the art to smile
When I am confused
When I am hurt
When I am alone
When I am isolated
When I am blamed
When I am tortured
When I am in distress
When my waits end in desperation
And when I am in love💕💕”
Crowd is not comfortable to everyone”
“Oceans are raining in her tears
She didn’t ask anybody its reasons too
Unknown fears
Unknown sorrows
Silent sobs
And everything that remain
Buried in her deep silence & sweet smiles”
“Pleasing others,
We earn nothing at end, but can loss a lot
Please yourself, and
Let them go who can’t accept you for being real💃💃”
“Someone needn’t be absolutely flawless to remain in my friends’ list. Anyone with pure intentions, who is genuinely happy for the happiness of others always find way straight into my heart❤️❤️”
“I can stay like mountain before huge storms
But silly things can take away too much from me”
“I go silent for a while doesn’t imply
I will silently leave you💫💕
Sometimes I need silence to breath
Sometimes I need silence to recover myself
Sometimes I need silence to think
Sometimes I need silence not to hurt others😊”
“She was not born an orphan
But she lost all carings after a point of time
She chained herself into a shell of solitude
And fully enjoyed freedom inside it.
Her desires, sorrows & dreams,
No one really bothered
She flew inside her cage all alone
Seeking happiness & pleasure
One day, all of a sudden,
A window opened with a beam of light
There her eyes met with another soul,
Sharing a story similar to hers
Their hearts met in the infinity
And the souls talked
And she found her long lost-
Missing part in that soul….
Today she tries to break her cage,
Her comfort zone
To rise up as a phoenix.
Who knows,
She touches the sky someday or not!!!”
“Looking at my own rain drops
To find where am I standing right now
And I can see rainbows and springs
Flowering in those colourless drops🌈💥💫”
“Each chapter of my life book itself is filled with 1000 unheard tales and unsaid words, so many twists but colourful and entertaining”
“Never have I tied anyone in my selfishness
Have always given enough freedom to fly away
Have always looked at skies with happiness
Seeing them flying free,
Even if they are no longer a part of my skies 🎈🎈”
“Silent failures are ok…
I don’t want to show it to others
And please them that way.
I like smiling faces a lot
But not those smiling –
At the cost of my failures,
Seeing me broken”
“People with good character, humbleness & loving heart impress me more than high status, money and fame. People with a combo of high IQ & sense of humor catch my attention spontaneously, as it’s rare to see both these features together in same person. Philosophy & craziness come in bonus😂”
“Just trying to hold me together, all alone
Sometimes, we need to fight our battles, all alone”
“I always give preference to happiness of my loved ones, more than mine, and always desire to get them best. Still, I think the same. I have only unconditionally loved everyone, and it will remain intact always. Always given less importance to my happiness than others”
“When I love people, I erase all boundaries
And in most cases,
They take advantage
To interfere too much, to hurt too much.
I won’t prefer to take revenge or anything else
Sometimes fail to respond too.
Simply leave it to god as always
To judge and do the need some”
“Why should you give them an explanation about your personal life and decisions when it’s nothing to do with them?”
“Shades are always there…
Hidden from everyone”
“Whenever I paused pain for a while to enjoy beauty and happiness, fate returned it with double pain for a prolonged time, and left me with scars unhealed for a lifetime. Now those scars form infinite shining stars in my night skies, whose access I have denied to everyone “
“I want to make my heaven in clouds,
Far away, hidden from everyone.
Not many will be happy
Seeing me rebuild myself,
Slowly healing
Or build another version of me,
Where I can feel better of myself
And also, take care of everyone around me”

“I miss me at many places”

“My dark skies devoid of stars💫✨
And filled with dark clouds
It won’t outpour as well
Instead will smolder and diminish forever,
And who cares!!!”
“She was not sure, the extended life of a few years, can it bring some surprise packages to her life, or is it only an extension of ‘death sentence’.”

“Sometimes you need to isolate yourself from others to prove yourself, not to the outer world which humiliated you in terms of social status, fame and money, but to yourself, so that you can stand with them with your head high. That’s called self respect”

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