Oh Death, your games are wonderful,

You hurt those too,

Who embrace you with happiness

And gift only tears to dear ones.

You don’t fear anyone

And no guard can block you.

Everyone knows, you will come one day

Yet all strive hard to delay your visit.

No one desire your closeness

No one waits for your footsteps

No one is fond of you

Yet everyone is dear for you.

Yet when sorrows play octaves in life,

Though not with fondness,

Many people embrace you.

When they run towards you with love,

You take them in open arms

And torment them giving intolerable pain.

At least for a moment

They try to escape from you

And it’s you to decide to grant freedom –

From that tender string of life or death.

Your pats give pain only

Your presence creates infinite distance from everyone

Never to travel back.

You take away everyone you want –

For your selfishness

Without even waiting for permission.

As an invisible man you come,

And no eyes can reach you.

Sun has set

Dusk has moved away

Hey death, only you have no death

Only you don’t have a death procession.

Your feet keep moving everyday

With this time which never stands still,

Till time also faces death!!

Image source: Pixabay

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