Marriage and Relationship Thoughts

Never try to colour relations…
Allow them to flow freely🎈🎈

“Many life long relationships have started due to simple events, more strange than even fairy tales”

“One of great positives of marriage life – You can’t even tease your mind and body without seeking permission from your partner”

“When you enjoy responsibilities as small challenges than burdens, your marriage life turns to a heaven”

“Marriage acts can’t be played with a single string”

“Marriage turns sweet if played as a duet by two strings.A single string produces only less noticed or muted voice”

“A marriage results in divorce if it acts as a radio with a single speaker & silent listener, or two speakers with no listeners”

“Both strings need to play a tune uniformly to keep the relationship green and fresh”

“Silent suffering from one side makes the other think, ‘I was right, and I am right’ & this myth is to break soon or later”

“Mistakes are to be corrected today or tomorrow. Earlier it’s better. It’s wise decision to correct today than outburst and explode tomorrow”

“A spouse may forgive & forget any mistake committed by the partner but never withstands a third person’s presence in their life”

Lack of proper communication and misunderstandings can ruin a well-built relationship”

When we lose our space in a relationship, whatever beauty it holds till then, it’s always better to quit”

“Healthy boundaries in every relation only move them to higher levels. It’s another definition of mutual respect too”

“Trust and faith gone, everything goes in a marriage life. It’s applicable for relationships too”

“Love should never be a burden. Over-possessiveness kills rather than bridging relations”

“Staying together in hearts is more important than staying together in same space”

Sometimes a simple heart touching word or a simple touch can do magic in a relationship”

“Keep your friends and relatives at a bay to make your marriage work. After all, after marriage family is the first priority”

“When people walk away from our lives, they often take with them, many of our favourites….. May be some passion, obsession, a hobby or desire”

“Relations should always remain so…. so free, relaxed, unnoticed, yet its absence felt 💕💕
If so, we never need to act or add anything more. So natural”

“Arms may provide you food or shelter as alms, but never true love”

“Involving a third person can potentially harm a building relationship”

“One should never get married only to please parents and relatives, or to give a child to family. Get married only when you feel the need of a partner to share everything, both happiness and joy. Here, personal preference comes first, not family 💕💕🤗😊”
“Comfort level is important in each & every relation to advance to next step.
Both should share it too, not just one person. Some relations are easy to build while a few others take time”
“It needs a little time to find if we both share same vibes or not. Till then better to remain introvert.”

“Relationship may end forever, but not its pain….That’s the bitter truth….” 

“Healthy relations are like
Bond between sky and cloud.
Even while floating together
Cloud never questions sky’s limits
And sky allows cloud to fly free,
Though always carry in arms”

“One may get bored or not in a relationship. It depends…….”

“Many relations stand only because we become good listeners
The day we change the mode, we may be blamed even if nothing wrong in our side”
“How long can someone take advantage of you?
As long as you allow to do it”
“Never stay in someone’s life,
Who says, You have no space in my life,
We two can never stay together🍁
If you think time can change everything,
Perhaps it’s the biggest mistake –
You are doing to yourself😌🔥”
“No relation survives showing good side only”
“Staying together in hearts is more important than staying together in same space😌🔥”

“My main fault is, if someone pretends friendly, i just believe, because i can’t pretend in relations”

“Leaving a relationship when no alternatives left will also hurt a lot
It doesn’t mean you don’t love that person anymore
You leave simply because
You have no space in that person’s life”
“Sometimes the most strong relations and bonds are born from silly reasons”
“Many bonds and relations start from silly moments and reasons, and can last forever🤗💕”
“In 70% cases, divorces happen only because of parents…When they intervene too much in their children’s marriage lives, brainwashing anyone of them to take many decisions without the approval of other, cracks happen”
“You can correct your mistakes and restart at any point of time. Some people, to simply prove their deeds right, will never start or give an attempt”

“Many relations start with just a ‘Hai’ or ‘Good Morning’. Some are here to stay while the rest leave giving some memories, pleasant or bad”

“Relations fail not because one is right and other is wrong in 90% cases but because their ‘right’s are not matching always”

“Should be able to walk away from people when respect no longer served. Give a time limit to everything, even in rebuilding relations, rather than keep waiting forever, stuck somewhere in illusion or a ray of hope🍁🍁”
“Many people fear in mind, if I show my real self, my grey shades, I may lose the person, I may fail to impress. Truth is, when you suppress it more, it comes out in different shades, quite strange than real ones, harming the relation much more than what truth could have. Better, accept the fact, no one is perfect”
“Relations should be free flowing like sunlight and moonlight
They should be able to free you from agonies and all sorts of chains
Let relations free to breath
Never keep someone as a prisoner with your conditions
Today or tomorrow, it will break all chains and go off your hands🤗”

“Being in a wrong relationship can literally drain you everything, whatever you have. It may appear as if you are in a wrong continent, all alone. You loss the energy to fight, courage to live and dream, and smile on little things. Simply you want to survive everyday. Nothing else”

“It’s always better to keep away from negative people rather than pretending to be friendly and keep them forever, bearing them”

When relations go beyond, how can we simply tag as romance? It can be of same gender too, with emotional bonding”

“Relations end in pain only, never in happiness ….
Otherwise, they never ended, but taken a new form❣️❣️💙💙

“Legal papers can never bind hearts together. Many times, it’s some sort of compromises made, either from one side or from both”

“Some relations can never be defined
We can’t predict the moment they come to our lives
Sometimes belonging to two different worlds
And at sometimes, some broken ones
Returning to our lives taking another form💕💕”

“Relations in life seem to be fake when someone sincere you love betrays you without any reason ” 

“A new relation or breakup – Both can change you either positively or negatively” 

“A break in a relationship can often strengthen you than what you are – both friendship and romance ” 

“Relations in life seem to be fake when someone sincere you love betrays you without any reason. But what to do, life moves on, and we need to find new relations, though it takes time. It depends on luck if the relations we get are fake or not”

“Never be a fool who abandons all happiness and joy of life & forget living, simply because the person you love can’t fit you into his/her personal space, though you have given him/her the most important space of your heart 😂😂
Life never ends there. There are many other things in this world, not just love😌🤗”

“A simple joke can harm a relation unintentionally and may break the bond forever too.”

“Why to forcefully remove someone from heart? Let them remain there in some corner, without disturbing you. Give them a permanent fixture in heart somewhere, perfectly insulated, so that it won’t pain anymore”

“When you lose your space in a relationship, whatever beauty it holds till then, it’s always better to quit. It’s like waiting for a miracle of time to bind both together again, which very rarely happens and you keep paining yourself without letting other person know💜🍁💔”

Never lie in your relationships. It can break it forever”

“You can try your level best, & attempt to win the heart multiple times. You can give whatever you have. But it would never be good enough for someone who doesn’t love or respect you. But for someone who loves or respect you, they can forget even your mistakes, because they treasure the relation most”

“If your words or deeds hurt someone who really loves & cares you, there is nothing wrong in saying ‘sorry’, even if you are sure, you were right. In ego, many people fail to understand this simple thing, which can harm a relationship.”

“Relations should be so free & relaxed like breathing air we are not aware of. We need not worry too much about how to keep it intact. Just go with the flow. But if we stop breathing for a moment, we can feel it. Yes, they are inevitable too, but freely allowing everything else to happen” (Inspired from SSR Self Musing).

“Some relations are virtual in real life
Some relations are real in virtual life
Some people stand so far in nearby distance
Some people stand so close in far away distance”
“From outside, many relations look beautiful & crystal clear like water droplets falling on lotus leaves. But what’s the reality? There is an invisible wall of wax between them, only known to both. So close when seen from outside, but at infinite distance when seen near🍁🍁”
“It’s nothing more heartbreaking than to realize that moment, nobody really cares about your happiness, when you keep sacrificing and hurting yourself to keep everyone around you happy. More strange is if that equilibrium is altered, only you will be blamed & you need to fight ALONE”
“Nobody is really concerned about mental health of dear ones, happiness and peace. They only check if you get food to eat, a shelter to stay and enough money to spend, and if you are physically healthy and OK. When will this attitude change?”

Relations become so pure & mutually understanding at the point when promises can be kept without promising anything. Such pure relations are effortless, tension-free and can win the test of time also. I can’t say how fast time flies in the thoughts exchanged between two loving people💕💕”

Good things & relations are not common in everyone’s life. If it was meant to lose, it should never be from your side first.”

“Quality time is the best gift we can give to relations. It’s priceless.
It’s equally important to give time for a relation to build up. Time can repair lost relations as well. Yes, time is the game planner. Use it wise”
“In our Indian society, why only girls are silenced? Even after knowing she is right, why family hesitate to support her? Why she is always asked to adjust, rather than asking him to correct? If she fails to cope up with it, why she is isolated by all and brainwashed as wrong?”

“Sorry for everything and thanks for everything”

Either ended in good or bad note, I want every relationship to be remembered as beautiful”

Each relationship definitely teaches you something new…. Whether it has turned past or will remain in future”
Yes, it hurts. Yet I am trying my level best not to get affected”
Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you”- These words look so simple, but so powerful in retaining relationships. Some people will never learn that!! They just want to satisfy their egos. You are right or not is important. But the other person is important or not is more important”
If your words or deeds hurt someone who really loves & cares you, there is nothing wrong in saying ‘sorry’, even if you are sure, you were right. In ego, many people fail to understand this simple thing, which can harm a relationship.”
“If two persons hold mutual respect in a relation
There is no need of a mediator to end their discordance❤️🤗”
Those who want to go, will find 1000 reasons, the same way those who want to hold”
“It’s not because they have a lot of time
That’s why they are giving for us.
If you can’t realize it
It’s your loss only”
“Each person has different expectations, when it comes to relations. Something which appears very silly to you, the other person may treasure most. If it get hurts, it can affect the relation, giving deep wounds. Most strange part is, you maybe still unaware of wounds created by you”
Some people though claim to be bonded with you
Will blame you only
If you ask an emotional support,
When you are much in need or literally beg
But they never cared about”
However strong we feel
We may emotionally break down at a weak point to express ourselves
Even if the other person is not bonded to us” #MistakesMade
Harsh words can break the back bone of relations
Perhaps, never can be repaired”
“When you put yourself in an unhappy & risky mode, while keeping everyone comfortable, remember, you will be taken for granted and you can only act smiling when everyone are really enjoying their lives”
“When your ears listen to the words, “I am enjoying my life fully. It’s my life and I have no problems”, stop caring. It’s more than enough.🍁💔😐”
“Never go for mediators in any type of relations, because in most cases, messages will never reach where it’s meant to”
“Can friendship be a privilege?
Can love be a privilege?
If someone of higher class talks to you,
Will you take it as a privilege?
Someone told me so”
When someone close, utter words,”Mind it”
Just remember, the bond has already broken or was never formed
That person never deserves your love or attention.
Harsh words can never make friends.
Never lose relations trying to prove your side right.
Often we need to loss to those who we love & care”
Pre-fix space and boundaries in every relation🔥🔥”
“How many girls are silenced daily in the name of money, dowry, career etc? Instead of spending money on her education, why are you giving huge dowry? Why can’t you make her self dependent? How you believed her husband will take care of her for the rest of her life?
Remember, big dowry can never buy a good husband.”
Every person dreams about that special one
Who stands with him/her even when the whole world hate”
“Hurting words and negligence can kill a relation more easily/faster than physical abuses”
When you are strong, you may or may not want someone to sit with you. But when you are broken, you really expect, someone who you believe can understand you better than anyone, sit with you & listen, both your silence & words. A small broken word or wounding silence is enough to break that heart forever”
Yes, it’s always good to leave behind unpleasant memories & people who ignore us…. and move forward. If they can’t value us, why should we keep waiting? It’s easy to say, but hard to leave without feeling hurt!”
“There is no space for words like ‘thanks’ and ‘thankful’ in true relations or any form of love. In formal relations, it’s ok, but not in the case of true bonds. If you think otherwise, it’s only alms exchanged in the name of love, not hearts💕🤗”
Not just animals, there are humans too, who treat us the same & handle our mood swings. If you meet such people who do so without any expectation, never leave them, because such people are rare & god’s gifts. We are lucky if we find at least one person like so”
When someone supports you as your shadow
Without expecting anything in return
It’s a nice feel”
“You are lucky if you get a partner or friend who can handle you in both extremes, happy or sad, calm or angry, & never feel bad for it, or it affects your relation💕💫After all in this fake world, everyone like faking emotions & not showing the real face, even those close to heart😐”
“If you were sure, there was nothing
We could have ended it much earlier
Holding rose tight which was not meant me
Brought me pain of thorns only
How could you pretend so long?”
“Blood relations are not thicker as everyone think.
They are just crazy imaginations”
“Many people simply stay in one-sided relations, as it becomes a habit, only to see the other person smiling, without expecting anything in return, though well aware they are not happy deep inside. Yet many people do it🍁🥲😔”
Some people come close as they are curious to know what you are all about & it ends with curiosity. Only a few come close because of true bonding which turns everlasting And the bond grows stronger as time passes by”
Sometimes we need to fight rather than adjusting to each other”
When you try to find peace in some relations & grow closer
You will be surprised to find, they want it more than you”
I can be a part of his life or not
But how can you say bad about the heart of my life”
Nothing in this world can make you feel worthy
If the person you love can’t feel you are worthy #Worthless
Never expect sincerity in relations
From those who are not honest”
It’s not always our fault if someone decides not to keep us in his or her life. Only that matters is if you tried to retain that relation or not. If answer is yes, never regret!”
“How many times I asked myself, ‘Why’ all these years
May infinity ♾♾ the only answer!!”
Those who want to go, will find 1000 reasons, the same way those who want to hold”
Relations end in pain only, never in happiness …. Otherwise, they never ended, but taken a new form”
Very often we tag bonds in love and relations to loss it forever. Better let them be unnamed and undefined and cherished forever, without expecting anything in return”
“Mutual respect is what I expect most from any form of relationship. You can beg for love, care, attention etc. But such relations won’t exist long”
“Relations have different shades & can never be given a single definition. It depends on each person’s perspective, what he wants from a relation & what he expects from the other. Some want love, some want a listener & some want only the presence or emotional support, & a few want all”
“If we manage to keep bonds within limit, it’s easy to manage the relation without expectations. But when bond crosses that limit, slowly our desires also born along with them.”
“When bond is strong, we mostly forgive harsh words told by other person.
If nothing is going well, even small expressions without words can bring storm between two hearts.”
Some relations are like loads. When you can’t take it more, take a break”
I have got my answer. No idea if true or not” #LastMoment
Silence keeps people in pointless relationships
And the other person takes it for granted”
When people get tired of blaming,
They start saying, ‘We two belong to two different worlds’ #LastMoment ” 💔🍁
It’s always better to move away from a broken relationship rather than staying there, breaking yourself every time. Time can heal so many things which you think it can’t 💔🍁”
Be it any kind of relationship, Bad experiences in beginning only increases distance as time moves. It may take more time to cover it.”
Time gives slow death to many beautiful relations. Surviving ones are those which stand against the test of time”
“In any relation, at any point of time
Only a single person should never suffer💔
Such sufferings are for lifetime
As the other person will have no idea –
Of the noises behind the silence🍁”
Till the last beautiful moment is left
A relationship survives💕”
Distance between hearts starts at the point where words reach nightfall 🖤🌪️”

Years can or cannot determine bonds, but moments definitely can”

Relations are no longer free. They need precious factors like time, patience, love and mutual understanding to sustain, which are also expensive though not in terms of money. In short, we should not take relations for granted”
Once broken relations are not easy to restore
However hard, time and fate try to weave the broken threads again,
Just like perfume will never return to fallen flowers💔🦋”
I show freedom to those only who I feel will never leave me at any cost”
“Even in new age, some people still live in dark ages who can’t get the minimum logic that living under same roof doesn’t make relations. Dwelling in the heart of each other makes worth living for.”
“It’s possible to share space with someone who is angry with you, but not with someone who hates you in heart and shows love only for personal benefits”
How can u ask someone, ‘Can u love me’ or ‘Can u love me a little more’? Love bonds just form in space & its intensity depends on how both persons exchanged emotions more than words. If I reply, I shall love u more, it’s only a hollow expression of something which is not. In true bonds, it’s not needed”
Time fixes some people at some points, where emotions die, relationships die, & hence not possible to walk back, & we can never define or name the relation. Perhaps one person can fix it somewhere, rename it too, but the other may not, the person who got pain most than happiness💜💔”
I don’t like people putting conditions everywhere. Let everything flow freely without restrictions”

“There can be thousand indifference between two people. Yet one love bond is enough to keep both together. That’s the power of love🤗🤗

If that love bond is absent and love dies in the hearts, even 1000 reasons can never make that dead relation alive. Maybe compromises possible💫💫”
When your dearest friend finds excuses to stay away from you, Remember, you could have been substituted by a better option. True bonds never needs excuses. Even if it can’t search anything, it will definitely find ‘TIME'”

“Lifeless relations🍁

Relations in illusions👀”
“To love someone or hate someone…
Sometimes not even a single reason needed”

“It’s not that easy to win a heart😑

Infinite attempts not enough sometimes
Because some people want perfectness
And can’t compromise with any kind of flaws🍁💔”
“Till an emotional bond exists, relations survive somehow🔥”
“Some people keep distance in fear to lose relations. But remember, you can also lose good and genuine relations when you hesitate to bring them close”
“If you can’t ignore my flaws and accept my positives,
How will our relationship survive?🍁😔

“Some people keep distance in fear to lose relations. But when you hesitate to bring them close, you lost it already. Relations should be free flowing like a wind. Let it take you where it goes 🤗🤗💕♾ “

#Stressfree #Relations
Every relation should have mutual respect, then only it prevails”
I would prefer to silently move away rather than keep arguing
If it’s someone very close to heart💓”
Is it so difficult to earn someone’s love or sustain a relationship? I always give my level best, but always fall short”
“Any person who hurts me without any fault from my side doesn’t deserve my love and care too”
“Sometimes we turn so much overconfident in relations. But nothing is predictable, even relations.
Many times reasons for cracks are not visible”

“It’s very hard to remain in a fake relation for a prolonged period, acting as if nothing hurts you….💔

One of the most difficult tasks of the whole universe🍁😌😐”
“When you are already trained how to deal with a broken relation, it becomes easy for you in the second or any number of times😜😂💜🍁🌪️😍”
“It’s very difficult to remain in fake relations and fake to be happy”
Sometimes a daughter can play the role of a mother too”
When you have accepted the truth,
Never turn back
Never keep waiting… Move on”
Some relations are at hand distance
It’s your decision to choose or not💜🌪️”
“Relations are like painting walls.🌈🌈
To enhance some shades
New colours may be mixed and added.
When you forget yourself
In the magic of new shades,
Take extra care for old shades
Not to lose beauty
Because they are free of artificiality 💕💕🤗🤗”
“No one can do everything right always
Everyone make mistakes
Some mistakes are momentary
Some are situational
Just we need to forgive, forget and move on
If we truly treasure that relation”
If you are now taking extra effort to maintain a relation, it means something is not right. A relation should be effortless, light weight and free flowing like a gentle breeze. You need not change or act for someone if the bond is true”
“In a short interval of time,
Deep friends can turn strangers,
Some strangers can turn friends
And a special stranger can become your soulmate too💕💫🤗
It’s just a matter of time☺️♾
In fact some relations take just a few moments to break or build up🙂”
A relation can build or break up –
In a very short interval
In fact the short time,
When you take a breathe and leave it”
Strangers can also co-exist in same space
But there won’t be any emotional bond🍁”
“A successful relation is not about walking through a thin string, without ever falling or trembling,taking extra care and stress. It’s all about holding each other’s hand while walking through the string;even if falls, support the other to get up & continue walking together”
Some relations end, not because they seize to love
But when it becomes difficult to co-exist in same space🍁”
Equations of relations do change
Sometimes we fail to notice”
“When a relationship breaks, it breaks both, not just one”
“Relationships do break
But not everyone make it noisy…..
Silent heartbreaks are deep & long lasting
Though it’s hard to notice”
“When you light yourself as a candle, it starts burning inside me🔥🔥
Because true relations share a common bond & connection”
Sometimes, we need to handle people with extra care, like a mirror or glass…. handle like a small baby….. Actually, when we are broken inside, our mind may turn childish, not understanding anything, fully puzzled. Yes, it needs someone who can read those pulses and decode🤗🤗”
“If bonding is true, you will never let go a good friend for silly reasons. Otherwise let us assume, the relationship was built up on false assumptions.”
“When you want to get close to a person, you will see only the common things between the two.
When you have decided to break the bond, you will be in search of a silly reason to validate differences between you two”
“In every relation, fix your own boundaries first.
Otherwise you will lose your freedom, it starts suffocating you and slowly it may kill the beauty of the relation too.”
“Not many years are needed to test a relation
A few moments are enough
Pre-fix time limits before it’s too late💜🍁💫💕🦋”
“Relations survive even after big explosions
It’s either because of the silence between the two
Or expression of love after fights”
“Only closeness can create distance”
“To learn who to let go and who to be patient with
It may take many years
Sometimes it takes a few moments only🔥”
“We should be able to carry relations as easy as milkweeds
Weightless, no conditions, free flowing
Without any adjustments”
“It’s not true, as time passes by or towards the end of a relationship, we learn a person more.
It’s fully related to time. Time also changes people beyond all predictions.
As we get more time, we learn more, not just the case of relationships, but anything.
Relations mostly end in a bad note, which means we learn a few things which we believe to be flaws. It can’t be fully true. Flaws are applicable to both people in the relation too”
“Mental abuse harms a relation much more than physical abuse🍁💔
Because it damages both your heart and soul
And bruises won’t be easily visible from outside
It takes more time to heal too”
“Communication can be short or long. 2 people can meet or not, to stay in a relation. Most important is to stay connected. Sometimes, silence is enough. Sometimes thousands of words not enough. It depends on the level of relation you reached. Once connection is established, hearts can talk”
“Sometimes it’s needed to revisit all your hidden wounds for the last time to liberate yourself for a new beginning. But never turn back once it’s done.”
“I love relations
Comfortable to fight.
Formal relations
I keep at bay, never want to make personal🤗😄”
“External factors can ruin/damage any beautiful relationship much more than anything or its beauty, even more than the personal differences between two people. Never give space to a third person, as much as possible. Fix it your own”
“Many beautiful things we lose in sharing……(with a third person)”
“When people find new relations
People do change
I, you, everyone”
“Bad communication in relations forces you to fill dots with crazy imaginations & creating new stories, as there is no other option left”
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