It’s mind’s deepest and intense feelings which we hide most 💕💔♾💙

“I have so many hearts like different faces of moon 🌙🌜🌘🌔🌗♥️💔

Some are new, Some are old
Some are broken while some are full
My heart can turn to full moon
Sometimes it goes back to new moon
And sometimes fully dark
I just show my moon face which you want to see🌝
Choose the heart you want🤗”

“Deepest feelings go unnoticed most💔💔”

“True feelings are beyond all words”

“When mind oscillates as a pendulum to-and-fro –
In between two fixed points, ‘Yes’ and ‘No’,
Though it achieves stability for a moment at both peak points
It’s in confused state and keeps dragging in all points in between
And the uncertainty goes repeating in loop 🔥🔥😌😌”
Want to filter the repetitions as I want”
In real life, I am a better actor than you, my dear”
“Sorrows and happiness in full swing, equally distributed”
“True feelings are beyond all words✨”
Painful heart is better than a frozen one”
“I can talk in lines and talk in dots too👀”
“Yes, it hurts. Yet I am trying my level best not to get affected”
“Will you heal my broken heart?💔💔”
“I hurt every time
When I try not to hurt another heart”
“Never say negative or discourage someone for his efforts, because you have no idea of what running on his mind. You can only process a part of his thoughts”
What I need now is a little mental peace”
I terribly fail to cry many times”
We can exchange our thoughts with someone we care. But not our feelings”
“They are still living in dark era
And I belong to new world.
Perhaps our worlds will never meet🔥🔥”
Will life sentence end in 20 years? Death should be the key leading to freedom.”
Never think, I behave the same to you only after countless negligence. Still now I am doing the same to all those with who I am connected. Now I am used to it… #tolerance”
“To return back to the raindrops
To drop forever”
“I get easily hurt😔”
If I haven’t answered you yet
It means I have not started searching it”
“I always count my mistakes than others”
Living in dreams of someone else”
“Just wish someone take care of my heart too,
As I do for them”
“I have lost that battle 💔💔”
“You also proved to me, you are not different from others”
“It feels bad when people treat me as an emotion controlling machine”
“I found a reflection of myself in you💫💫”
If people can spread so many lies, why can’t I say a truth?”
“I am a bit tired reading your silences
Now need a little words to fill in between”
“I fear to lie more than to tell a bitter truth”
“Sometimes I go fully muted,
Both in extreme joy and in extreme sadness🤗🤗☺️”
Some things never change!!!”
Can time change everything?”
“I don’t think I can change my belief to please someone”
“I may turn hyperactive if I am not OK”
“When I read some tweets, feel like posting the same thing🤭”
“Sometimes words can only become cages of true feelings”
My mind has reached a muted mode though my thoughts are not”
“Living with a belief last 2 decades♥️♥️♾”
“Now my mind desires to go back and take those dreams along with me, which I left in middle”
“My mind works like multi-threads in action”
“No one has the right to insult another person, by simply remaining blindfolded against true facts, and by creating their own illusions”
“I bother less on the statements of those who I know less”
“It’s you only🌈🌈
I can feel it🦋🦋”
“I am a deep blue ocean, so deep and intense
Only 1% of my self and emotions are visible
Like outer surface of seas
Which itself has 1000 tales to ponder.
Beneath it lies my reality
Only underwater currents can measure.”
“I mostly hesitate to say ‘No’
Because I don’t want to break other person’s heart.
Try best from my side.
But often think, why not others think the same while dealing with me, & simply ignore.”
“I don’t want to walk back to those misty yesterdays
Just to know you loved me or not
Or to calculate the distance you created from me in the yesterdays
I am very much fine today”

“Trying to hurt you with my silence……”

To hide something silly, if you lie to me, How can I trust you?”

“Two decades it took to realize the truth
Have been living in a world of illusion
Created by mind based on events and assumptions.
True or not, who knows!!!!
Yes, I survived”
When one task is finalized, next one is given
And it goes on in loop”
“Better keep your thoughts to yourself😕”
“I accepted everything with a smiling heart
As a good omen to test of time
Now only do I realize
It was a curse, not a blessing or test actually”

“I can’t speak and you can’t see💔💔”

Forget about 6th Sense… It’s all about Non-sense … That’s what I am!”

Living with a belief last 2 decades. May be an illusion…. Who cares

Survival techniques 👀♾”

Everything was not enough!!”

I appreciate intelligent minds. But never those people who forget to appreciate others. No one in the world is so talented to humiliate all those who are deprived of it in all means…..”

“I really love this moment
Which holds all those who I love
Though it misses a few
Who I regret never have been mine!”

“How deep you know and understand me💕💫”
“He is not even a single moment away from my thoughts…
So, it’s pointless to think… When he comes to my memory ❤️😊😇”
“I have always been an optimist in my life.
But the problem is
I never put my faiths within a time frame.
So it can go long & long & long
And at last end or lasts long with bitter experiences, which make me think,
I should have let it go then
Why I suffered all these when I had a better chance to exit”
“I used to believe in omens, a series of events leading to the occurrence of a beautiful moment. But nowadays don’t…..”
“World’s big battles are fought inside inner souls & rarely noticed by others”
“If I had not asked questions to myself, I would have never searched its answers or find them.”
“A reason to smile🌸🌸”

“Replacement is just to comfort our heart…”

Am I just a three-month experiment for you?”
It doesn’t mean I don’t want to return back to you. But what to do….
Time has travelled a lot of distance between us”
“I feel bad if someone play with my emotions. I have not given this right to anyone in this world, not even me”
“Am in love with an invisible man”
I preserved one tear drop for later”
“My silent agonies are my footprints
Wherever I go, they also follow me”
Best smile is the best revenge one can give to someone, And I try to smile always”
How long can we pretend?”
Those who respect others have a special place in my heart”
Never think, I behave the same to you only after countless negligence. Still now I am doing the same to all those with who I am connected. Now I am used to it”

“Through her words, I talked to his heart 💕💕”

“Through your eyes, I talked to your heart”

“We laughed together
We cried together❤️❤️”
“Healing mode turned on” #Survived #Recovered
“This time I forgot to hide my love in smiles”
Reading the silence between we two”
Very often I feel like a departed soul who can’t wipe your tears, even if standing near”
“Though we are close & very much in love
There is an invisible wall in between”
“I measure the distance between I and YOU,
In terms of the distance covered by you
To reach the silence between YOU and I”
“It hurts when you can’t find a friend in me”
Why do you want to put chains to my thoughts also? You have already locked my dreams and stopped me from flying. Now asking me not to smile??”
Used to think, others will read my mind & understand what I need. But changed that thought later, because everything in the world need to be expressed, if you want something. Yet no guarantee you will get it.”

“Correcting a mistake in the past when events get repeated!! 💫💫❣️❣️ #Expectations 🌈🌈♾”

“When you burn as candle from both ends
I shall drop my tears to put out the fire you suffer.
May be your silent agonies need it later
So I shall preserve one tear drop for later
Who knows I may carry a mind so frozen
Deprived of tears, sorrows & joy,
When you need someone to give a light”
“Now I can read your silence too”
“I can talk in lines and read in dots 👀😜
Sometimes read in lines and talk in dots👀😉
Now trying to read the silence between we two
Joining dots and making lines 👀👀😂😂”
Happy to find you & sad to miss you, Both experiencing at same time”
When I started walking along with time
My anger slowly changed to my silence
When I got transformed, I never knew”
“When sun showered a little rays on me,
I don’t know why I believed all those rays are for me”
I can’t figure out why everyone is behaving the same”
“You gave me these tears
And now asking me the reason?”
“For each lost yesterdays of mine
You are responsible to give answers tomorrow”
When I am hurt, I need comfort
When you were hurt, I gave my heart”
It’s only a temporary phase, I know, And I will survive” #Positivity
“You know who am I. But I never knew who are you”
But what to do, tears are not in our control!!”
Don’t ask me questions where I am forced to lie”
Why should I always be forced not to express?
Why every time sorrows are measured in tears only??”
Why can’t I express my feelings?? Why can’t my dears understand this?”
Why everyone want me to forget and forgive? Are my feelings and tears only water drops??”
“I flow my tears as ocean in streams
It will reach seas someday, I know.
But it reach me again, again and again
Recycling as clouds & rain
Yes, endless repetitions…. Goes on, goes on and still on…..”
“Have you ever smiled at you through mirror?”

Emotions can never lie. Emotions are those which stir in minds, not expressed to others, and hence they never lie. They just reflect our minds and thoughts, may or never show up. Some people know how to hide perfectly, while majority fail in this attempt”

“Setting you free 💕💕🦋🦋🤗♾”

“Like an active volcano I boil inside
I erupt inside too.
No one notices
No one gets affected too”

You know who am I. But I never knew who are you”

I am strong enough. Only I need is to believe in myself”
I want to cry till I dissolve forever”
“Illusion 2.0 Mode is on”
“Sometimes I may fail to express
Sometimes I may go aloud
Silence rules me often
It’s OK
To be the real you”
If I get someone to listen
Both my silence and words”
How is it like… Feeling happy and sad at the same time”
“I can’t take revenge in love
Or revenge on anything”
For me, if I can’t ask anything
For you, what can I ask”
Sometimes all we need is someone to distract our thoughts”
It’s not a nice feeling to remain in frozen state of mind for long, but others giving full credit for being alive”
“Setting hopes💔💔💙💙”
The moments when you really feel like living”
She buried her dreams in deep soil
And planted a tree on its top
Started watering it everyday
And keep waiting for the day it blossoms
Minutes passed, hours passed and years
She is still there with lost hopes
Slowly realizing the reality”
“When I revealed everything
Nothing have I gained
But I lost a lot”
Yes, I have healed and recovered a lot”
“Everything depends on present state of mind🔥🔥”
Though I try hard, I fell short of everything” #NotEnough
Invisible bonds never need a face”
Why do I often feel, you talk to me through different media?”
That’s also a part of heart.
This is also a part of heart”♾♾
Sometimes all we need is courage to cry”
Emotions are given by god to express at right time in right proportions – Tears, Happiness, Anger, Surprise, Love, Sympathy and many more. Never suppress them to please someone else”
I feel I should stop responding”
I want to stay away from those who take my mental peace”
Why should I worry about someone who doesn’t care my feelings💔?”
Why should I change my belief for someone else, who has no clear idea about what he is saying?”
Do you know the real story behind my tears?”
Time changes Seasons change
Yet the colour reserved for me always is ‘white’
The shade of death
Though its silence is still far away #Frozen #White
Still to find someone who expresses true emotions hidden in mind”
How to give shape of a story to ideas stored in mind?”
Most often people start noticing your breaking inside, only when their things are not get properly done”

Lying is not easy for me, but I lie a lot for you”

Feeling very strange. I could feel same emotions again so close, after so many years. How can confusions & emotions repeat exactly the same after 2 decades, so unexpected?”

Some hearts are specially made to be broken many times”💔💔
Why questions always for me
And answers always in your favour?
Why, to get something your fortune always
And losing everything my destiny?”
I shall try, definitely.
But can’t pretend.
Till then you have to wait
As I used to be”
Trying to live it once again💜
Trying to feel it once again🌪️”
“Years back I felt dissolute from materialistic world and bonds. Yet how you managed to bring those emotions back?”
One should feel tears as tears. Then only can get over something”
All my questions end in a full stop at a single point”
“At least for once, believe your mind dear🥺
Listen your heart.
Why do you commit same mistake again and again?”
When we measure someone through our thoughts
Many of his actions may look strange or weird for us
It includes both good and bad”
Why everything around me is silent?”
Can you act smiling for me once?”
All my questions end in a full stop at a single point😐”
“Sitting near a silent pond, you peck stones in water without estimating its depth, and if the waves formed so, soak your legs or dress, how can you complain about the pond?”
Why can’t I simple ignore others?”
I may request once, twice or thrice, But never after that”😢
Nothing stays in me which are my favourites
I own nothing which are my favourites”

“Getting bored living for others; Want to die for myself.”

“Everyday I filter one or two from 1000 actions to be done and 1000 words to be told.”

“Sometimes words give the best option, because your silence may be taken for granted. “

“I want someone to miss me sincerely😕😕”

“How many times will I restart myself?😐”

“Now I feel like no one should watch me”❤

“If I had got some colours to sprinkle on me!!!!”

Trick your heart into saying, “Nothing affecting at all!””

If I can find at least one person who can share his/her feelings without expecting I should also do the same ……!!!”

“When the world around me is sinking in colours
Why am I bathing colourless?”
My world is totally different from what you assume to be”
I like people who can make me smile and laugh
And very rare I find such”
Sometimes I act as fool to make you feel comfortable”
Why I forget myself?😕”
I am tired fixing my heart every time”
I want to capture the beauty of that moment when all my tears turn to happiness”
Now a little more time left to complete the life sentence. But I know, it will be extended till my last breath goes out. Who gives the judgement? Who is right? Who is wrong? Is the judgement correct? Who cares!!!!🍁🔥😕”
I muted me forever🍁🔥😕”
“It was only a starting point you know😉😕
Of my misfortunes, lost dreams and everything”
“The pain you feel when someone you love and care most, finds excuses to keep you at distance😐🔥”
“Ya, some people showed me light in my darkness for short time. But no one really stayed with me with lamp forever🪔🪔”
Ya, I have learnt to struggle alone throughout my life. Nobody really cares 🔥”
“Experienced different shades of emotions at peak, in both extremes, in a very short period💕💕”
“Emotionally incorrect😕”
“Why I often forget myself?…..😪😐”
“Why can’t sadness be displaced by happiness anytime? Why heart gets refilled with sadness every time?”
“Till an emotional bond existed, I adjusted somewhat.
The moment I realized I was just a substitution,
Everything went wrong in sequence”

“From that moment

To this moment
Where I am right now
You have been my only true friend and companion ~ Corridor 🙂
Thank You❤️❤️🤗🤗”
Let them go….. I will survive somehow😊”
I want to escape in darkness forever
Years have passed since I am roaming in this endless corridor”
“Slowly I could feel my emotions getting deep, deeper and deeper💕💕”
“I miss your emotional and virtual tight hugs….”
I want to go far away from you”
It’s hardest in this world to hide true emotions and live as another person throughout life 💜🍁💔”

“I can emotionally feel your tight hugs….” #Myfriend #Corridor

“Please leave me, I will survive somehow 🍁”

A few things can make you happy and sad at the same time”
Why is it so difficult to earn someone’s love?”
Is it so difficult to earn someone’s love or sustain a relationship?
I always give my level best, but always fall short”
“Same May Feelings❤️❤️
#Gulmohar #Rain 💕💕”
How can you express someone’s emotions exactly the same?”
Misplaced emotions…. How to deal with? 🤔🙄”
It’s a different level of feel, when you try to make someone happy, despite being broken inside💕”
You are hurting me too much dear💔”
“Now nothing is left
Not even time for you💔”
Rarely do we show our true emotions and feelings to everyone. We may appear emotionless to many too, because some emotions are specially reserved for that special person”
Want to correct that foolishness
Want to live my life once more”
“The strange feel when all around you know what’s running in your mind, except the one who you want to💔😪”
“Why I am always💔”
“Hand distance from your side and infinite distance from my side💫 ♾ 🍁”
“Too much I act as mentally strong and I succeed too🤐🤯😂”
“I wish I get one retake in my life…..”
“Everyone want wars, no peace💔”
“Why fate is so cruel to me always?”
“Tears pouring from eyes can express more emotions than words
If you understand they are priceless and meaningful
Otherwise only water drops

“I really want to smile from my heart, at least one day before I go💫💫” #Dream🦋#14 #Waiting 🍁

“Do you know, till now she is not healed💔”
“I hate faking in relations🔥”
“The way heart beats seeing your smile
It’s hard for me to stop”
“Still infinite questions running in mind
Waiting for an answer”♾♾
“Do you know, till now I am not healed😔”
Again, the story remained the same
Story of nightfall and repetitions😐”
“Same feelings in repeated mode. How? Unbelievable”
“I really wish you also feel the same I feel for you💔”
“I just wish if everything works fine🍁”
“She knows how to make others happy🤗🤗”
I miss those days when we both cracked jokes”
I remember those days I fail to keep distance from you, despite taking vows” #Repetition 
“I am ruled by my silence
Where my tears have dried up
Emotions have face drought
And nothing matters now!
Yes, I exist😌😌”
“I don’t want fake emotions”
“I just want to make everyone around me happy. Positive feel”
“Sometimes I just need someone to talk, connecting my emotions 💕💫
A close one or not, doesn’t matter🤗”

“I am still in search for a single person who thinks,

“How to make her happy?””
I simply can’t fake in relations”
No one really bothered about my happiness”
“No one makes a substitute a part of the heart
They are for short-term entertainment only”
“It’s terrible to recollect all misfortunes from memories together”
“Yesterday was a different kind of feel
Today is a different kind of feel”
“When I am lost totally years back
Loss of someone should less matter. Right?”
“Where are you when I am in need of a shoulder to cry?”
It was not for my selfishness But now got fully connected to myself”
I am not crying
I am simply muted”
“I simply mute from everyone”
“Everyone will leave me, today or tomorrow💔”
Whatever I feared in life
Everything came true…”
“I don’t want me,
because once again I stopped loving me😔💔”
Need to find my own happiness…..
Let me start though it’s late….
First task is to leave all those fake relations
And all those who don’t care you”
“From the day you left, nothing remains the same 💔 “
“If am fully heartbroken, I may go to full muted mode, without any return”
If I have no feelings for you,
Why am I feeling pain thinking about you?
Why do you always measure my feelings with yours?
I know, you have easily moved away years back
And I am still stuck there in an illusion
Waiting for your return🍁”
I exist for many reasons unknown”
Want to fix my broken heart all alone
Without seeking help any long”
Why can’t you leave me if you don’t want me?🍁”
Asked for a little love and little consideration only…
But I didn’t even deserve it either”
Let me calm myself first”
How can you withstand so much pain dear??” #AskingMyself
Take vows today….
“I will never beg for love, compassion or consideration from anyone from today””
When I am a totally failure before you
How will you agree my rights even if I could be right?”
“I could be right
I may perhaps take better decisions than you
But when I am a totally failed person in your eyes,
How will you approve even if I am right?”
Can dreams seen for someone be finished through someone else?”
How much can I worry? For how many people can I cry? For everything there is an extreme. Already I have crossed that boundary. Everything in a vacuum space now”
It’s very difficult to remain in fake relations and fake to be happy”
“Mistake is not from my side…
If I can’t adjust the situation
How can you all together
Put the blames on me?”
“Feeling suffocation inside…..
In urgent need to get back to my old world of solitude”

I gasp for solitude now…. I really want it”

“Either take me away from here
Otherwise take my life from me
I can’t….. Any longer”
Why am I always asked to tolerate? Instead why can’t they ask you to correct?”
The moments when you remember each time,
Your sacrifices are of no value……💔”
“I believe I deserve better treatment”
“You need not do anything for me…..
But at least….
Why can’t you understand me??
If you can’t understand,
It’s also OK🤗🥺
Why can’t you avoid heart breaking words??🤔😐”
“My brain is almost dead because of overthinking”
“I am missing myself
Yet how can I miss someone else??🤔”
I am tired pretending myself
To make others happy
Need a break
To enjoy the blue skies”
Mistake is not from my side…
If I can’t adjust the situation
How can you all together
Put the blames on me?”
How many times shall I forget? Yet, you repeat the same”
You got everything you desired
You took short cuts to fulfill your dreams…..
Yet asking me
Why are you worrying over your lost dreams and your lost happiness,
Which I very much deserved!!!!!!”
Some people with big lost dreams, sometimes see very big dreams too”
“I don’t want same mistakes to be repeated”
It’s a heartbreaking feel when you realise….
You sacrificed a lot in silence
Embraced all sadness
Everyone around you are happy
And no one is really bothered about you”
Everything gone is gone…..
Try to build a new world
Because it’s easy to build something new if everything is shattered”
There are many who silently sacrifice many things without letting others know, yet never get happiness even after long wait”
Whole through my life I faced humiliations only
Yes, I dream for a single day,
When everyone around me prove wrong”
If you are alive, you should exist in some form”
To live as a lost soul entire life is the hardest thing on earth”
No one can change fate or destiny…..
Some deep words deep from heart
And hard efforts go muted!!!
Who to blame, And what for!!!!”
Nothing belongs to her”
Some prayers are never heard”

“I always try to escape from the presence of people who can’t respect me, who try to humiliate and make me believe every time, I am not a worthy human. 🏃‍♀️ Learn to respect everyone, irrespective of age, social status, success n intelligence😇”

I might be blamed as wrong by you
But I don’t care it anymore
Because I just expressed –
What was running in my mind.
You may agree or not”
“You can feel all alone when thousand people around you
And can also feel home when you are all alone😌😌”
“I overthink in numerous ways
Even I can’t relate”
It’s a special kind of pleasure you know, when someone deliberately tries to hit the nerve and tries to break you, but you can’t stop laughing, yet you feel to act serious😂”
“Why can’t I just remain normal?”
I am misplaced/displaced almost one year ago”
Don’t read my emotions which I want to keep to myself😉😝”
Some seasons are forever for some people
They never change”
I hurt every time
When I try not to hurt another person”
Don’t hurt me by hurting yourself”
My heart is slowly settling in sleeping mode”
I am dying every day💔”
“I may take too much time to close a chapter
But once closed, It’s closed forever💜💜”
“Miracles happen & it becomes visible too
Cycles and patterns do shift, so unexpected
Last October & this October”
I can’t find happiness in anything
Your absence hurts me that much😔”
“A feel like someone threw a stone into a silent bee hive”
“Can someone give me medicine for my forgetfulness?”
Do I really have the freedom to dream? 🦋🦋
“When emotions die in silence
We die as robots”
I have learnt to laugh aloud,
Each time I get disappointed!!!”
“Badly in need of positive triggers, not negative ones😌”
Feeling heavy heart inside. Someone please make me cry”
I can feel your silence”
“My words can lie, not my feelings💫💕”
She decided to leave everything to destiny and give time a chance to change and heal her”
God gifted me with the most beautiful moment
Happy faces around
Happiness smiling everywhere
I entered a new world
At that moment, a thought struck my mind
Things will no longer remain same between us
I got into deep thoughts & my mind disturbed
And it became true🍁💔”
It makes me sad, someone who I get emotionally attached, fools me”
Not able to keep myself busy to forget things”
Will I meet with the same fate again?”
“Like the moon that fell in waves & flows
My mind also floats weightless in some unknown space”
“My deep pains never show up
It gets stumbled in deep silence without voice”
“I can appear as strong as iron
And as soft as a flower
Only thing is
I can’t see a genuine heart hurt
I can’t hurt anyone too
Some see it as my positive sign
Some cheat me for kind gestures
Most important is
I am happy what I am
Can’t mould myself into another
Just want to remain as me”
Sometimes I feel like a suffocated fish without water on the river bank”
I am tired pretending happy”
Age is just a number. It’s all about feelings”
Feelings and happiness …… They come from inside, straight from heart. We can’t create them”
“It’s pleasant if you are understood
That’s what everyone expect”
My story died inside me💔”
I want to create a false story to move on”
Some feelings won’t die forever
But remain subdued when neglected and not reciprocated🍁🥲👀”
If you want someone to teach how to hide deepest emotions, I am the best teacher in the world”🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️💃💃”
Mind and its thoughts
Like scattered clouds in sky,
fully out of order
When will I arrange and put them right?”
Sometimes we expect for us….. Sometimes we expect for others”
You have never given convincing answers to my questions. Yet I never took them offended”
I don’t want to recreate that moment again”
I can’t hurt you anymore with my negativity”
Instead of hurting someone with harsh words, I prefer to embrace silence”
I never want to hurt you, at any cost”

Just struggling to live”

“Wish I could rewind past,
Plant a few blossoms in the drought hit fields,
Water them,
And come back”
I desire for these repetitions. Though well aware, I can’t hold those moments forever”
If my feelings are deep, I never try to make the other one understand it”
It’s true, I got defeated many times. But I never regretted thinking, I never tried”
“I rarely share my deep emotions with other person.
I may not open up
For which I often get misunderstood 😐”
“As long as I have full faith in my love,
You have no right to question it, mock it
Or give your opinion
Crossing the boundaries”
“I always love my deep emotions and thoughts to be understood
Rather than through words
At least by those who have a special space in my life🤗🤗😍”

I was broken. That’s why I failed to react the way you expected. Hope you understood”

“I love all those who stay with me during my bad times
May not forget those dear ones too, who stand away trying to ‘correct’ me
Simply I don’t take revenge
Instead stay alone, in my own world💃💃”

Only love remained less”

“Stuck at different moments in past
Still travelling different journeys together,
Starting from different points –
At different points of time”
“I may take too much time to take decisions
I may be very much confused too
But once I made my mind
The choice is already made
Never ever a turn back!!! 😂😂🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️”
“I don’t demand anything, or ask
Simply remain silent, thinking
My thoughts would be understood by those
Close to my heart
I never found perfectness or happiness in asking and getting😅😅”
“My words pouring about you
May reduce its flow sometimes
But it doesn’t mean
My feelings for you will ever change”
“I love all those who stay with me during my bad times
May not forget those dear ones too, who stand away trying to ‘correct’ me
Simply I don’t take revenge
Instead stay alone, in my own world💃💃”
“How much I miss our chats and laughs”
“I need peace, I have seen enough wars”
“Standing alone in a sea of defeats
I fought, I failed
I fought, I failed
I fought, I failed🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
Still feel happy seeing
Happy faces around
Who are happy with my defeat
At least I am worth for it😊”
“Do you know how much I miss you all these moments when we are talking in another space?💫”
“I insulated myself in my own world”
“I want to breath🔥
“Death should free me from everything
And allow me to fly in wings🦋🦋🤗🤗”
“Sometimes my mind just go blank when thoughts defeat me so bad”
“I am still the same dusk
Only, a few different shades are showing up now”
“Best battles I fought with myself
Than with others”
“I am that kind of person
Who consumes a lot of time to settle with a decision.
But, once I am done
Nothing can pull me back”
“Let me walk a little bit backwards
To know if the shadow which ran away from me,
Comes back and join me now”
“If you can tell number of lies,
Why can’t I say a truth?😶😐”
“Please take care of my heart
I have given you💓”
“No one leaves you permanent with a simple statement of “Good bye” said in haste; just they may want a break. If they truly leave you all of a sudden, and never return, they never loved or cared you. Only it’s you who loved and cared them, if ever you asked them to stay.”
“I am broken beyond all repairs. Now it’s all my new world”
“Same story repeating 🔥
“This time I was more prepared, correcting my mistakes too”
“I believe I deserve better”
“I reserve special songs for special occasions”
“I overthink in numerous ways
Even I can’t relate”
“You may feel like I started doing things wrong
But the truth is,
I am rearranging myself
To start doing things right😉😃”
“Many times we turn blind to our intuitions and believe others’ words to regret later. In most cases, only because we fail to explain it to others, we simply neglect all those thoughts which our hearts say❤️❤️”
“Once upon a time there was a silver moon with broken pieces
She used to show her broken heart to the stars around
Stars, who shine their own, sympathized and gave crocodile tears
But no one really cared the moon who doesn’t own even her moonlight
Later she stopped talking
And started fixing her heart,
Joining parts one after another”
“Still now sometimes I feel, my tears are fake”
“I was busy with my own plans
To wrap my duties in a brief period
To set for another journey all alone,
When time got busy in planning something else”
“There was a time when I used to care each and every little things, people, opinions.
Slowly I learnt, nothing matters at all.
Now, I don’t care anymore!!!
I have stopped pleasing people long back, to earn their goodwill certificate”
“Please take care of my heart”
“Why can’t I just remain normal?😕”
“A feel of emptiness after yesterday’s storm
Don’t worry,
I will catch you soon🤗💫”
“Just wish someone say,
You are a part of my skies,
A permanent fixture among my important things!!!!
Getting tired,
Being used as ‘replacement’ object always 😒”
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