Feelings Quotes – Part 3

“Lavender dreams often haunt me in my dreams,
Though they have parted from me long back💜💜”

It’s not a nice feeling to remain in frozen state of mind for long, but others giving full credit for being alive”

“It’s true,
I always hide that tear from you…
A tear sufficient enough
To destroy me completely”
“With dry emotions what should I write to you?
You killed whatever finally left inside me🤎🤎”
“Some moments are too short
“Many times I ask the same question to myself
Why I get hold of people who want to go?”
“I don’t want me,
Because once again I stopped loving me”
Need to find my own happiness…..
Let me start though it’s late….
First task is to leave all those fake relations
And all those who don’t care me”
“Unborn tears🔥”
“It’s not easy to make others understand what you feel inside”
“It’s so dark being alone”
“Doing duties one after another
Thinking, all these are my obligations.
Otherwise, I have been deeply frozen some time back,
What remaining is only a carbon copy of mine”
“That feel…. When you fight for something you need, first ever in your life, that too… All alone”
“The way I want my eyes to feel tears
A mirage forever💜”
“Wounds are so deep,
So are scars.
It may not be easy to open up to everyone,
As I once used to be”
“Walking through a thin layer
Between two different dream worlds”
“Mind is sometimes like a grey old leaf falling,
Losing its grip”
“If you can’t read my tears even now,
You never read me”
“I want to set with a sunset and never return again”
“I am alive somewhere
In bits and parts”
“I want to bounce back from the lowest point at present, at least to survive the ongoing heartbreaking moments💔”
“In an attempt to revive those aimless dreams which slipped into sleep unknowingly”
“Sometimes I may fail to express
Sometimes I may go aloud
Silence rules me often
It’s OK
To be the real you”
If I get someone to listen
Both my silence and words”
How is it like… Feeling happy and sad at the same time”
“Till yesterday I safeguarded your heart
I started caring mine too”
“I can’t take revenge in love
Or revenge on anything”
“Mystically black in every shade I see right now🖤”
“All my shades will now remain hidden in night black
Invisible to everyone”
“My autumn memories are still calling you”
“If we had met earlier,
We might have parted much earlier too”
“A night sky without celebrations
My mind right now”
“Even while whole skies are blossomed
I feel like I can’t own any of the stars”
“I am broken, bit by bit
Like these scattered clouds of the skies”
“Some songs deeply touch your soul
While some others can literally lift you to another world🎶🎶”
“No more temporary happiness
I want everything permanent hereafter”
“My mind is like an empty sky
Deprived of stars”
“How long can I act as if nothing affects me”
“My heart is like a melodious sad tune
Singing only for you”
“How many autumn falls have I witnessed,
Hot summers too!!”
“Some unfinished chapters of my life
Seek answers from you”
“It’s painful
Yet I can’t allow your memories to set
Some beautiful things are precious
Regardless, they give us happiness or sorrows”
Yes, I have healed and recovered a lot”
“Everything depends on present state of mind🔥🔥”
Though I try hard, I fell short of everything” #NotEnough
“My booming silences have hidden all my words in a rainbow which visited me last monsoon”
“Want to feel disconnected from everything”
“I want to write until
My clouded skies turn clear
All my unrest boats –
Sailing in the deep skies return.
I want to write until
My mind is free of thoughts
And it starts living as usual,
It starts breathing normal”
“My paths are lengthening every moment,
I am not able to reach my destination
Even if I walk fast”
“If you think you are doing nothing wrong,
I have nothing more to say”
“Many thoughts started whirling in her mind together in high speed without any break🌪️”
“Years back I felt dissolute from materialistic world and bonds. Yet how you managed to bring those emotions back?”
One should feel tears as tears. Then only can get over something”
“Once it’s given to me, it becomes mine”
“Always residing on some empty branch
Nesting my passions, mostly silent;
Even when telling stories incessantly
There is nothing left to lend
Most often!!”
“An escapism from all shades”
“Some winters are fiery red🔥”
“When you transform from one character to another, you need to carry other characters along with you…sometimes!!”
“Want to make peace with myself
To live…
To survive”
“Tears are the only way for others to understand at least a little. Otherwise it will be mistaken for the ability to endure everything”
All my questions end in a full stop at a single point”
“What I really feel
And what I show you may be different
But my feelings for you always remain same
So deep💙❣️❣️”
“With a few setbacks, I swiftly changed to a wave hitting the rocks on a cliff to be died very soon. I never fought back. An acceptance of my own failures, it was like a suicide attempt or hitting the rocks on the shore, to be scattered as water drops rapidly.”
“If I can find happiness in sorrows,
I can spend my life somehow, Right?”
“Will anyone believe
My old tragic story connected you with me?”
“My mind often prompts me to live in my past,
When survival in present becomes so difficult”
“Sometimes I can’t even understand me
My craziness at peak!!”
“My mind has turned stranger to myself
Even my enemies in the past appear friends now”
“I shall keep writing till I give you back
All those borrowed words and feelings”
“Along the paths through which minds travel,
What if hearts could travel too!!!”
“At least for once, believe your mind dear🥺
Listen your heart.
Why do you commit same mistake again and again?”

“I want someone to miss me sincerely”

“Dream colours seen in her eyebrows
Are slowly fading –
Into the dark blue shade of night.
Silently watching,
She didn’t try to stop
Didn’t try to cry
Everything is in freeze mode
Only limited to new meanings.
Is her mind knowing it?
I do not know!
Didn’t even try to know!”
“Feel disconnected forever!!”
“Slowly losing in my thoughts…
Your fragrance”
“It’s only a habit to develop
To stay apart from someone,
At least for a few!!
Only the time duration is fixed,
Reduced or increased!!”
“Ocean moon in the winter nights”
“Every time I feel like
I have never loved like this before
No one can love anyone like this.
But at last, when I get silence in return
For the love I truly deserve,
I had to retreat to my own world
Thinking, love has set forever.
But every time it rises again as new hope
To celebrate another rebirth”
“Scattered are my hopes
Just like these scattered rain drops”
“Your eyes can’t see me
What to do!!”
“All my tides ebb now
Yes, slowly lost spirit of fighting back”
“For you, it’s just another day without me
For me, it’s ages I have to travel through”
“Without knowing the path
Travelling like a dry leaf along with the moving wind🍃
Will fall somewhere
Or reach new destination, can’t say”
“Our virtual lives never have an end
They continue in one form or another’
“I stack days one above the other, not forward. Maybe that’s why I still feel like I’m living in the past, decades back”
“There was a time when I used to be a mind reader, reading others’ minds. But now, I can’t even read what my mind is coding”
“How my tears bring smiles to your face,
Still now I failed to understand”
“If I go, will you ever miss me?”
“How long will I deceive myself thinking, you will return?”
“Lost in my own oceanic metaphors
Still decoding the depths of blues”
“Happiness of today’s quota is over.
Now tomorrow😊🙂”
“I deserve clarity
I deserve happiness
I deserve to express
But never mustered courage to ask”
“Mind is scattered like coloured clouds of skies,
Nothing arranged, everything misallocated”
“I get lost in many of the songs,
Where I found myself again….
Discovered me again!!”
“I have set on a self-destructive journey
Without knowing the path.
Either I will find you
Or will lose myself”
“How long will I keep rediscovering myself,
When I get lost every time I find myself?”
“Are you not aware, my mind often losses its grip without even me knowing? Many times your thoughts wrap me instead of you. No matter how hard I try to laugh and talk, my mind wanders in such thoughts. I know, there is a world that is only ours, and our strange ways. However my mind…”
“I am lost, finding you🌪️✨🖤”
“Sometimes it’s too difficult to survive!”
“Some monsoons do come without soaking you
And some springs come and go without offering blossoms
Some winters are deprived of chillness
And all summers are not hot too!”
“Thunderstorms are not breaking my heart like before.
Everything has turned new definitions of old repetitions”
“My poetry keeps me alive”
“Now I feel like distance to reach you
Increases day by day.
There was a time when,
Whatever I think about,
Those thoughts always reached you.”
“I am tired
Fighting with both words and thoughts
Battling with dream and illusions”
“Some shadows dance without knowing the meanings
Some minds dance, ignorant of tunes and rhythms”
“Deep you feel
More you hide♥️”
“She started her journey hidden from everyone”
“Even while my mind is whispering to me that my destination is unachievable,
Why my heart is still weaving vibrant and colourful dreams?”
“By giving away everything I own,
Now I fail to know, what I really own”
“Want to walk alone in the crowd for a while
And disappear forever!”
“All my thoughts complete their last lapse in you”
“My shell which I hide myself is also a myth
Because I never escaped from your eyes!!”
“Perhaps I may keep giving
Until I no longer exist!!”
“Sometimes I feel
All my thoughts definitely reach you.
But when I get silence as reply always
I doubt even my thoughts too”
“Sky can change from blue to deep orange to black.
But my feelings for you will never change💙”
“When I didn’t take much effort to win your love,
Why am I taking so much efforts to retain it?”
“A silent retreat from all
From all those neglected places…
From out of hearts where I have no space
And in some moments, me itself”
“My heart hardly listens me sometimes”
“I was only a word
Added to your book by mistake.
The moment you corrected it,
I lost that space where I was”
“If you find my lost soul somewhere
Please bring me back”
“The letters on my pages have started to fade
My memories have turned a thin layer of snow now
It’s been a long time since the seasons lost their cycles
But I am still the only one –
Who has not changed with the tricks of time!”
“Want to fly with my own wings🦋🦋”
“When I took less effort to win your love,
Why am I trying hard now to sustain here?
May not be necessary
Maybe it’s just my insecure feeling.
But I am afraid that
You will go far away from me,
When you always hide yourself
In anthill of silence since long”
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