New findings of life

“Oversharing can literally change your life forever
And sometimes, you are forced to take another path for your remaining life journey,
Most times, not familiar and very strange💜
“All events of life happen for some reason
Life doesn’t take any twist without a hidden meaning
How depth we go inside it, we find new happenings and happiness”
“Always begin with an end in mind
Then you get less chances to regret.”
“In life’s biggest games, if you can’t win, make sure you never loss……. Just like a test cricket match”
That means – Even if you can’t win, make sure that you never loss.
“How much less the problem is thought
That much does the problem is solved”
“Clouds in sky in different shades say about different colours of life””
“Life always keep surprise gifts for us in its store
When store becomes empty,
We complete our life journey”
“At any moment, our life vehicle can take a new ‘U’ turn
Sometimes in direction of our mind desires
But most times against our expectations”
“Life keeps changing
Each day, each hour, each minute & each second…..
Though we rarely notice…..”
“Sometimes, whole life can be defined by a few moments.
At sometimes, life redefines some moments too”
“Some journeys have a dead end
Only we fail to realize earlier😑🖤”
“Whether gained through wrong way or fair,
Many precious things in life are destined to be lost.
All happiness is fleeting
And most times, losses weigh more than gains”
“You can lose anything at any moment
That’s what life always taught me all these years”
“Life ends when we reach destination. So make your journey joyful and colourful…..”
“We meet as strangers always”

“When your world and imaginations get restored with new set of elements and flavours, you lose many familiar faces. Some of them even turn strangers💜💫”

“Life should never be a show off before others, instead live it yourself with full dimension”

Some happenings occur for no reason, except to leave us in pain for a lifetime”

“Some phases of life get lost
As we travel through the garden of life
Some colours, some perfumes
Sometimes they get lost forever.
Sometimes they are found again
When we travel through similar paths once again”
“We can’t foretell who we meet at the next crossroad
Sometimes we meet a crowd
Sometimes we meet none
Sometimes we meet a special person
A new journey may begin there,
A journey may end too
Some journeys resume with a new set of strangers
Or with a single stranger”

“Life ends when we reach destination. Some people take short distance to travel and reach there, while a few others travel a lot. Some get stuck in between. While a few travel fast, rest may enjoy the journey with slow pace. Time is not a criteria at all”

“Every time, you never get the opportunity to choose your path. Your success rate depends on how much opportunity you get to make your choice.”

“Your life
Your choices💯”
“Life never ends in just one day or two. But when some unexpected moments give some new and strange definitions to your life, changing it as whole, and that too in a non-ending loop, such people turn more vigilante even against slight changes & happenings, more than what actually needed”

“Only this breathing moment is the reality in front of us. Should it be wasted in a useless way? Think about it”

“Life without mistakes is incomplete, and we often repeat them too.
But remember, never repeat same mistake twice”
“Your pages might be written in bright ink of your favourite shade or colour you chose. But a single rain drop is sufficient to erase its beauty. That’s life.”
“Like clouds in the sky change every moment,
Their position, shape and shades,
Life can also change any moment
Its shades can change too”
“Life is beautiful as long as dreams lie in our eyes
When light is lost, darkness spreads to life throughout”

“Life casting dark shadows
Dancing along with the melancholies
Saying nothing lasts
But nothing ends too……”

“Some travels are momentary. Though such journeys take short time, cover long distances💜”

“Repetitions do happen in life in a pattern, so unexpected, quite strange.
But it’s possible”
“Repetitions at different points of time!!! How is it possible?”
“One silly mistake can cost a lot. Even if you try a million times, you can never go back to that point&revive your future. Life takes a different route. How many times you think again & again, regret & blame your stupidity! What if I never did it. But time nvr returns, moments never come back”
“Life is like a new heard rhythm
But need not be sweeter always…..”
Feeling very strange. I could feel same emotions again so close, after so many years. How can confusions & emotions repeat exactly the same after 2 decades, so unexpected? Context may be different… But how can similar events, thoughts & emotions repeat in a series or pattern, almost recreating everything? Very strange!!!”

“All paths are not parallel!!! Yes, events can repeat & we may meet same person or some another with same shades again at some point of time, so unexpected. Perhaps to finish an incomplete journey that was left behind, with another or similar story line💫💫♥️♥️🤗🤗 #Raabta”

“Can ever life take a straight path, without curves, hills and valleys? Never!!”

“Some will remain silent
Some turn talkative
When storms blow in life
When life gets stuck somewhere”
“Like white letters printed on color pages
Clear or vague, some lives are”
“When stories are told over and over
The characters themselves change for a few, while
No matter how different the stories are
Some people play the same character repeatedly,
Dressed up for the audience!!!”
“We, humans have a temptation to live in the past if our present is not so great….
To experience many good things again
To ponder some deep memories
And to live that life once again🦋🦋”
“Life doesn’t end with the abrupt end of a relationship
But its pace and direction definitely changes ….. “

Some people come to our lives to change the path of our journey”

“To change to humorous, it’s not possible with every person I interact. The person should have same vibes & share a strong emotional bond. Definitely should be semi-crack like me!!!”

“Becoming mother means ‘Finding new things on earth”

“To become a mother means ‘Finding new things on earth’.

“In some journeys we forget ourselves
Certain colors and fragrances
Sometimes lost forever
If you follow the same path again
Or travel through a similar path,
May find yourself again
Same colors, same faces
Some Reminders too💫”

At least in a few cases, we rediscover this feeling in another person…. may be a friend, lover, partner, an elderly woman or a younger sister too.”

“Many things we expect in life, in true means, it should happen too, but never happens. We can never find an answer why. Life doesn’t take any twist without a hidden meaning. How depth we go inside it, we may get tangled with such unexpected twists & questions like, “Why?””

Sometimes it take a long time to understand the change happened in ourselves. At that moment, a return journey may not be possible”

Some people may leave our lives without uttering a word. How many unfinished stories will be left So many unsolved riddles too!!”

“You can lose anything at this moment
Literally everything….. forever
Even the breath you take in this moment!!!🔥”

We can find strangers whole through our journey for temporary relief. They may walk with you for a short distance too. Only a few are lucky enough to get at least one person to guide you till you reach destination”

The life of this newly extended lamp thread…..
Is it similar to the candle lighted in storm?”
“This extended lamp thread of my life
Is it similar to the candle lighted in storm?” #Uncertainty 
“Some truths are better left unknown,
Some lies too!!!”
“Life gives us some roles in repeated mode,
To keep improving ourselves every time.
When we turn perfect,
Our life journey will be over.”
“Things that you think will never be lost may be the first to be lost”
“Some colors will show
Some colors may fade
All colors do not appear together
Life is simply like that!!!❤️ 🌈”
“Sometimes in these long trips, we often find medicines for our ailments & healing for broken heart. Time always keep them on our way as small treasures. Break from normal life & taking a different route can often help us to reach & find them. A form of relaxation & rejuvenation”
Will life sentence end in 20 years? Death should be the key leading to freedom”
Learning is also a part of experience, which keeps us going on. Unless we learn how can we explore new things?”
You believe what you see
And you have no right to make me believe what you see and believe”
It’s said there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.
But life is not always single dimensional,
Leading towards a single end like a tunnel.”
“Life is always beautiful, romantic, colourful
Irrespective of time, age.
It’s all about feelings which matter”
Each person has his own path and journey, and hence same visuals can give different effects for two people who took different routes to reach the same destination”
Worlds are different for different people and their pains too. Mostly they travel as parallel lines which fail to intersect, and lucky are you if you meet someone with same story”
Many things once held close to heart and lost
Can return back to life someday
Taking another form
With new colours (added), meanings and interpretations.
Strange but true!!!”
Different people want different things in life and those who have went through a pain of loss of something will desire it in intense. Another person whose life is already filled with it can never understand it, because he has never seen that pain”
“Moments stay if they are special.
No need to hold them”
“Life is a mixture of many colours. Not everyone get all the colors. Someone else can get the colors we like. That’s Life”
Never tell anyone, “considering that person’s sufferings, yours are nothing.” For you that person may be fondly or his pains worse. But while comparing pains of 2 people, u have no idea about what’s running in other person’s mind and its intensity”
“Some colours may fade with time🌈
Some get replaced by others…
That’s life….
It goes on🤗♾💫”
Each person’s journey is different. Comparing one’s sorrows with ours can never lessen our pain. Some people fail to understand this”
Life is sometimes like an unsolved puzzle We should find our own answers Wait for none to give.”
Life doesn’t take any twist
Without any hidden meaning.
How depth we go inside it
That much we can find new beginnings –
And happiness of life.
All happenings in our life is surely –
A cause of another”
Fate always lures us into living our life
By throwing in front of us, a reason to live.
It may be a duty, a passion, an unfinished mission,
A love or some secret dream –
Which you expect to happen in future,
Enough to hold us in this earth”
“Some people come to our lives to change the path of our journey, while a few others alter our speed. Some people change both”
“Some chapters of life may have faded letters
Instead of trying to make them fair by writing over again,
Why can’t you write a few new colourful pages?🌈🌈🤗♾🦋”
“All lives are written books. But not everyone’s life is neatly written. Maybe the reason why some lives go unread.”
“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day
There are ups and downs in every life
Life is not a straight line at all
It has curves like a graph, up and down”

Some chapters of life are written to be forgotten💔🔥💜”

Sometimes the journey between two moments is not easy, though the distance to be covered is short”
“If you are able to live without acting,
It’s the biggest success in life”
“Life can play you the best song you need…..
“In life journey, sometimes you get stuck somewhere with a puzzle and your heart may hesitate to continue. Time moves, but not you or your age. Till you get answer, you may keep waiting. Sometimes someone is needed to pull you out or come up with your answers 🪔🪔”

“Whole life is defined by a few moments”

“Some sudden happenings in life change us so swiftly we hardly imagine🔥”
“We keep trying to connect every surprising event of life with meanings and events till our journey ends😌💔.
Lucky are you if you succeed”
“Substitutes and extras will always remain so
No one can make them a part of the real script
Their role is to perform perfect till –
The deserved one fits into the space”
“I was happy.
It was a reason simply enough then🍁💕🙂”
“Some short journeys are just to share some experiences, which have nothing to do with the later life story ….”
“Return journeys are easy….. If junctions through which you passed once are still in memory”
“Fading memories often take away with them
The last remnants of many who were separated or already left us….
Then everything as usual,
New stories, new ties”
“At many times you get stuck realizing the chosen path is wrong. Instead of blaming yourself, find a new path, though unfamiliar and continue your journey🐾”

“Each wasted moment makes return journey more difficult. Gift a colourful story to each moment you experienced, say good bye and move on🤗🤗💕💕”

“Sometimes it takes a long journey to realize the changes in you”
“Each trip is an experience
Keep them ….
When it comes that way again
Not to stumble ……”
“No one parts saying a single word, goodbye!!
Each goodbye has a long back story🔥”
In life you may need to depart many stations after short stays, as a part of your journey. You might be not sure if there will be someone to pick you from next station. So, when you start a new journey, never keep expectations. Just go on till you reach your destination point”
You know my journey ever since we met
Do you have any idea of my journey till then??”
“Stuck at different moments in past
Still travelling different journeys together,
Starting from different points –
At different points of time”
“Some chapters of life are written to be forgotten
While a few pages deserve repeated read”
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