A bit social….. The society where we live

A few thoughts shared about the society we live, and what it value upon
“Whenever I feel hungry, what flow to my mind
Are flashes of innocent faces across the world
Who don’t ever dare to dream a half/fully filled stomach”
“We live in a society where class is categorized based on jingles in pockets. I & you are mere players. Based on humanity & good culture…..still in my dreams”
“Just like people have their own reasons to pray, they have their own reasons to visit holy places too”
“Everyone has 1000 tongues when it comes to lecturing others, what they should do in life, as if they hold full right on it. But when it comes to their lives, they know what they should do. Others can never interfere”
“I don’t think who don’t believe in gender-biased discrimination can be feminist, though society believes so! Are you a part of it?”
“Girls should always remain vigilant. If something happens to her, she should never blame boys becoz it was her take not to care the advices”
“How can someone judge a person without fully listening to his/her words?”
“Mistakes, whoever do it’s a mistake. To forgive is human. But to totally justify the action blindly is totally different. Nowadays society do it purely on favouritism based on social status, blindly following and many other factors. Who is right, who is wrong, no one really cares”

“Many times you get used to d cage, forget what you are & your real talent is. People around also demotivate you, preventing you from flying & make you believe, you are only designated for cage. It becomes a habit, & somewhere you bind yourself in a protective shell, forget flying & prevent yourself from flying”

“Whole world is simply ‘fake’
If you try to find something real,
With a true heart with good intentions,
You will get only disappointed”
“Wrong people enter your life crossing boundaries, when you mess with your own life”
“When god blessed you with all comforts, you’ve no right to blame others,who keep tolerating others’ mistakes, suffer too long & loss their happiness & mental peace for the sake of others. Those who advise others should make it applicable in their lives first. You can’t force your dreams on others”

“Though they are well aware of multiple red flags in your relationship & that you have no other option left to leave it, for mental wellness & happiness, they keep blaming you & advising you saying, all relations have issues, it doesn’t mean they should end it; relations should never end. 

“Some people never care others’ feelings
Because they can’t understand others’ feelings.
They are simply like that
They are created without feelings
And we can never change them.
Who to blame?”
Instead of advising the same tolerating person over & over, why can’t you advise those who are making grave mistakes repeatedly? You are well aware, even admit, who is right, who is wrong, yet why blames on tolerating ones only, if they finally call it quit, giving importance to self care?”
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