Words and Silence – Part 2

“Your silence is full of words for me💫”
“When will I get a moment
When I can thank you for understanding my silence?”
“Your presence has always been
The conversations with you🖤🌪️”
“Deep relations understand deep silences💕💕”
“We are always connected,
Either through words
Or through silence.
Yes, close to heart always 💞
“Silence in its condensed form
Hides infinite untold emotions.
Sometimes it may scare you
Sometimes takes the form of a beautiful poetry
Pouring as an ocean of rain
Condensing once again, frozen
It takes infinite forms and shades
Known and unknown.”
“Why can’t I find peace and happiness in this silence?”
“Everything begins and ends in silence😐”
“Sometimes silences are not enough
Some words needed”
“How long can I keep my words away from you, and my silent thoughts which beat at high pace?”
“I read you more from your emotions than words,
Trying to decode the pauses and understand you🤗💫✨”
“The deepest conversations are always without words…..”
“Deep relations understand deep silences”
“When words stop telling stories
Everyone shrinks into their own worlds”
“Emotions can be spilled out many ways
Sometimes as tears
Sometimes as silence”
“Words turn superfluous when perfume is lost”
“More than the words we exchanged through talks,
It’s some untold emotions we exchanged,
Which worked in our favour💞💫
Many times untold words are honest than spoken ones🌪️💫💓”
“Short silences are sweet,
But not those which last long”
“Sometimes words break us,
Sometimes silence……”
“My words pouring about you
May reduce its flow sometimes
But it doesn’t mean
My feelings for you will ever change”
“Not every thought is meant for sharing🤔
Not every secret is meant for sharing✨💫😉”
“Silence is our love language
So deep as oceans with water currents
But looks calm from outside.
Sometimes it makes us happy
Sometimes sad
Sometimes communicate a lot
While sometimes puts in maze as well”
“I am not in a mood to talk now
When I start talking, no one can stop me too”
“You and your silent ways of telling love”
“Silence and beats tell more truth than words”
“It’s better to hurt with words than by silence.
At least we get an idea, what’s running in other person’s mind”
“Sometimes my world settles as a misty dew drop in your silent world (silence)💧💕”
“You bring silence to the words we talk often”
“If ever I stop talking
My silence will hold the depth of seven oceans combined”
“Some people spent most of their lifetime in silence
And their life end in silence too”
“I am helpless, You can’t understand me
What to do, I am yet to learn that language through which –
I can make you understand”
“Words tell a lot which silence can’t
And silence tells a lot which words can’t😐♾💫♥️”
“Unsaid words
Unheard words
Unfinished poem
Unfinished picture
All are painful and heavy”

People say, don’t feel angry, don’t feel frustrated. But I would say, express yourself the way you are, the way you feel, instead of faking. Otherwise people will take it for granted and you will be exploited every time. Silenced once, silenced forever”

“Beats between the silences reveal the heartbeat of a person💓💓
It can never go wrong💯”
“Let you also feel the pain of silence at least once
You have been wisely using this weapon since long”
“New silences hold new meanings in everything
Never seen before,
Never heard before,
Never experienced before”
“When silence blossoms
It creates music”
“Don’t break anyone with your silence”
“Unborn words are like non-tuned lyrics,
Tuneless songs with infinite expressions.
They always carry a rhythm
Which need someone to tune along with lyrics🎶✨🌪️”
“Who said we are not talking now.
We have chosen a comfortable way to communicate,
Which is far better
Where words are not needed
We simply talk in silence,
Beneath stars and moon
Unknown to everyone around”
Everything goes smooth as long as I am silent. Yes, my silence keeps everyone around me happy”
“Silence hurts more than ‘No’. Do you know?”
“Your silence kills me more than your words”
“Hurt by words
Hurt by silence too🖤🖤”
“Both words and silence can break and shatter you to pieces, beyond repair”
Your silence killed me infinite times”
How long can you make everyone happy with your silence? Biggest tests of life”
“Nothing could fill the emptiness given by your silence
No words from anyone could console me when I needed”
“I am tired,
Searching to find words and meanings from silences.
I am tired,
Connecting feelings with illusions to decode meanings.
I need a few true words to fit into my answers,
At least now”💫💕
“People’s silences have killed me more than anything else, and I keep waiting for an answer. Nobody gives a reason. Now it has become a habit since long”
“Words shattered as silence”
“Words can never measure the depth of love
Feelings are not easy to be measured”
“Silences between communications are very loud, and I prefer reading silences more than words.
Their beats & gap between beats tell a lot of things, which whole words can never convey…
The real truth🔥”
“How long can words wait?
Wait at your fingertips…
Wait at your pen tips…
Wait at your lips…
Even while carrying ocean of words in heart,
How long can you hold them from spilling out?”
I know,
If I am silent,
Everything work absolutely fine
Except me💔🍁”
So much happened between we two,
In a silent world between silence and words
Even we failed to understand”
My silence keeps everyone around me happy”
I can feel your silence”
“Silence shares more deep emotions than words,
Just a few words may be needed as bridge to connect”
“All my silences I secretly carried were your words💧💧”
“I failed to decode your hurting silences”
Wrote a lot, but told nothing”
Can promises be given only through words?”
“Poets turn lonely clouds
When they wander in thoughts”
“Promises can be made in silence too💫✨
It is far better than hollow words”
If you are already broken in someone’s silence
How can you break someone else with your silence”
“More we have to say,
More silent we become”
“Silent hearts read silent words much more easily”
“Silences can also give answers many times💫
Listen to your heart♥️”
I speak a lot. But nobody understands”
“Not in my silence
You belong to my world of words”
“Silence exists between each and every entity we see around us
A mysterious puzzle to solve”
“Some silent languages are to be listened
Some silent words are to be spoken🤗”
“Can I know the reason of your silence?”
“When I try to read your silence every time, I wish you too attempt to decode my loud voices”
“May I speak to your silence please”
“Are we not sensuous silences,
Which blossom with the touch of magical fingers?”
“Nowadays I lost full trust in words
I rely on silence most👀”
“Silences between communications are very loud, and I prefer reading silences more than words.
Their beats & gap between beats tell a lot of things, which whole words can never convey…
The real truth”
Unspoken words can speak a lot💕💫✨”
Communications are very important in relations, because silence can be interpreted in many ways”
Still in bad attempts to hurt you with my silence…”
“How to bridge silence with words?”
My silence keeps everyone around me happy💔🍁”
Sometimes you read my mind much more than I ever could”
“When silence blossoms
Broken words get beautiful wings to fly🦋🌪️”
Moments when I fight alone against whole world for you
And you stand watching in silence”
“Silence got rooted as a lonely tree between us,
Unaware of all the changing seasons
Everything is still, Totally frozen.
Its leaves stand still
The flowers, the twigs, the leaves
But only roots are moving
Going downwards, deep and deep
Invisible to everyone”
“Promise me,
You will never hurt me with your silence hereafter 💫💫
“Silence carries more currents & waves than seven oceans can”
“You read my heartbeats more than my words and silences”
“Now give me a little rest
I am tired decoding your silences
Now, it’s your turn
Why can’t you decode my silences
For a while,
For a change?”
“How can I hide you in my silence,
When you stay as a hurricane inside my soul?🌪️”
Want to fall in love with each word you say”
We not even fully control our thoughts. Then how can we control the same of someone else?”
“It’s not about length of conversations which matters
Even short and silent conversations can create beautiful moments 💫✨”
Sometimes a small broken word or wounding silence is enough to break a heart forever”
“To which extend can you hurt someone in silence?
I can’t hurt my dear ones with my silence,
Because I know it well,
If I let go my silence out,
My voices may go frozen for long,
Where return journey is not so easy”
“Through lines, you can read a stranger’s mind in this virtual world, where two people communicate only through words and emojies 🌈😇
Don’t forget to read silences💧💧”
Very often I read much more than you tell… Through your eyes 😕🍁💔”
Still in struggle to learn the language through which I can communicate straight with your heart”
“Our words talked different
Our hearts talked different
But our souls got connected through an invisible string
Because they talked in same language✨💫💕”
You hurt me both with your silence and words equally. And I am tired now decoding both your words and silences”
Instead of hurting someone with harsh words, I prefer to embrace silence”
“Sometimes even words feel empty”
“Though silence is the reply to those who avoid us,
The journey to that silence is not so easy”
“We got caught somewhere in between
The words and silences we exchanged
And those we kept to ourselves too”
“Sometimes I decode much more than what your words and silence want to say
Sometimes I fail to understand all your words which your silence tells me😌💫”
“Your thoughts give me your presence
Which your words can’t”
#Words #Broken
“Untold and unborn words can hurt you more than told words and sharpened weapons”
“Silenced words🔥”
“Unheard words always hurt the most,
And those which were pretended like not to listen……”
“Untold emotions have a lot to talk
But they never rely on words”
“Sometimes we cover distance between words and silence in short notice.
But many times, even depth of seven oceans feel less”
“We get emotionally connect with someone
When we share same pain, happiness & emotions🤗💕💕”
“Going to hurt everyone with my silence”
“From where did you learn the art of dissolving words in silence always?”
“We can only share words with others, not the true emotions associated with them.”
“I used to borrow silences when words are not enough”
“My deep silences are full of you💕💫”
“I may grant access to my words to many others
But only you own my deep silences”
“To make a dictionary full of your words only,
Now I need to search words from your silence too”
“Words can lie, but silence can’t”
“My silence is full of words for you.
I just hope,
You read at least a few words from my silence
When I try to read yours every time🤗🌪️💫💕”
Sometimes we cover distance between words and silence in short notice”
“Express your sorrows through words rather than tears. Words show the strength of mind and tears express weakness at their best….”‘
I express what I feel right
You can express what you feel right
Till it’s proved, no one can block other person’s freedom of expression,
Unless it’s personally hurting someone”
“Candles burning on either side of the wall of silence
Without knowing the real story🕯️🕯️😐”
“If I am silent,
I know,
Everything work absolutely fine
Except me”
“When silence blossoms
Broken words get beautiful wings to fly🦋🦋”
Our thoughts should give us the answer…. not someone else”
“Tear drops which went hiding in eye corners without interpreting the meaning….
Are they broken words disrupted in middle?
Or just keyholes twisting along with expressions of mind?”
“Dissolve all your silences the way you feel
And I shall go far away from you one day😤😤”
There happens some moments in life when we have a lot to say. But our feelings can’t be expressed through words. Silence expresses them better. Those hidden meanings can’t be decoded in any language, except by those two souls. In fact all emotions can’t be told through words or writings”
“Sometimes silence communicates faster than a million words and expressions♾♾💕💕💫💫”
“Silence means ‘Suppressed’ too
In many contexts”
“Sometimes I need silence not to hurt others”
“Deep silence can hurt more than words most times💔💔”
“My deep pains never show up. It gets stumbled in deep silence without any voice”
Though you carried an ocean of love in your heart, why did you go silent all through these years like this setting sun?”
It’s always better to express than to suppress”
“The words I don’t say👀
The words I can’t say too🙂”
Let us talk through hearts more than words”
I can’t speak and you can’t see”
“Your deep thoughts are reflected in the eyes of that person, who you love most”
“All my untold & withered words
All my tears & sorrows”
“You fill all my silences in an unexplained way of loud voices”
“Words have been broken into silence”
“To which extend can you hurt someone in silence?
I can’t hurt my dear ones with my silence,😕😌
Because I know it well,
If I let go my silence out,
My voices may go frozen for long,
Where return journey is not so easy💫🤗”
“Silence can reach faster in places where words can’t reach, speeches can’t reach. In fact silence can touch certain places, where access to words has been denied or made totally impossible”
“Scattered are my thoughts,
Not arranged or well packed
Like the scattered clouds in the sky
Like the scattered drops in rain”
“Wandering thoughts need an answer
“Some of my words might be quoted by someone before.
But when I say through my heart
My meanings would be different
Because same words hold different meanings
At different points of time,
And some people share same experiences too”
“Unsaid words talk most🤐”
“It was the unsaid words that talked more than the spoken words to reveal our story🙂❣️❣️”
“The deepest forests wear the darkest sunlight🔥”
“Broken words are like broken wings”
“It’s all about feelings and not about words always❣️❣️”
“People do change their language very often
It becomes difficult to read them always”
“Cracks are easily visible
My heart is aching
It’s being teared to parts
Yet why you still act silent?”
“Sometimes my world settles as a misty dew drop in your silent world 💧💕
Sometimes my words drops as a misty dew drop in your silence too❣️🌪️”
“Can you silence my solitude please???”
“Why frequently we fail to read other people’s mind?”
“To avoid digital proofs, we often suppress our noises with silences and some people exploit it fully🔥”
“The way you hurt me with your silence,
If I go silent forever……🥺🥺”
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