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Words and Silence – Part 3

“Can you silence my solitude please???” “Silence builds the greatest walls” “Painful conversations are always the unheard ones”   “Unsaid words talk most🤐” “Your silence is filled with only words for me” “The way...


Words and Silence – Part 2

“Your silence is full of words for me💫”   “When will I get a moment When I can thank you for understanding my silence?”   “Your presence has always been The conversations with you🖤🌪️”...


All These Possessions Are Yours

Those sad verses which wake up in my lines Those depressed footprints which fill my shadows Those footfalls of separation which tuned my memories Those teardrops which condensed in heart as pearls Those lamps...



People stay away from me in hate People stay away from me in love Anyways I am all alone always💔💔   Remember, Someone who takes away your solitude can give you loneliness in return...