Words and Silence – Part 1

“Hiding myself in my world of words & silence”

When I try to read your silence every time, I wish you too attempt to decode mine❣️❣️”

“Yes, I am ruled by my silence🔥🔥🕯️🥺”

“If you can’t understand my words, then how can I understand your silence?🌪️💫💔”
“Sometimes we fail to understand the meaning of sincere tears, even when eyes are fixed on us
When we give so much importance to hollow words than true silence💜💜”
#Thoughts #Mistakes

“My dreams don’t lie in your eyes
My words won’t reach your ears
My arms even stretched won’t touch you
Because I am dumb and you are blind”

“Some people want us to read their silence more than their words”

“The deepest conversations are always the unsaid ones…..🌪️💫💕”
“Silence holds more truth than words👀
You can hide a lot with your words
But can’t hide the true vibes of silence,
Which itself can reveal a lot.
Even the beat count in silence –
Gives you correct answers”
“Only you search the meaning of my silences”

“Words born from silence have no language. They are specially meant for someone. If the other person decodes it perfectly, What to say more!!!!! But all are not so lucky enough”

“Words born from my silence have no letters, only pauses
I code those words only for you
And lucky am I
As you decode a full language from all those scattered words and pauses✨💫💕🦋”

“Words stay on the pavements of our thoughts”

“Though silence is the reply to those who avoid us,
The journey to that silence is not so easy”
“When will I get a moment
When I can thank you for understanding my silence?”
“Words talked less
Doesn’t mean feelings can change”
“If they don’t want to listen
Why should I waste my words?”
You killed me with your silence infinite times😪💔”
Sometimes silence communicates faster than a million words and expressions”
We can exchange our thoughts with someone we care. But not our feelings”
“Hey magician,
You know the art
How to dissolve words in silence
And disappear
Without traces.
I have been fighting long with you
With both words and silence
And have been defeated every time,
In the final war too!”
When words try to pour
Silent expressions say, no!
Those still eyes and disappearing tear drops
What else is left now?
That tiny boat that sank deep in the seas of hope
Or those lost heart beats which rhyme with deep seas of sorrows?”
“My silence is full of you💕✨”
“Through your eyes, I talked to your heart
And found a lonely soul hidden inside you
So restless, in wait for a break to freedom.
I gently smiled striking the right chord with your heart
Because I want to bring you out of this solitude
And show you the true magic of being loved & cared 💕💕”
“If ever I miss your words
Please fill it for me”
“Silence sometimes need a few words to fill in between
Not everyone is smart enough to decode all silences🙁😐”
“When I try to read your silence every time, I wish you too attempt to decode my loud voices💫😌💕”
“Sometimes silence speaks louder than words….
You just need a loving heart & a deep understanding soul to listen to those untold words and decode it”
“Your silence broke me to thousand pieces
I hid its breaking voice in my louder words,
Without ever letting you know💕💕🤗🤗”
“You touched my soul and walked away
Without saying a word
Or without giving any sign”
“All my words lead towards you♥️”
“All my words are filled with you
All my thoughts are filled with you❤️”
Thoughts form a part of life, whether necessary or unnecessary, even if one tries to avoid or feels special about them”
“Words are sharp weapons. When you polish them sharp, make sure you are using it for right reasons”
“From life to lifeless
Words take little time to travel
“”Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you” – These words look so simple, but so powerful in retaining relationships. Some people will never learn that!! They just want to satisfy their egos.”
“Some people remain silent, but pick the rhythm of imagination correctly. Those who succeed can play the tune in the desired way they want”
“Yes, silence hurts… It’s a sharp weapon”
“Some loud words are never decoded
Some deep silences are never told, but understood💕💕✨”
Sometimes silence of our dear one gives strength for others to humiliate us”
“Silence can be a question waiting for an answer♥️
Silence can be an answer, where words fail often🤗🦋
“Through her words, I talked to his heart”
“I measure the distance between I and YOU,
In terms of the distance covered by you
To reach the silence between YOU and I”
“You can steal a writer’s words
But not his emotions”
“Sometimes silence reveals more secrets than words ever can”
“Sometimes words can only become cages of true feelings”
“True feelings are beyond all words✨”
“More than words, I read the beats of silences.
It’s easy to read your silences more than your words, I feel”
“Distance between hearts starts at the point where words reach nightfall”
Why can’t you process your own thoughts? Why to process/believe others’ thoughts?”
“My words carry my soul
Also the visuals it watches🤗🤗”
“How to hide silence in words
And how to hide words in silence?🤔✨💫”
“Words can’t tell all emotions of human mind…..
Words can’t retell everything hidden in minds too……”

“Silence speaks better than words if your eyes are expressive”

“You can steal my words
But not its soul
They are purely mine🤗🤗”
“Quite a few hide love and all its hidden feelings and agonies in a gentle smile…”
“I may be silent. It doesn’t mean I don’t speak
Only thing is you failed to decode”
“Same words can have different impact if told by two persons. Some people are truly magical and they connect with human hearts easily & powerful”
“No communication is needed between we two to understand the other person’s mind and its feelings. Yes, our silence is more than enough 👻👻♾❤️❤️, because we both are connected through an invisible thread🤗🤗”
Speak alone when you get nobody else to speak”
I hate lying in relations too much… Better why can’t you remain silent?”
“Secrets are often hidden between YOU and ME
Often WE fail to understand its true meanings …..”
“Short conversations are beautiful
With or without words”
“Eyes and heart are true friends
Talkative eyes always reveal thoughts of heart
Because heart is silent and allows eyes to speak his mind💕💕”
“From the pool of lies you told,
How can I search true words to understand your silence?”
“You can remain silent when you are happy
But talk to me when you are feeling sad🤗🤗
Both these are OK for me”
“Silent vibes get easily connected than words…
Presence of that particular person doesn’t matter at all!
Communication can even happen at distance. #Raabta”
Silence has countless deep meanings”
“Still in bad attempts to hurt you with my silence…..”
“Trying to hurt you with my silence…..”
“My words can lie, not my feelings💫💕”
“I used to decode your words earlier
Now your silence👀👀
“Silence speaks louder than words…
True emotions can’t be told through words…
But both are powerful enough to make you believe and trust everything untold”
“To find place in someone’s heart is not an easy thing. It’s all about feelings and not about words”
“Some words even talked
Won’t reach the other’s ear
But even what eyes whisper
Has the strength to modulate –
One’s mind, thoughts & brain”
“Your thoughts can bring that fragrance which your presence can’t 🌈🦋♥️💕”
“Silence has more words and emotions to spell.
Words and letters will never reach that mark.
Silence is so deep and thoughtful
And not possible to measure its depth”
“I can’t say how fast time flies
In the thoughts exchanged between two loving people”
“When we are in search of some answers, only a few things matter. We keep relating our thoughts to those few only.”
“When we silently observe someone without noises, the other person has no idea what’s going on in our mind”
Very often I feel like a departed soul who can’t wipe your tears, even if standing near”
“Just remain silent and look into my eyes.
I shall read everything”
“Unborn words. Silenced words”
“I believe you can read my thoughts & silence more than my words”
“This silence is beautiful💕✨🌪️”
#Connections 💞💫
“She just remembered those untold words which he tried to tell through eyes.
May be he repaid everything through his silence”
When words are desperate, eyes speak volumes of truth, and eyes never lie”
“Thoughts are complete when expressed through words, because (simple eye) expressions can change narration at any point of time.”
“I can’t say how time flies
In the thoughts exchanged between we two”
“We don’t talk (anymore) doesn’t imply our bond is lost forever.
It’s still there, the same. Certain relationships are so💕💕
Sometimes a gentle smile has thousands of tales to say
About high tides and low tides of life
Sometimes a gentle smile has thousands of tales to hide
And pours down as night rain till it dissolves in earth for ever”
“Reading the silence between we two”
“Now I can read your silence too”
Words used to pour like an ocean,
Now dipping as last rain drops”
“Words are exchanged
Feelings are exchanged 💫
When we get emotionally connect with someone.
But at many times,
We give and take in silence
Without our knowledge too 💕💕”
Same words make vast difference….
When said by a person who knows you and who doesn’t know you at all”
If I get someone to listen
Both my silence and words”

To listen to someone with patience, our mind should be free of thoughts & worries too”

Everyone of us want to become a radio
Only thing we can do is to increase or decrease volume
or tune new stations…. till battery ends”
“Silences between the words share more true feelings and secrets than whole conversation with words could ever can💕✨”
They can pour intense words the moments they think about you.
But you pour as intense rain the every moment in my thoughts I stay awake or partially sleep”
Everyone want to speak & only a few really want to listen. All are stressed, so obsessed with future as well as keep thinking about past. Perhaps stuck somewhere, in some past event, still in search of answers, because they are linked to present & future most times”
To master the art of listening, we need a few qualities. Patience, compassion & love and above all, our willingness to give our precious time to the person who want to express, through any of the medium like words, silence, touch or eye contact”
Unless you are emotionally connected, you can’t read me”
We can’t read all minds… But quite a few 👀👀”
“I can talk in lines and read in dots 👀😜
Sometimes read in lines and talk in dots👀😝
Now trying to read the silence between we two
Joining dots and making lines 👀👀😂😂”
How could you interpret my thoughts with yours? Illogical!!!”
When you trust your friend and give your hand,
Deep silence between the two
Decodes more thoughts and emotions –
Than words can ever communicate”
“Most times it’s a blessing
Others can’t fully read what our mind say”
“Even silence hides a music inside,
Tuned in the rhythm created by itself
Of unknown and unsaid words🎶🎶”
“Some of my words might be quoted by someone before me
But when I say through my heart
My meanings would be different”
“From the pool of lies you told,
How can I search true words –
To understand your silence?
Yet thousand lies are ignored
Thousand mistakes are pardoned
When emotions are true
When love is sincere”
“Same words passing through different minds reflect different thoughts
Just like same light reflected as different colours in a rainbow🌈🌈
Do you ever thought of expressing anything to yourself??”
“When our mind is deeply disturbed
Or when we are in anger,
Our words can turn sharp weapons.
Silence is the best medicine in those moments”
Your silence breaks me down totally💔💔”
Sometimes we need courage to break our silence. 
Sometimes a few words”
Silence keeps people in pointless relationships🍁
And the other person takes it for granted”
I remain silent. It doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t speak💙💙”
Words disappeared😶🌪️”
Hurricanes of silence🌪️🌪️”
“Beautiful words got engaged in talks😌😌”
She started searching for words
When silence purchased her at high price as his slave”
The unknown fear that one-minute silence can rip you apart and remove your mask. 
One of the rare definitions of #Noise” 🔥
I want you to read both my words and silence🌈♾”
Silence can be your best weapon sometimes. Sometimes your best self-punishment too”
Silence that cut words
Poetry told by eyes
Dreams that burn down in pain
And what remain are
A few pages deserted by colours”
I often hide my tears in deep silence”
When you are strong, you may or may not want someone to sit with you. But when you are broken, you really expect, someone who you believe can understand you better than anyone, sit with you & listen, Both your silence & words. A small broken word or wounding silence is enough to break that heart forever”
I am not talking about you
It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you♾♥️”
A man turns talkative when he lies or wants to pretend. Is it so?”
It’s said, pen (words) is mightier than sword. But the silent language spoken by eyes are more powerful than words many times. It has the power to trick and manipulate people who owns high mental power and strength”
When words can’t express, silence talks. Silence has sometimes 1000 mysterious meanings, and its meanings may not be found in any language dictionary of the world. Words can never ever tell or write all human emotions”
Silence also owns some alphabets.
Some consonants and some vowels
But they can’t be written or pronounced.
That may be the reason why,
When eyes talk in this language
It’s interpreted in different ways and meanings👀👀”
If you manage to remain silent and calm, time gives answers to many of your questions. But not sure if, those answers are relevant with present situation, and if it can help you some way”
“When pressure started building between us
During those days in silence,
When silence became
The last word of two noisy hearts, so loud
A lot was told without words from both ends
Which whole words always –
Failed to convey till then💞✨💫
#TrueFeelings #Memories 💓🌪️”

Unborn words are like untuned songs. Incomplete! Yet the beauty it holds is beyond all expressions and meanings of a tuned musical piece 💕💕”

The tears forcibly hidden in eye corners without interpretations
Are they broken words?
Or expressions which move along with mind’s key?💓”
Words were (got) broken inside the tears which were forcibly hidden in eye corners without interpretations”

When you silently observe someone who is not making noises, you has no idea of what’s running in his mind. You can process only his silence, not his noises”

“Sometimes words give the best option, because your silence may be taken for granted. “
“Will be left a few things to say
However hard we try to tell everything”
Trying to read words from your silence♾♾”
Putting all my thoughts into words, it’s not that easy😕”
Forget listening to other people….
Sometimes we don’t listen to our heart and thoughts”
I muted me forever🍁🔥😕”
“Words can bring you close and sometimes put too far too…
So, choose your words wisely”
Sometimes a single ‘YES’ gives happiness and relief which thousands of words together can’t bring♾♾”
“Sometimes heart fail to gain strength to listen,
Even though it’s quite sure the words are positive💕💕✨💫
A single word can hold thousand meanings, which thousand words together can’t hold”
“Words are spelled in different contexts
Sometimes in love
Sometimes in duty
Sometimes as promises
And sometimes to get a little comfort”
“Infinite are the words which I dissolved in silence, more than stars in sky 🌠🌠 and more than waves in seas♾”
“I am ruled by my silence
Where my tears have dried up
Emotions have face drought
And nothing matters now!
Yes, I exist😌😌”
“Promises can be false too!!
Some know to play with words
Some know to play with emotions
And some with both!!”
“I have learnt the art of silence”
“Hollow words are likes lines drawn in water😪😐”
“You made a world of your own
I made a world of my own
When words slowly settled in silence between we two🍁💔”
Whenever I hide all my words in a simple smile, you never knew I was hiding all oceans and storms together in my small casket of silence…… In a false attempt trying to hurt you with my silence……”
Emotions are to be connected first…..
Words will automatically connect.
Sometimes deep silence is enough if emotions are truly connected💞💞”
“If you don’t want to talk what I want
Why won’t I make silence ….. my best friend?💔🍁

Why can’t you stay away from my silence!” (Make me speak)

I don’t want you to stay in my silence”🔥

“I can’t break anyone’s heart by words
Maybe God transformed me like this
I really wish everyone is like me
So that all hearts remain safe”
“The silence that crept between our lips
When will it shed as words?
When will those wandering thoughts
Finally rest in answers?”
“I am intelligent enough to decode from emotions…..
Of people who I love and care most
A few words and many times deep silence give me the answer🤗🌈♾🦋
“Nowadays I lost full trust in words
I rely on silence most”
“Just talk to me…..
A few words are enough
I shall decode from your emotions🤗🤗

Hollow words are like lines drawn in water”

Emotions are same Though words are different 💫♥️”

SILENCE – The sharpest, yet easy weapon to hurt someone”

“You need not do anything for me…
But at least….
Why can’t you understand me??
If you can’t understand,
It’s also OK
Why can’t you avoid heart breaking words??”
“When two hearts are bind with some invisible threads,
Sometimes no words are needed to break it😢💜💔
Yes, sometimes words are more powerful than helpless silence
It can even save invisible bonds from breaking,
And stitch them again too✨💫”
Silence can break relations
And if it never stop ceasing
Misunderstanding can exist forever ……”
I am tired now…. Decoding your silence😪😕”
Trying to learn you more through your words”
People can steal your words and work
Not the emotions associated with it
Yes, words hold a lot of emotions,
Only the writer knows”
“When I try to decode your silences
I just hope,
You read at least a few of my loud voices”
“More than words, it’s about feelings which bind hearts💞💫”
“There was no one who could listen my voice
Until my words collided with you, so unexpected”
“Even silence hides a music inside,
Tuned in the rhythm created by itself
Of unknown and unsaid words”
“How can silence between us communicate more than words ever could?💕”
“My words are my silent pains, dreams and lost desires
I may not prefer to share with someone else”
“Silence can be of different forms”
“The way you break me every time
Now it’s a long journey for you
To take me back
From where you left me last time.
I am not going anywhere
Shall be patiently waiting for you there
To heal my broken heart
Now I need more words than silence”
“Through lines, you can read a stranger’s mind in this virtual world, where two people communicate only through words and emojies 🌈😇”
“Unborn words are like non-tuned lyrics,
Tuneless songs with infinite expressions.
They always carry a rhythm
Which need someone to tune along with lyrics”
“I can pour infinite words in a piece of paper
But may remain silent without speaking even a single word”
#Introvert 😁
“I was expressing myself
Liberating myself through words
Though was not sure
You would decode my thoughts.
It was a sort of message to you as well
I never ever took, anything wrong
For which you should feel guilty,
Only true me was kept under wraps”
“When you are silent, you are thinking
And I read it😌✨💕”
“I am a bit tired reading your silences
Now need a few words to fill in between”
“Your silence breaks me more than anything”
“I simply don’t want to talk now
Let’s remain in silence as we are now😐💫”
“Sometimes silence makes us
Sometimes silence breaks….”
“The deepest conversations are always the unsaid ones…..without words” 
“I may grant access to my words to many others
But only you own my deep silences”
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