A corner kick to landscape – A few tips for your garden corners

There was a time when cow dung was used to sprinkle in Indian courtyards. Cow dung was considered divine and holy, and concrete courtyards were not common those days. In new gen gardens, the whole courtyard is filled with colourful decorative, landscape etc to make it a lively place. To give magic touch to the corners of such landscapes, let me give you some ideas.

1. You can build a simple room at one corner of your landscape. It would be pleasant feeling to sit or sleep there during a rainy evening or night. You can build an eco-friendly room using bamboo to feel close to nature.

2. Outdoor play area is the best option to bring kids from indoor to outdoor garden. Nowadays kids spend too much time before television sets and mobiles, and play grounds too are reducing. You can spread sand on your garden and fix a sea-sow or slide.

3. If you want to add a pool set to your landscape garden, corner is the best area to find. You can also build sittings at corner area and a pool in front of it. You can choose any shape for your water pool. But keep this corner away from kid’s play zone.

4. Hardscapes made using wood, concrete, stone or steel can alter the enter look of your exterior. Statues, constructions, steps etc form a part of hardscapes. In the isolated corners, you can place one or two statues made using wood or stone.

5. Yoga and workout have become a part of our lifestyle. Yoga gives coolness to both body and mind, and if you are able to find a suitable area in your exterior with fresh air to breathe, what else is needed? Outdoor at roof top can be used to set mini gym for your daily workout.

6. If you can design ponds and waterfalls as part of your landscape, it improves the view of your exterior from both ends. You can also design a rock garden at one corner.

7. Choose earthen pots of different sizes, and use them to plant flowering plants or plants with colourful leaves. Place them at one corner of your landscape. Flowering plants can change the entire look of your garden.

8. A corner seat in green garden is a best option to relax yourself after a day’s full tension and busy mode. If you place a table with an inbuilt shelf, you can use it to read and write. You can also place your books and pens safely inside the shelf. It’s the best place for your leisure area too.

9. You can set an open kitchen and a small dining area at a corner of your landscape. It’s the best place for a family get together or chit chat; also the best place for an outdoor dinner.

10. You can also save the corners of your garden to plant vegetables. You can make small fences at the corners and plant some climbers – either vegetables or decorative plants.

Image source: Pixabay

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