Feelings Quotes – Part 2

“Happy to find you & sad to miss you,
Both experiencing at same time”
“When sun showered a little rays on me,
I don’t know why I believed all those rays are for me”
“How easily feelings can change?💫✨”
“Once upon a time there was a silver moon with broken pieces
She used to show her broken heart to the stars around
Stars, who shine their own, sympathized and gave crocodile tears
But no one really cared the moon who doesn’t own even her moonlight
Later she stopped talking
And started fixing her heart,
Joining parts one after another”
When I started walking along with time
My anger slowly changed to my silence
When I got transformed, I never knew”
I can’t figure out why everyone is behaving the same”
“You gave me these tears
And now asking me the reason?”
“For each lost yesterdays of mine
You are responsible to give answers tomorrow”
When I am hurt, I need comfort
When you were hurt, I gave my heart”
“Sometimes I hurt in freedom❤️😕”
It’s only a temporary phase, I know, And I will survive” #Positivity
“You know who am I. But I never knew who are you”
But what to do, tears are not in our control!!”
“Alone in the crowd,
Disbelieving the eyes
And disowning the heart”
“Sitting alone in one of the lonely steps where
Lost memories have reached the death river bank”
Don’t ask me questions where I am forced to lie”
“Flowers can wither,
But not my strong feelings for you🌸🌸”
“How will I come out of all the loops created by me myself?”
Why should I always be forced not to express?
Why every time sorrows are measured in tears only??”
Why can’t I express my feelings?? Why can’t my dears understand this?”
Why everyone want me to forget and forgive? Are my feelings and tears only water drops??”
“I flow my tears as ocean in streams
It will reach seas someday, I know.
But it reach me again, again and again
Recycling as clouds & rain
Yes, endless repetitions…. Goes on, goes on and still on…..”
“Have you ever smiled at you through mirror?”

Emotions can never lie. Emotions are those which stir in minds, not expressed to others, and hence they never lie. They just reflect our minds and thoughts, may or never show up. Some people know how to hide perfectly, while majority fail in this attempt”

“Setting you free 💕💕🦋🦋🤗♾”

“Like an active volcano I boil inside
I erupt inside too.
No one notices
No one gets affected too”
You know who am I. But I never knew who are you”
I am strong enough. Only I need is to believe in myself”
I want to cry till I dissolve forever”
“Illusion 2.0 Mode is on”
For me, if I can’t ask anything
For you, what can I ask”
Sometimes all we need is someone to distract our thoughts”
“Setting hopes💔💔💙💙”
The moments when you really feel like living”
She buried her dreams in deep soil
And planted a tree on its top
Started watering it everyday
And keep waiting for the day it blossoms
Minutes passed, hours passed and years
She is still there with lost hopes
Slowly realizing the reality”
“When I revealed everything
Nothing have I gained
But I lost a lot”
Invisible bonds never need a face”
Why do I often feel, you talk to me through different media?”
That’s also a part of heart.
This is also a part of heart”
Sometimes all we need is courage to cry”
“This time I was more prepared, correcting my mistakes too.
Yet time tricked me again”
“Where is my mind slipping away from me,
Never giving a chance to hold”
“The way I killed my emotions day by day
Killing me slowly all these years
It’s not a difficult task at all🔥
It’s something like slow poisoning
Giving myself a slow death
As a sort of punishment sometimes”
Emotions are given by god to express at right time in right proportions – Tears, Happiness, Anger, Surprise, Love, Sympathy and many more. Never suppress them to please someone else”
I feel I should stop responding”
I want to stay away from those who take my mental peace”
“I blossomed in a spring and shed away with the autumn”
“My world is slowly condensing to a black dewdrop, invisible from everyone”
Why should I worry about someone who doesn’t care my feelings💔?”
Why should I change my belief for someone else, who has no clear idea about what he is saying?”
Do you know the real story behind my tears?”
“I am a blue butterfly
Flying freely inside a closed cage”
“She is all alone today,
In thoughts, in reality
And she enjoys it”
Time changes Seasons change
Yet the colour reserved for me always is ‘white’
The shade of death
Though its silence is still far away #Frozen #White
“So many people in this world don’t get chance for what they are dreaming about
And those who get chance, don’t use it properly” #Irony💜
Still to find someone who expresses true emotions hidden in mind”
“We never crossed paths in other stories of ours created by us. All of them run in parallel mode like a multiverse.”
“All pouring rains don’t have raindrops,
Some still carry dark clouds”
How to give shape of a story to ideas stored in mind?”
Most often people start noticing your breaking inside, only when their things are not get properly done”

Lying is not easy for me, but I lie a lot for you”

Feeling very strange. I could feel same emotions again so close, after so many years. How can confusions & emotions repeat exactly the same after 2 decades, so unexpected?”

Some hearts are specially made to be broken many times”
“How long can illusion keep you alive?🚶‍♀️🖤”
Why questions always for me
And answers always in your favour?
Why, to get something your fortune always
And losing everything my destiny?”
“Half-dead inside
Half-alive outside”
“When your love stormed into my heart,
I got fully shaken
And it was not easy to hold back myself,
Just like a tossed boat without an oar,
Hit by storm”
“Give me one valid reason I should trust you and believe, as I always did since long”
I shall try, definitely.
But can’t pretend.
Till then you have to wait
As I used to be”
“Fate could have been a little soft towards me….”
Trying to live it once again💜
Trying to feel it once again🌪️”
When we measure someone through our thoughts
Many of his actions may look strange or weird for us
It includes both good and bad”
Why everything around me is silent?”
“A fallen kite with broken string,
That’s what I am”
“Everything half-half
Not zero
Not full
Not quarters
Mind equally divided between two halves,
Unsure where to go”
“I may act stupid,
I may act foolish
It doesn’t mean
I am a stupid or fool.
Yes, I turn stupid most times,
But only for the people I love”
Can you act smiling for me once?”
All my questions end in a full stop at a single point
“Sitting near a silent pond, you peck stones in water without estimating its depth, and if the waves formed so, soak your legs or dress, how can you complain about the pond?”
“Still I am the same twilight🙂
Though I often change my outer shades,
Deep inside the soul
I remain the same to the core”
Why can’t I simple ignore others?”
“Words can never measure the depth of love
Feelings are not easy to be measured”
I may request once, twice or thrice, But never after that”
Nothing stays in me which are my favourites
I own nothing which are my favourites”

“Getting bored living for others; Want to die for myself.”

“Everyday I filter one or two from 1000 actions to be done and 1000 words to be told.”

“Sometimes words give the best option, because your silence may be taken for granted”

“Don’t want to put myself in new habits, where I have never fit.
Want to go back to my solitude, whatever it is!!”
“How many times will I restart myself?😐”
“It feels bad if people treat you as an emotion controlling machine”
“Everything condenses into
A dew drop of deep chilled winter now
No pain
No happiness
No agonies
No feeling
Totally calm and frozen”
“When I am angry with you,
I have to fight with every version of yours”
“How long should I get stuck in this endless corridor like this, in hope of a ray of light? I should find my own light and move on. No one is to come!!”

“Now I feel like no one should watch me”❤

“If I had got some colours to sprinkle on me!!!!”

Trick your heart into saying, “Nothing affecting at all!””

If I can find at least one person who can share his/her feelings without expecting I should also do the same ……!!!”

“When the world around me is sinking in colours
Why am I bathing colourless?”
My world is totally different from what you assume to be”
I like people who can make me smile and laugh
And very rare I find such”
“Change of seasons didn’t ink deep,
Otherwise you would have returned back to me”
“Like a kite which lost its string,
I am wandering without destination.
Flowing aimless along with the drift of wind
I don’t know where will I reach, and when!!”
Sometimes I act as fool to make you feel comfortable”
Why I forget myself?😕”
I am tired fixing my heart every time”
I want to capture the beauty of that moment when all my tears turn to happiness”
“As time passed by
With the fall of every season,
She started feeling,
Slowly started realizing,
How lonely she is!
With every abandonment
She turned more silent,
With every negligence
She broke more inside,
Today nothing stops her from feeling,
Everyone takes her for granted”
Now a little more time left to complete the life sentence. But I know, it will be extended till my last breath goes out. Who gives the judgement? Who is right? Who is wrong? Is the judgement correct? Who cares!!!!🍁🔥😕”
“Why am I always reluctant to accept the truth and keep dreaming?”
“A moment when I realized that all your colors were fake!!”
“Are you listening my heart?”
“An emotional drop every time,
When you fail to respond”
“My mind, like a crescent moon
Is showing in crescent form.
Hidden behind clouds of thoughts
Yet showing up, as much as I can
With a smiling mask face”
“My oceans are dark
Inked with sorrows and grieves
From deep blues,
It has now turned to black
Deep black!!”
“The impression that everything is half way!!
Not zero,
Not full,
No other fractions.
Mind has been equally divided
Between two parts.
Not sure where to go!!
One half is stationed in one place
The other half continues to travel”
I muted me forever🍁🔥😕”
“You keep hiding your feelings and emotions
As if sponge is absorbing water.
But after a point of time,
Everything is going to explode,
If everything goes beyond the limit.”
“It was only a starting point you know
Of my misfortunes, lost dreams and everything”
“I never keep people waiting.
I wish, me also kept the same”
“How long can an illusion travel with you?
How long can it keep you happy?”
“My mind is now like the clear sky
After night celebrations,
Full empty”
“We are vulnerable only to our dear ones, even turn childish. We never fear to express our true self in front of them. Yes, it needs bravery to be vulnerable to strangers or those not in our close circle😇”
“The pain you feel when someone you love and care most, finds excuses to keep you at distance”
“After a change of season, how can similar events, thoughts & emotions repeat in a series or pattern, almost recreating everything? Very strange!!!”
“I know
You will come in an unexpected day
To take me away
From loneliness,
From all sufferings,
From everyone ~ Death”
“When my heart struggles in deep pain,
You should examine yourself
What wrong have you done all of a sudden,
To pull the negative triggers”
“Teardrops are words that hesitate to come to the pen tip”
“Ya, some people showed me light in my darkness for short time. But no one really stayed with me with lamp forever🪔🪔”
Ya, I have learnt to struggle alone throughout my life. Nobody really cares”
“Oceans are raining in my tears
Unknown fears
Unknown sorrows
Silent sobs
And everything”
“People scratch exactly the same wounds which you want to forget and heal.
Negative triggers”
“Experienced different shades of emotions at peak, in both extremes, in a very short period💕💕”
“Sometimes too deep feelings appear too shallow”
“If you can stay away from me for a short period,
And slowly increase the time period,
My heart has finally come into terms,
You will develop the habit to
Stay away from me forever!!”
“Emotionally incorrect😕”
“Why I often forget myself?”
“Why can’t sadness be displaced by happiness anytime? Why heart gets refilled with sadness every time?”
“How can you react silent, after damaging my heart this much?”
“Pouring rain….
Strange feel
Strange night
Very special.
Disturbed mind
Deep memories
Mixed emotions…
Not able to categorise…💜🌪️”
“Till an emotional bond existed, I adjusted somewhat.
The moment I realized I was just a substitution,
Everything went wrong in sequence”
“Earlier you had voice
Now you appear as figure”
“Why fate is so cruel to me always?
I always end in an endless corridor”
“My energy level is going down again,
Hitting the bottom”
“I can’t figure out what’s happening
I am very tired
My brain is tired
Need rest”

“From that moment

To this moment
Where I am right now
You have been my only true friend and companion ~ Corridor 🙂
Thank You❤️❤️🤗🤗”
“I don’t want to let you know how much I am broken inside”
“Springs blossomed in my smiles some time back,
Now only wild flowers with strange and unknown names”
Give me the answer, Krishna
The questions which are hurting me”
“Why am I forced to do the same thing again and again?”
“I just wish,
The way I wish to see others’ happiness,
Someone wished for me too”
Let them go….. I will survive somehow😊”
I want to escape in darkness forever
Years have passed since I am roaming in this endless corridor”
“Slowly I could feel my emotions getting deep, deeper and deeper”
“I miss your emotional and virtual tight hugs….”
I want to go far away from you”
“Some relations are mere illusions
Like a line drawn in still water”
“I have reached a stage where
My mind can let go everything.
Why should I live like this?
Why should a human live like this?”
It’s hardest in this world to hide true emotions and live as another person throughout life 💜🍁💔”
“I can emotionally feel your tight hugs….” #Myfriend #Corridor
“Gained nothing which I lost once
Maybe preserved for my next birth”
“Currently living in a virtual space of dreams & illusions
Don’t know when I will be called back!!”
“Some moments leave you by your fault
But every time, fault is not yours”
“Just trying to gather me together.
Hope I will succeed some day”

“Please leave me, I will survive somehow 🍁”

A few things can make you happy and sad at the same time”
Why is it so difficult to earn someone’s love?”
Is it so difficult to earn someone’s love or sustain a relationship?
I always give my level best, but always fall short”
“Presence should be made felt
Otherwise insecurity creeps in”
“Why can’t I stop loving people who stopped it long back?
Why can’t I forgot loving people who forgot it long back?”
“Same May Feelings❤️❤️
#Gulmohar #Rain 💕💕”
How can you express someone’s emotions exactly the same?”
“Still am I a stranger for you?
If you can open your heart before me
And show your hidden pain,
Why are you keeping distance now,
Why your lips are silent?”
“I enjoy being alone among strangers”
“I sometimes act as a fool to myself,
I feel happy
I feel happy with the little happiness around me”

“Every person I come across, force me to remember old things again and again”

Misplaced emotions…. How to deal with? 🤔🙄”

“My worry is not about insecurity, but about identity”

“Today, my heart is without music”

“Should I leave or stay?”

“Desperately trying to find my own medicines”

“I want to break myself into a million pieces
And colour each piece with a different shade
And disappear forever so that,
When you turn back, you can’t find me again”
“Do you still feel, you get the same respect you are getting now
The respect which you got from the beginning?”
“Why my emotions have no value?
Why they are always underestimated by others?
Do I have no feelings like other?
Don’t I too deserve respect?”

It’s a different level of feel, when you try to make someone happy, despite being broken inside💕”

“Painting illusions in someone’s mind”
“When will I get honest answers?”
“If I add my lost moments to a bright rainbow,
It can change all its shades to black”
“Often I have to grieve a lot for a little happiness”
“When I feel so sad, beyond extremes
Feel like laughing”
You are hurting me too much dear”
“At least I took courage to dream a few things which I always wished in life, but never hoped to happen”
“Some moments should never find space in our memory”
“We never get freedom from some loops”
“Mind wants to calm down like a boat, which has reached shores taking a long adventurous journey”
“I doubt everyone coming close to me
Why do I feel it’s you every time?”
“If water is crystal clear, the basement appears too near.
Sometimes too deep feelings appear too shallow”
“When you gave me the pain,
How can I expect you to give medicine?”
“Now nothing is left
Not even time for you💔”
Rarely do we show our true emotions and feelings to everyone. We may appear emotionless to many too, because some emotions are specially reserved for that special person”
Want to correct that foolishness
Want to live my life once more”
“The strange feel when all around you know what’s running in your mind, except the one who you want to”
“When we trust someone, we trust fully. When we love someone, we love fully, because we don’t know how to give it half”
“Why I am always💔”
“When someone tries to grow too close so swiftly I may feel very strange. I want relations to build taking time”
“I am dying each moment
And I am well aware of it”
“Tameness became a habit now”
What else should I do?”
“Your memory flashed off from my mind for a moment
And I felt like my breath has literally stopped!!”
“What else should I think?💫✨🦋♥️”
“Even while happily living in illusion,
Mind never got peace,
Fearing reality.
What if truth is different than what I think!!”
“Hand distance from your side and infinite distance from my side💫  🍁”
“If my feelings are deep, I never try to make the other one understand it. They should read it from my eyes. They should read it from my thoughts.”
“It’s a good idea to spend time with oneself”
“It is a conscious retreat
From many shades
And all acts
Not strong enough to fight”
“My mind is either occupied by sleep or by trance,
Nothing in between”
“Most people are game changers
Not me”
“Too much I act as mentally strong and I succeed too🤐🤯😂”
“I wish I get one retake in my life…..”
“Everyone want wars, no peace”
“Why fate is so cruel to me always?”
“Tears pouring from eyes can express more emotions than words
If you understand they are priceless and meaningful
Otherwise only water drops

“I really want to smile from my heart, at least one day before I go💫💫” #Dream🦋#14 #Waiting 🍁

“I am still the same nightfall
Only, a few different shades are showing up now”
“Do you know, till now she is not healed”
“It’s always a good feel to let go something without feeling regrets.
Yes, I tried my best. But it was not good enough”
“Still in a bad attempt to fix you in my past”
“Even if aware, it has ended long back,
Despite knowing it’s just a myth or illusion,
We often try to travel with them for a while
Sometimes for the rest of life💓”
“I hate faking in relations”
“The way heart beats seeing your smile
It’s hard for me to stop”
“Choosing not to suffer anymore, how can it be wrong”
“If you have never stood me with me in my past when I was alone, and was ok with my sufferings, making it remember every time, it’s a part of life, you hold no right to give your opinions in present”
“Still infinite questions running in mind
Waiting for an answer”
“A fortnight to freedom🙂”
“Do you know, till now I am not healed”
“Many seasons silently passed by
Hardly I noticed.
If not, I would have collected
At least a few shades for me”
“When I ran behind shadows like this
Perhaps some day
These shadows may come alive”
“Stop dreaming and return back to you
The real you🖤”
Again, the story remained the same
Story of nightfall and repetitions”
“Same feelings in repeated mode. How? Unbelievable”
“Want to go back to one of my most pleasant memories with you, and freeze there forever”
“I really wish you also feel the same I feel for you”
“Badly in need of positive triggers, not negative ones”
“Why am I always asked to compromise?
Why can’t I desire, wish or dream?”
“Love can be of different forms. You are giving me which form, who knows!!!”
“Feelings get diluted over the time
If not addressed or been ignored”
“I have stopped waiting for seasons & its colours”
“I just wish if everything works fine🍁”
“Experienced different shades of emotions at peak, in both extremes, in a very short period, multiple times”
“You are standing
Beyond birth and death
The flower of illusion….”
“Toy with a key
My mind sometimes”
“God rarely showed up in the form of humans when I expected”
“Can you count the number of times, you made me believe, you don’t love me?😢
Infinite like stars in the sky✴️✴️*⃣*⃣”

“Whenever I paused pain for a while to enjoy beauty and happiness, fate returned it with double pain for a long time”

“She knows how to make others happy”

I miss those days when we both cracked jokes”
“I live in the world of illusions created by you”
“Why can’t I simply ignore others’ feelings?”
“Everyone asked me to remain in the cage deprived of light.
None of them asked me to fly, though my wings were broken”
“My mind has a habit of reading unscripted words
And script a full story with all its broken punctuation marks”
“How long will I keep accumulating your scattered stars like this?
You can hold at least a single falling star of mine”
“Feel the words through eyes
Feel the words through heart
Not every word is meant to be
Understood through voice”
“How long will you hurt me like this?
Till my death, Right?😝😝”
I remember those days I fail to keep distance from you, despite taking vows” #Repetition 
“I am ruled by my silence
Where my tears have dried up
Emotions have face drought
And nothing matters now!
Yes, I exist”
“I don’t want fake emotions”
“I just want to make everyone around me happy. Positive feel”
“She feared if her eyes will let go her tears without her consent. While standing like this alone in a crowd, she didn’t want that either! Yes, we are living in an era, where we can’t believe anyone, not even own eyes😒”
“It’s a nice feel to see
Someone putting your words as social media status”
“Sometimes I think,
Why should I fear to express myself,
When I have done nothing wrong.
Yet, I always hide inside my comfortable shell”
“I want to cry as much as I can
But I am not able to”
“Sometimes I just need someone to talk, connecting my emotions 
A close one or not, doesn’t matter”

“Still in search for a single person who thinks, “How to make her happy?””

I simply can’t fake in relations”
No one really bothered about my happiness”
“Clearing Cache”
“Some people are dissected after death to study while some are dissected alive 🗡️
Experimental Objects Forever🌪️”
“No one makes a substitute a part of the heart
They are for short-term entertainment only”
“It’s terrible to recollect all misfortunes from memories together”
“Yesterday was a different kind of feel
Today is a different kind of feel”
“It looks so strange when similar events come in repeat mode, and you quote the same lines again, which you wrote for someone else”
“When I am lost totally years back
Loss of someone should less matter. Right?”
“Where are you when I am in need of a shoulder to cry?”
“Then, you were in a position to help me when I was all fighting alone. Now i took a stand all alone for my mental peace and happiness, which may not suit your opinion. Then how could I be wrong, when it’s all about my life? Choosing not to suffer anymore, how can it be wrong?”
It was not for my selfishness But now got fully connected to myself”
I am not crying
I am simply muted”
“I simply mute from everyone”
“Everyone will leave me, today or tomorrow💔”
Whatever I feared in life
Everything came true…”
“A home inside clouds
Near to mountains
Free of noises and chaos
My dream”
“As time passes by
My hopes are getting dim”
“I am not sure
I really own all those precious moments
And can take them forever!!!”
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