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The word ‘Chemical’ in chemical peeling creates fear in most of us. Many people worry, in the lure to remove black marks and pimple marks from face, will the beautiful face be damaged forever. Will it lose the outer skin and become ugly? But in truth, it’s a treatment done using fruit extracts and if done by an expert through correct procedures, it does not give any side effect. Yes, if done with care, chemical peeling gives good and positive results.

Through this process, dead skin layers found inside the skin are peeled out. For each sitting/peeling, a single layer will be removed. It’s not easy to know if a person has undergone peeling treatment, just glaring at his face.

Peels are of different types

Everyone is familiar with Veg Peel and it’s also used to remove pimples, dead cells and other marks of the skin and make the skin well-polished. Chemical peeling is of three types. Superficial or light peeling is very common in use, and the treatment is suggested by the beautician according to the type of skin problem. Pimples, wrinkles, black marks or colour pigmentation – the user may want anyone of these treatments.

Mandelic Acid Peel can reduce the oily nature of skin. For pimple treatment, first step is to reduce the oily nature of skin. Black heads and white heads are removed and skin pores are cleaned. Glycolic chemical peel is used to remove black spots on face. Lactic Acid Peel retains the moisture of dry skin and makes it soft. For anti-aging and removal of wrinkles, collagen stimulating peels can be done.

Before you do peeling

You should first test if peeling can give side effects after treatment. Use creams 2 weeks before the treatment to know your skin type. Never do peeling yourself without an expert’s help. Self-treatment can even burn your skin.

As skin type is different in different persons, the time duration to dissolve peels may be different. It may take 1-10 minutes duration in different skin types. If you go out soon after peeling, use a lotion with anti-glare protection. If you have done deep peel, use creams with higher SPF content. In some rare cases, red rashes may appear on skin soon after treatment. If so you need to use certain creams for it.

Based on which peel is done, the no: of sittings is also decided. Certain peels have to be done on regular basis to get expected results. Deep peels can be done once in 6 months, it is sufficient.

Cost of peeling starts from 1000 Indian rupees. For leading brands, costs may go higher.

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