What was I, until I was

One beat away from that moment,

When you came and resided in my heartbeats?

A simply floating cloud?

Or hotness of summer?

The moment you touched me

I smiled and poured as a summer rain

Till I melted like a snowy mountain

And became something else

Which I was never before.

I never knew its meaning

And never tried to find it too.

I was simply smitten in

In the magical world you led me to.

I changed…

And colours in rainbow showered on me!

And I made one wish only…..

To possess you forever,

Who was pouring on me like roaring sea waves,

Not to give you back to anyone else,

To believe, you are mine forever.

Never searched meanings –

When I was blind in love

Never tried to dig your past as well.

I was busy to draw you close

And capture you as a prisoner of mine

To make my pride, smile and silent obsession.

But I failed to decode you were a magician

And the wonderland you showed me was only your magic.

The dew drop that sprouted in my eyes in those far seen deserts

Were my tear blossoms you hid behind those cactus spines

And in your magical tricks

I fell for the illusions.

You ended up your act

Put back your costumes in position –

And replaced everything as such, before you left.

But you never restored my heart

Which fell in your tricks,

And left without saying anything

Stealing my heart and soul.

Now your magical tricks still in my memories

Giving both random tears and smiles.

While my eyes pour like rain

I often look at that cactus in desert

Waiting for my tear flowers to blossom as dewdrops.

But with several new acts and tricks

You have already covered infinite distances

Far away from my reach!!!

Image source: Pixabay

Original Malayalam version published on Jan 23, 2017


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