Now this heart doesn’t remain with me

May my words pour like rain or remain untold

May my words be believed or not

What I speak is truth…

Now this heart doesn’t remain with me


My heart was like a piece of glass

It used to shine like face of moon

Better don’t ask about its condition now.

Fate has broken it infinite times

I too have fixed it every time –

Asking myself,

How many times should I fix it again?

How many times should I fix it again?


Everyone owns a heart to beat

But when, what remains with me is the last piece now

With which piece should I join again?

Now it fails to understand love

Now it fails to read emotions.

In the bad attempt to hide my broken heart

I lost its remaining piece too!!


When fate approaches me next time smiling,

I too shall smile back saying,

What will you break now?

Now my heart doesn’t remain with me.

But still I ask myself the same question,

What have I gained till this heart remained with me?

Lost everything the moment I lost it someone

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