Words and Silence – Part 3

“Can you silence my solitude please???”

“Silence builds the greatest walls”

“Painful conversations are always the unheard ones”
“Unsaid words talk most🤐”

“Your silence is filled with only words for me”

“The way you hurt me with your silence,
If I go silent forever……🥺🥺”
“I fight silent wars with your silences🌪️”
“I don’t know to play with words like you”
“When thoughts are reborn as poems
Words fly like butterflies”
“We both are talking continuously
Without shedding words”
“With or without words
Vows taken between true hearts are powerful”
“When our words fall into silence,
We both fight some unique wars”
“Is it you the only one who search words (meanings) in my silence,
And I am the only one, trying to find synonyms in your silence🤔🤔?”
“The depth of my silences belongs only to you”
“Something won fighting a hundred battles
Not to be lost with silence
Maybe that silence also holds a hundred meanings
A 1000 promises wrapped in love
A 100 thousand words spoken in silence.
Maybe a thousand wars
That still fighting in silence,
A lot to gain, maybe for tomorrow”
“Words always fail to borrow my silence”
“If you think words form the only language of communication you are totally wrong. Words only form one among the channels”
“You lent me a thousand words
And left without a word,
To write about you
In thousand ways never written before”
“If I can’t write about you
I will get lost in the world of words somewhere”
“Sometimes my world settles as a misty dew drop in your silent world 💧💕
Sometimes my words drops as a misty dew drop in your silence too❣️🌪️”
“Why frequently we fail to read other people’s mind?”
“To avoid digital proofs, we often suppress our noises with silences and some people exploit it fully”
“If you had read both my words and silence the same”
“When I am wounded by silence,
How can I hurt someone with the same weapon?”
“We both are good actors
Good in pretending to be strangers
Good in smiling in lies
Good in substituting words with silences”
“There is a silent wall between our words,
Built by you.
I can’t reach you, You can’t reach me
Only our thoughts hopefully reach the other”
“Without mincing words
Although many things are said in silence
Without words
Many remain incomplete too!!”
“Words which lost life
And frozen silences which carry them forever”
“Still searching you in the words I write
And the thoughts about you I count.
I have already crossed infinite words and thoughts
Still you are not found”
“Have you ever tried to read
The silence breaths in between my words?
Have you ever desired to make a pearl chain
Out of the silent pains I drop as tears?
Riddles I give you through hidden words,
Words overflowing with love
That known language between us two
Has lost most alphabets somewhere”
“There are silences that travel through the roads that words do not cross….”
“Sometimes you never know the real reason why
Someone so stayed close to us went so far away,
Possible you hurt them too much unknowingly,
Where you were expected to understand.
Silence can never give answers always💜”
“Sometimes silence is better than proving to others,
Especially when listening ones are stupids”
“Where words rained, now silence rains
Some words…
Condensed into clouds that never rain!!”
“Silence is sharper than words. . .
Most likely!!”
“Even after knowing a single word of yours
Acts as an elixir on me
What you choose was
Revenge through silence!!”
“Deep silences are deep wars fought inside”
“Now silences fall as raindrops
Where words once used to be”
“My silent world is deeper than my ocean of words,
Where I hide my deep emotions and feelings from everyone”
“How long will you keep hurting me like this with silence?
Until the moment my soul leaves me?”
“When not able to tell,
Or pretend not to understand from other side,
That’s when the pain of silence really noticed.
Even words are helpless here”
“Words are spilling out to say
But tacit expressions asking not to”
“A lot of talking silences”
“Save some words for yourself too
Not everyone wants to hear”
“How long should I wait like this
When our words have changed medium to silence?”
“Sometimes words hold more secrets than silence”
“Words often wander as nomads in shadow lands
In search of some unknown destination”
“Once upon a time I was your heart beat
But now silence beats more”
“Now deep silences fill my heartbeats💙”
“Some silences are too deep to understand”
“We two fight both through silence and words”
“Some silences are too deep to understand
Some words too”
“The silence that is entangled in words
Most likely…..”
“Rare are the days I don’t write for you”
“From words to silence
New journey of habits has begun”
“Sometimes silence has to get used to many new habits”
“I shall keep writing till I give you back
All those borrowed words and feelings”
“From the words you talk,
You can measure the depth of relations.
Individuals may not change
But seasons may change, changing them too.”
“Words which you once held back with you
Can incarnate in forms you hardly imagined!! ❣️❣️”
“I often hide words in my poems
Only for you to pick”
“I write what comes to my mind
Not necessarily if someone else asks for it
I own full freedom over my words
It’s my world, only my right”
“Your words don’t reach me any longer
Only silences breach my shores”
“At war with words
My silence sometimes!!!”
“My words are dead inside
Without life or soul,
Ever since you left”
“Some of my words find solace in you
While some others keep searching (you)”
“In many moments I read your silence
I was talking to you silently”
“I am suffering in my deep silence”
“If I don’t express love, you turn angry
If I express, you turn silence.
Strange is love story
It has always been a journey between
Pouring words and deep silences,
And the journey still continues….”
“Words can be shortened
Even reach silence…..
When you try to hide your love for someone”
“I often find you
In profound silence like the oceans
Often I find myself too”
“Same words can walk in different moods in your life
At different phases of your life.
Same is the case of silences too,
They hold different meanings
At different points of time”
“Some of my words find solace in you”
“Missing you in all lines I write”

“The silence of waves🌊🌊”

“When I get tired of this silence between us,
I may set for a journey into the world of words”
“How long shall I listen your heart when silence creeps in like darkness, more than words and noises?”
“Sometimes I feel
All my thoughts definitely reach you.
But when I get silence as reply always
I doubt even my thoughts too”
“When I get fed up with silence,
I want to set for a return journey into the world of words”
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