Real & True Facts Quotes From Observation

When you are quiet you observe most… And hardly anyone notice. But if you feel you are being observed you can never remain quiet……”


“Both sadness and happiness can give you sleepless nights”

“Love and respect will never born from fear🔥

Respect born from fear is next level of fear only”

“It’s told everything happens for a reason. But many times we can’t figure out for what reason such a happening occurred…..and all happenings never end in positive results”

“We need not start a journey to find medicines for our mental ailments always. Time has already kept it in its treasures. We just need time to travel and reach it. “

“Some moments are born to change a person forever!!!”

” If love is real, presence is not essential……”

“Is dawn in search of night the whole day?”

“Silence is the best weapon at least in a few occasions, best revenge too!”

“People are always judged by the decisions they take in life. In most cases, women sacrifice their ambitions to make way for others, for which they may be blamed as less intelligent comparing with their counterpart”

“Accepting one’s own identity with its faults, another definition of self respect too. While flying behind shadows created by others don’t forget it”

“I am still waiting for my messenger rain drop……
Who promised to bring me message from my beloved blue sky”

“In our life journey, we meet many people & get into conversation with many strangers. In many cases, we interact with a few like strangers only to know he is an acquaintance from past & at least a few will definitely realize the connection, while a few others may not. #Raabta 🤗💫❤️”

“Very often problems are very silly than we actually think. It’s human nature to blow up ‘Mustard-like’ problems to ‘Mountain Peaks'”

“Lies are short lived”

Crimes & lies always have cover up ….. And truth never has”

“People can get both attracted and repelled like magnets 🔥”

“Very often we never fix time span while testing relations
Many non-deserving people get it more too.
Mostly it’s because of our positive attitude,
Dreaming for a dawn after darkness-
Which may be endless in reality!!!”

“Some dreams are so
Just like morning mist
They come slowly, conquer us
And walk away before we open our eyes fully
Leaving us chilled”

“Many have come and all have gone
A few tried to lust me showing me a glimpse of light
Lost myself in those dark corridors of loneliness
Now desperately waiting in hope of something
“What if a glowing lamp born for me too!!!”  “

Some want money, some want fame and a few others, true love from their loved ones. Personal preferences. But the truth is that all these requests have no limit. We want more…..”

“Circumstances can often give you great troubles. In a fraction of seconds it can even change you wholly to a new person you can’t figure out”

“Some situations though look simple need some sort of preparations.
Otherwise everything can go from hands”
“Talented people need not prove it to others. World will know it today or tomorrow”

“People those feel most excited and happy for most silly things of the world are most deeply hurt inside
#observation  “

“Some moments teach us new lessons & may give new experiences, which we were not familiar with. Sometimes, it can take many years, sometimes very short period for those moments to arrive in life. But when they leave you, it can totally change you as a person”

“One can never become a better substitute/replacement of other, but can continue your life story with a different script (sometimes even better)”

“Your happiness and sorrows are your best friends
No one can replace them…….”

“Future is definitely linked to our present. Yet we can’t 100% say, though we construct our today perfectly, it guarantees tomorrow will take care of you, because many factors of future are independent of our yesterdays, and may be determined by others too. Yet we can reduce bad impacts”

“To remain normal, mental strength is more important. Physical strength comes next only.”

“Some moments can change a person forever
Many moments may come and go
But that person will never be restored!!”

“Everything in this world has a rhythm… Those people who pick it correctly can do anything they want”

” Are problems as serious as they are imagined to be?”

“If we really like doing something & passionate about it, we enjoy it & never feel burden. Hence less strain & seriousness. But if expectations are high, we may turn more serious too”

“Some deep emotions are closely associated with some of our deep sorrows.That’s why we hesitate to bury certain memories,though they never can be a part of your tomorrows “

“Persons who are gender-biased can rarely find good friends of opposite sex”

“‘Hopeless’ can also give new definitions to hope sometimes, even create a new”

“Is it not a better idea to live for the benefit for at least one person rather than ending the useless life in a piece of rope or poison?”

“Mind sways away in silly thoughts when it feels restless inside….”

“Everyone set their own standard of living based on their desires, ambitions & the circumstances where they live and grow. But it doesn’t mean, you can put anyone into same standards & consider them wrong if they deny to fit into it and adopt your standard”

“Revenge with your life, the same life which has played dirty games with you……”

Even while we are acting on stage or watching a play, it looks like a subset of the world stage of drama, where we are mere players.”

“People spend most of their time in lost peace, which gives nothing in return”

“New born heart links can often gift you a new world you never imagined about “

“We may conceive wrong perceptions if we try to view the world through another person’s eyes “

“Romance gives you someone who cares and loves you a lot”

“It’s not possible that we fall in love with every person we meet”

“Romance opens before you a new world somewhat like a wonderland or a piece of magic wonder trick….”

“‘Chosen the best’ doesn’t mean he is the most perfect person in the world. It simply implies you have chosen the best for you”

“When both promise each other for being together whole throughout the life the relation has progressed to the second stage”

“Romance gives extra responsibilities towards life and a wonderful person to share everything with”

“You begin to see world through a new pair of eyes and everything appears new”

“Special happiness that nothing can be replaced with it and a time for changing bad habits”
#love #romance

“Sincere love can change a beast to a human and its failure can restore him again too!!! “

“When you have right to choose a dress or accessory of your choice, why not the life partner who should stay with you your lifetime???? “

“Relations are to be ever- lasting ones and can’t be changed like dresses. So make wiser decisions taking a lot of time.”

“Many life long relationships have started due to simple events, more strange than even fairy tales”

“Love can also happen in one moment or two”

“A silly bad character is enough to erase the virtue of 1000 good ones”

“Are words so powerful that they sometimes never need proofs to stand against all odds and evils? ” 

“Things can change so quickly in a moment, and 1000 eras (yugas) may not be enough to revert that change” 

“Relationship may end forever, but not its pain….That’s the bitter truth….” 

“One may get bored or not in a relationship. It depends…….”

“Wings of mayflies are just ephemera which fade away with raining drops. Then why do whole world blames the lamp to attract & shed its wings?” 

Your age can’t measure your maturity But your experiences can.”

“A person can never change in one day…
Because words take a few moments to take birth while actions need time….”

“Past plays an essential part in shaping the future, either ways, good or bad ” 

“It’s always better to take risk and fail rather than waiting for someone else opinion to start a task exclusively for you “

“Choices always give us new hopes and destinations.
Survival is just a part of it. Most important is if we enjoyed or not for the choices we made”

“Good things always last for a few moments”

“We can never expect a right answer using a wrong question”
“Many sights we see around are not the same they are
We make our own definitions & assume it to be true🔥
It’s easy to utter about own death before others. It’s more difficult to repeat the same when it’s about someone we love fondly”
“A glowing candle burns inside
Giving light to many, as long as it exists
Not discriminating friends or foes.
But if a mayfly becomes its prey
The whole world blames the candle only
To attract it & shed its wings
Though mayflies are just ephemera
Which fade away with raining drops”
“Shining star & a glowing candle – They share the same story.
Both burn inside giving light to many
As long as they exist;
Not discriminating friends or enemies
But if a mayfly becomes its prey
The whole world blames the candle only
To attract mayfly & shed its wings”
“Sometimes it takes a moment to accept the reality
Sometimes even decades can’t!!!
And at rare times, a birth not enough”

No man can substitute a girl’s father”

When fear crosses all limits, you turn fearless🔥🔥”

If you are well aware of something that may happen in future, Prepare your mind for future events from today itself. It takes time of course, but it definitely works”

“Many pretend to be jokers in real life,
To make everyone around happy
But it doesn’t mean they are fools for others to humiliate
Jokers can be wise too…..
Because they have seen life more near than normal people”
“If you can’t adjust to a wrong situation
How can you be wrong?”
“Strangers can also co-exist in same space
But there won’t be any emotional bond🍁🔥💫
You may keep silent 1000 times
And may fight back for the 1001th.
But what to do
You will be judged for that single fight
People will never see your tolerance”
Humans are of four types….
Hyper emotional….
And totally frozen…..
To which category you belong to?”
“A male who can’t respect his mom can never appreciate or value any woman💓🤗”

“People find truth two ways. Some people open their eyes, observe and reach a conclusion. There is one more strange group of people who never open their eyes to see the truth, but close their eyes and feel the truth in a world of illusion & imaginations through mind eyes. To which category you belong to?”

Some incidences can change a person totally”
“You may not be wrong
But the truth that you can never deal with all types of people☹️😱
Every heart is designed unique
So, it’s better not to behave as someone else
Do what your heart says…..❤️❤️”
“A moment can make a big difference”
“Many things that exist in this universe
Even between you and me
Can’t be explained in any language
You can only feel it
No words, no proofs, no explanations💫🤗💕”
“Leave those wrongdoings
Sometimes our dear ones may not stand with your right doings too”
“Like water drops falling on lotus leaves
Like a horizon seen in infinity
Some relations and bindings, staying together
Only to share illusions of bonding, with our eyes 💔🍁😕”
“Those who are blessed with happiness and fortune mostly,
Can never understand the sorrows and pain of others.
Only thing they can do is to listen and pretend,
Understood everything”
“Behind one strong reason, there are 1000 untold reasons, which go unnoticed”
“There is so much to gain in this life
In some losses, we forget to see good things beyond it
And let time to go beyond hold of our hands”
“Disappointments sometimes play the role of the creator of another hope,
When there is no option left💕💕”
“It’s always wise to filter things before you say. The audience should be ready to hear what you say. Otherwise you will lose your mind giving explanations!! That’s intelligence”
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