Missing you

“When night rain drizzles on my fingers
I miss your presence
When I look upon the stars at night
I wish my moon be my side
The whole stars in the sky can’t count
The precious moments we lost together
And the whole memories we share together
Can’t tell how much I miss you💫🌪️”
“I miss me at many places”
“I miss all those magical moments which made us what we are, when we were together💫✨”
“How colorless life is, in your absence”

“I miss you in our conversations nowadays”

“I made up of 1000 parts
Each part holds a tint of you,
Which makes me feel alive
Even when I feel dead inside
In every cell which makes me;
Yet missing the most important part inside me
Which fully constitutes of you
And even all those 1000 parts
Can never fill that void space”
“Missed you many times in your presence
Felt your presence in many absent moments of yours too
Sometimes it feels very strange
Sometimes feel empty in heart
Sometimes mind is full of stars
And most times thoughts
Full of you 💫✨❤️”
“You revived each invisible version of mine with each unseen version of yours, touching unexplored parts of my soul. When you killed them one after another, a part of both you and me died inside me every time in silence, without any revival”
“I had closed my eyes long back
Towards all dreams
Because I was scared of dreaming.
Then you came, opened my eyes and
I dared to dream.
And then suddenly you vanished
Like a dream in the air
And my dreams too witnessed a sunset”
“You could have told a single word before you left”
“I miss those long conversations
I miss a lot
I miss you too😔✨💕”
“I don’t miss you like before”
“Those starry nights were once shining under full moon.
But after you left,
They are now brightened only by
The black moonlight, which is taking its last breath”
“Maybe you can bring back the memories,
Forgotten songs
Forgotten ways
Forgotten views
Forgotten habits
All that is forgotten
Except those who forgot you,
Except for those who pretended to be oblivious!!”
“I dream about repetitions
And the temporary happiness of beautiful nightfalls
To come near me for a few moments to stay
Yes, I just wish!!
Also the lost beat of heart,
Its music and rhythm
Yes, for just one moment to stay😌🥺
“Some pains can never be expressed or understood
Because such pains are without voices and tears”
“How many times I desired for just one heart-touching moment!!!”
“Nothing could fill the emptiness given by your silence
No words from anyone could console me when I needed”
“Relations which come in search of you can also leave you one day”
“Missing notes of my octaves
“Left without saying a word
Hope, will return. Right?😇”
“Where to go without you?
Wherever I go without you, I miss myself every time”
“You made me familiar with many,
Some people, many things.
Now, in your absence
I try to remain close to them
So that
I don’t miss your presence”
“I found myself in many places
Where I got a tint of you
Now, I miss you in same places
When my mind traverses same spaces”
“Not sure if there’s a return trip
On that path where I stumbled
In the pains shed 1000 times
In the fallen tears which went futile,
Were you present somewhere?
I don’t know, I know nothing
Am not standing here
To dig & find all answers to puzzles
That too, thinking
Even my shadow should never fall on you”
“Broken twilight🌅
Empty stars🌟🌟”
“Fallen twilights”
“Yesterday my timeline was pouring with rains. Today its shades are deepening with sunsets”
“When will I get a moment
When I can thank you for understanding my silence?”
“I miss me at many places,
Where we travelled together long ago.
Still now, we are continuing the same journey
I am the same, you are the same
Yet, everything looks different.
I miss you, I miss me too
Even the same sights look different,
Ever since seasons changed;
& Our words condensed into silence”
“Everything begins with an autumn and ends with an autumn”
“Every thought of yours is piercing me deep inside,
And every memory of yours.
I miss you that much
Come back soon”
“That full moon night for the first time
When you came smiling in the pretext as a stranger 💫✨
I was stuck as if we knew before.
Days have passed
Years have passed
Still I am stuck in that full moon night
Thinking about those moments
In hope,
You return in the pretext of a stranger
“Still now trying to fix that single part,
Missing in me”
“You are gone!
And my heart should accept it”
“They fill our hearts first
Then fill our eyes
Then they soak both our hearts and eyes
And go away from our lives forever!!!”
“Standing behind the mist,
You are slowly fading”
“Fading thoughts
And fading you
Like a mystery
Like an unsolved puzzle”
“Our stories will turn folklore
If you don’t bring back life to them”
“Your eyes beyond my sight
Your ears beyond infinite leaps of distance”
“Now, only my shadow exists
Without you🖤🖤”
“You brought me out of my comfortable shell and suddenly disappeared. Now I can’t tolerate this intense heat of sun or go back to the shell which is already broken”
“I was waiting for the winter snowflakes given by you
To blossom once again in my rose buds.
But by that time, you had gone
Without even waiting for me”
“If you can’t understand my pain yet
I’ll say you don’t know me yet”
“If you have looked deep into my eyes,
My love would have stopped you from going”
“Missing you in my posts💚💚💙💙”
“I never faked true feelings
I only faked happiness
But always left it for you to decode.
Even while everything was falling apart
In your true tears & loud silences,
I was trying to pick your broken parts,
Put up in my thoughts & words,
Only for you to read,
Even while I was fully broken inside”
“In a winter you left me without a word
Even though many autumns have fallen
I am still sitting there under the shade of a tree
Waiting for you to come back like a new spring”
“Still waiting in the same bench
To get drenched with you once again”
“Once upon a time in a spring
A rainbow blossomed only for us
When you left me all alone
You took away all of our seven colours too”
“Someone who you won by a battle
Don’t lose/leave her with your silence”
“It has stopped raining in my dreams
You have stopped raining in my dreams”
“The sky full of stars appears empty
When you are not with me”
“Things which you know
But never understood✨🌪️”
“Can earth light moon often for a few hours,
When he goes completely missing during daytime?”
“If you claim someone’s heart,
Never leave them in the middle”
“The chapter I left reading when you left
Is still waiting for you to complete”
“In most cases
Till the moment someone disappears,
We are absolutely clueless”
“Like the gulmohar flowers that bloom in summer
Your memories bloom in me in fiery red
And embers me in high flame,
When you are not around”
“If my love is not strong enough to call you back from where you are, I have never loved you at all!!”
“When you left that day without saying anything, I assumed you will return as usual. But you never turned up. You vanished in thin air & kept me wondering why. I am still waiting at the same sunset point, where you left suddenly”
“Many twilights have fallen🌅
Still I am waiting on the side of that path
Where you left me alone,
In hope…..
You may get lost in that path one day
And return back to me”
“When you repeatedly asked me,
“What worries you”,
I repeatedly told the same thing
“I just wish I could tell you”
I didn’t know then
You already read my thoughts and worries.
Though I kept waiting,
Why till this moment,
You never addressed it,
Tormented me in more worries & left?”
“My mind travels through different roads at the same time,
But I can’t find a single road that leads to you”
“Happy or sad,
Listening to some songs are always painful💫✨💓”
“I miss all versions of you
And I lost all of them one after another”
“Memories are not forced
They get fixed in our souls.
When their presence is missed
They are just created in our thoughts”
“Even if gone from view
Some people shine as stars from distance”
“I lost my chaos in you
When I found me inside you.
I found them again
When I found you missing somewhere”
“I was happy when you stayed with me as a breeze
Never missed your soul.
But ever since you left for another shore,
I started searching glimpses of your missing soul
Everywhere I go, everything I see”
“Created different versions of you,
Like moon on different days.
Made me miss all of them
And I felt like I lost each one forever!!⬛️◼️◾️▪️”
“Some habits
There are induced in you by someone
Habits of separation…
And so many more.
First starts with short breaks
And then slowly increasing
So that even if they leave one day
It won’t hurt you
You stop expecting,
Won’t complain
You will get used to it”
“You took me to many places –
I am not familiar with.
Now I am lost as a stranger at many places
Where you left me”
“I can understand you,
But many times
I can’t understand myself
That’s the problem
And I don’t know
How to fix it😨🙃💫🌪️”
“I searched you in everyone
And found a bit of you in all
I searched you everywhere
And found a bit of you
In those darkest clouds of star-less nights
In the crescent moon of starry night
Beneath the oceans
Above the mountains
And every bit of me
Which makes me somewhere
A bit of you”
“I am missing you so much dear
And our old days”
“I am still standing at the fork you left in a blink of an eye,
Without knowing which road you took”
“While I was stuck in an endless corridor-
In search of light
I found another soul in darkness.
Together we began our journey,
Talking to each other, sharing each other
Till we reached the end of tunnel.
There we found dawn at last,
We parted & began our new journeys”
“I lost my sun and moon together
And this broken star was left alone
Without any skies🌠🌠”
“Not every feeling is spoken through words,
But through actions, which need to be understood.”
“Disfigured love”
“Nothing is alive without you”
“I miss you in some songs,
I used to sing for you”
“I retain my life in hope
You would return”
“If the person who you trust most, leaves you silently, without telling a reason, how will you take it? How will you handle the situation?”
“When you travel back through certain memories
Sometimes they feel like they hardly existed once as beautiful moments.
Reality or Virtual Reality 🔥
How easily things change!
How easily they are snatched away without any reason.
Everything is unpredictable!! 🌪️💫💓”
“I often wear autumn smiles as mask
To hide all my sorrows,
Because fall gave me so many smiles
Which all lost springs couldn’t.
Though all seasons have gone,
Some memories are still left”
“Some people stay with us as memories”
“Falling raindrops pat me
Like fireballs.
Your memories
Haunt me that much”
“I am the same, talking to you in same shade
So, you won’t miss me
But when you colours you in another shade every time
It’s me who miss you always”
“Nothing bothered me
Sorrows, grievances,
Present, future… nothing
When you stayed with me 🙂”
“If you can talk a lot about me to yourself
Why can’t you share it with me?
Even if you are not sharing with me,
Those vibes do reach me”
“Gone moments never come back
Gone people rarely turn back”
“Hurting me as multiple persons
When I am not even able to get over the grief of one”
“Searched everywhere
Nothing can fill the void left by you”
“Many who leave us often stay with us in some other form. Maybe recognized, and most times not!!”
“It’s not that easy to stay calm with a handful of faded memories and nothing else”
“You left this virtual timeline sometime back
Maybe we meet again in some another timeline💞”
“If you don’t return, how I live right now, I will live like this for the entire life, totally broken, without smile, without any hope to live. Do you want to see me like this?”
“My moon disappeared from my skies on such a dark night
And I am still fondling its moonlight”
“Travelled through the same path
We both travelled together in the past
In hope to meet you again”
“A ripped part of my heart is searching you
Deep inside me
Travelling through the paths our memories travelled,
In hope we will meet again in some virtual world”
“Some people stay with us as moments💫🌪️
Some as memories💙💙”
“Some deep conversations come once in a lifetime!!
Sometimes with people we never met before” #Memories 
“You have forgotten the path to my blue hills long back”
“You insisted on staying connected with you every moment,
But later went totally disconnected without telling reason”
“I miss you in some song lyrics
They give a different meaning now”
“There exists thousands of words and poems
Which I wish to hear from you.
When we both stand at the infinite ends of corridor
Without seeing each other,
We loss many memorable things together.
Some precious moments,
Some priceless words,
Many colourful seasons
And much more!!”
“There exist thousands of stories which we missed together”
“Created different versions of you,
Made me miss all of them
And I felt like
I lost different persons forever!!💫🌪️”
“When you were here to tell about you
I never missed you this much”
“How can’t I see you,
When you stand beside me
Raining in thoughts
Raining in my breaths
Pondering as my memories
And everything”
“Some people initiate new habits in you.
Even after they have gone,
Those habits stay with you for a long time,
Perhaps forever 😴😴”
“Are late springs similar to colourful autumns?
They spread colours infinite
And fade away at a stroke
Without any return!”
“Some songs are unbearable to listen
Because they wrap me as pain & memories associated with you”
“People stay or not,
They make rooms for themselves in hearts when they come to stay,
And when they vacate the rooms and go,
Rooms stay void, unfilled”
“From the day you left, nothing remains the same💖🌪️ 💔”
“How much I miss you…
How much I miss our old days”
“Your thoughts deepen every moment
Turning deep red, in your absence”
“Your thoughts wrap me instead of you.
Missing you❣️❣️”
“Seasons keep repeating
But none of them show signs of your return”
“If I can find you,
Why can’t you find me?”
“We share the same sun beams
The same moonlight
Stars and breeze,
Though we are distance apart”
“Some people stay behind memories
And never come forward”
“From broken heart💔
To double heart💕
And from there,
To missing single heart ❤️
Again a sweet journey to colliding souls 💞
And back to a dark single soul 🖤
The journey was nothing short of a fiction🙂🙂”
“Temporary people
Temporary happiness”
“I just want to reverse time so that I can meet you again”
“I miss you in parts and missing me as whole”
“You are somewhere in the paths I pass
Only thing is,
I am not able to see you”
“Your memories keep me alive🖤”
“You left, gifting me thousands of words
To write poems for you”
“Very often I miss you in the lines I write
Because, slowly I am losing the grip of my soul”
“In the lines and pages, I once read about you,
Looking for you many times, in hope
I can find you again in some other form,
Or may read more about you.
Maybe you exist somewhere between lines
In faded letters, dots or coded form
Which I failed to read many times before”
“My galaxies fixed with my stars, are missing you too much”
“Without saying you are leaving,
In a nightfall in the monsoon
You left as usual,
After cracking jokes & bursts of laughter.
Infinite evenings have passed
I kept waiting for you, in hope
You will come as usual.
To spend in sighs with beautiful memories of past
& Write down lines for you,
That’s what left with me now”
“I miss you in some song lyrics
Many of them now have different meanings”
“Rain talks to me more than you
I wish many times,
You come in the pretext of
Heavy monsoon rains,
And talk to me unstoppable ☔️🌧️
As you used to be🙂”
“How long can I act as if nothing affects me?”
“I feel so void in your absence
Just like absence of stars make night skies meaningless”
“Sometimes missing someone truly makes you realize you fell in love, how deep it is & importance of that person in your life, for the first time in life. Later, when you miss the person every time, a part of your soul dies forever inside you every time”
“Without giving a reason
Why did you leave me silently?
Are you observing me silently?
Are you loving me silently?”
“Missing you in all lines I read”
“You never intended to stay.
After all, will wind stop anywhere?
It keeps moving”
“I am still searching you in all pages, which I read about you long ago
Still missing you everywhere”
“Missing you in all lines I write”
“It was raining that night
It’s raining tonight too ☔⛈️”
“When you distanced me without any reason,
We missed many precious moments and countless memories together”
“You could have left without hurting me.
But you didn’t…..”
“The ones who have gone far away
Will be coming back, Right ⁉️”
“Some people come with spring and leave with autumn fall”
“Missed you many times in your presence
Felt your presence in many of your absent moments too”
“I miss you inside me very often nowadays🙂”
“Why can’t evening stars convey my pain to you nowadays?
You are also missing among the visible stars for the last few days”
“I am still lost in the lavender hills
Where you left me last time”
“Our playhouse is drenching in rain
All the rain clouds have poured down
Still, you are missing”
“When you wanted me by your side,
I stood with you.
But when I want you by my side,
Why I miss your presence?”
“From the day you parted without saying goodbye
I am waiting for your return.
Nothing has changed
This me, full moon & the starry sky.
As desired always
When I found you just like me
Couldn’t go away even for a moment.
Standing close to your heart always
Though miles separate us”
“At first, our words travelled to the new world of silence
Then began short separations with promises of return
The gap went increasing every time
And when we both get used to long separations
You will never return, thus beginning a new habit”
“My waits are like flower buds 🌷🌷
Waiting to bloom at your footsteps”
“When your whole universe revolves around someone, your world crumbles totally, if they leave you suddenly, so unexpected without telling anything & keep you guessing. Nothing on earth can bring you back your lost peace unless you know why they left you silently. In short – Ghosting!”
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