Missing you

“When night rain drizzles on my fingers
I miss your presence
When I look upon the stars at night
I wish my moon be my side
The whole stars in the sky can’t count
The precious moments we lost together
And the whole memories we share together
Can’t tell how much I miss you💫🌪️”
“I miss me at many places”
“I miss all those magical moments which made us what we are, when we were together💫✨”
“I made up of 1000 parts
Each part holds a tint of you,
Which makes me feel alive
Even when I feel dead inside
In every cell which makes me;
Yet missing the most important part inside me
Which fully constitutes of you
And even all those 1000 parts
Can never fill that void space”
“Missed you many times in your presence
Felt your presence in many absent moments of yours too
Sometimes it feels very strange
Sometimes feel empty in heart
Sometimes mind is full of stars
And most times thoughts
Full of you 💫✨❤️”
“I dream about repetitions
And the temporary happiness of beautiful nightfalls
To come near me for a few moments to stay
Yes, I just wish!!
Also the lost beat of heart,
Its music and rhythm
Yes, for just one moment to stay😌🥺
“Some pains can never be expressed or understood
Because such pains are without voices and tears”
“Not sure if there’s a return trip
On that path where I stumbled
In the pains shed 1000 times
In the fallen tears which went futile,
Were you present somewhere?
I don’t know, I know nothing
Am not standing here
To dig & find all answers to puzzles
That too, thinking
Even my shadow should never fall on you”
“That full moon night for the first time
When you came smiling in the pretext as a stranger 💫✨
I was stuck as if we knew before.
Days have passed
Years have passed
Still I am stuck in that full moon night
Thinking about those moments
In hope,
You return in the pretext of a stranger
“Things which you know
But never understood✨🌪️”
“I can understand you,
But many times
I can’t understand myself
That’s the problem
And I don’t know
How to fix it😨🙃💫🌪️”
“I searched you in everyone
And found a bit of you in all
I searched you everywhere
And found a bit of you
In those darkest clouds of star-less nights
In the crescent moon of starry night
Beneath the oceans
Above the mountains
And every bit of me
Which makes me somewhere
A bit of you”
“Not every feeling is spoken through words,
But through actions, which need to be understood.”
Image source: Pixabay
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