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Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 4

“A smile in pain has a thousand meanings❣️❣️”   “When loved ones leave our lives without saying anything, How many stories they leave incomplete as unsolved puzzles!!!”   “In every moment I forgot to...


Missing you

“When night rain drizzles on my fingers I miss your presence When I look upon the stars at night I wish my moon be my side The whole stars in the sky can’t count...


Heart Strings – Part 6

“Far or near, irrespective of the worlds Souls meant to meet will meet someday💫✨ Sometimes at the most unexpected time, When you had some other future plans made Yet everything will be changed forever,...


Heart Strings – Part 4

“Trying to hold all broken parts together And I am sure, We will succeed one day💫✨❤️”   “You give those special heart beats no one else can💖”   “Whatever happens, I stay with you🤗🤗❤️”...


Love And Tears – Quotes

Love and Tears – Two extremes……. Sometimes, intense love can offer you tears as gift while in most cases eyes burst into tears when love betrays. Through this column, I have expressed a few...