Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 4

“A smile in pain has a thousand meanings❣️❣️
“When loved ones leave our lives without saying anything,
How many stories they leave incomplete as unsolved puzzles!!!”
“In every moment I forgot to cry in front of you,
My love was hidden🌪️✨🦋”
“Saying goodbye to someone you never met! Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever gone through?💔”
“Do not imprison hearts you do not want to own”
“No more leaves left to fall
Waiting for your arrival.
No more seasons left to bloom
Waiting for my day”
“A return trip to the world of old pains
As I am not used to new pains😪”
“The wind that blows now has the chillness of winter
Many of the withered flowers were carried away by the last fall
Breeze carried away all the fragrance that came to me lost in path during last spring
The hot blossoms of summer were washed away by monsoon too”
“I really hope
You will read my unseen tears some day”
“Sometimes we keep holding some pains as prisoners, as we don’t want to lose them”
“Learn to carry pains which you can’t afford😐”
“When will you restore my heart back?
Something which you took away with you,
With no intention to hold”
“Fallen flowers carry unseen tears”
“To go far away from someone
When I was so close,
Is the hardest battle I ever fought!!”
“Your anger is hotter than the summer sun”
“If you own a melting heart,
It’s not easy to stay away from pain
It keeps haunting you at regular intervals
With or without reasons”
“When we retell our stories every time
You keep changing your character,
While I remain the same😐
Fixed at a single space”
“Whenever I open windows to past,
To pick once again, those broken memories,
It’s painful to realize
Most of them have lost colours
Most of them have lost vitality.
Sight lost,
Fragrance lost,
And slowly moving away as mirage
From my sight, as dark shadows”
“Stars went missing from my night skies,
Moon too
And my whole galaxy is dark
Under the eclipse“
“To take me away from this prison of loneliness,
All these agonies and sufferings,
Away from all those who smile behind masked faces,
I hope, you will come one day unexpected ~Death”
“Will there be an end to all the waiting???”
“Some may wait for years without receiving any promise, with a single belief that they will not give up. But when those hearts go unrecognized when the other person walks away assuming ‘I didn’t give you hope or any assurance’, there is no substitute for that pain in this world”
“Never love anyone beyond the limit💗
Only you will suffer at end💜🍁💫🖤”
“It’s not easy to step out of the hearts
Without knowing the reason,
What fault occurred!!
It won’t take your life,
But not allow to live in peace either.
It’s really painful to burn inside as embers
As long as you exist in this world.”
“Many springs passed by
One of them gasped for a while,
And stopped there, before passing further
To remind me, all springs have not fallen.
Yet when I look back
Rooted winters are many,
No leaves, no flowers
Frozen ice everywhere,
Reminding me of
White blanket of death.
Yes, Colour remains same!”
“Every fallen flower has a story to tell
Unseen tears too!!!”
“Some songs are unbearable to listen
Because they wrap me as pain & memories associated with you💔”
“Some memories are like white rain clouds,
They have moisture, yet don’t rain.
But they are hot enough to
Smolder you in deep pains”
“People give me more tear flowers than smiles”
“I lost myself as a stranger at many places,
Where we travelled together in the past”
“In front of the silent door
I waited for ages
For answers
For love
My words cannot penetrate
The locked glass door
And they are falling down like snowdrops
How many winters have snowed!
How many years have fallen like clouds
The story continues through ages
And I am still waiting”
“My moon has always been different on different days”
“I took extra care not to transform moments to memories,
But it happened”
“I am living in duality!!”
“I can stay like mountain before huge storms
But silly things can take away too much from me🙁
#Overthinking 🥺😓”
“Do you know,
Clouds also have pain”
“Have you ever felt my tears in your eyes?
Yes, I do
But I am not sure
If you are aware of it”
“If my heart should accept the reality,
I should move far away from you”
“Never abandon those who have been abandoned once”
“Like water drops falling on lotus leaves,
You are drifting away from me.
Like those drops insulated from leaf by wax,
I can’t hold you, can’t own either”
Sometimes everything fall short…..🚶‍♀️”
“Why do I feel, we hurt most
Or we get hurt most by those who we love most?”
“Every fallen leaf has a story to tell
Each chapter of my story I failed to tell you
Each chapter you never tried to listen”
“Why often do you forget me, who just waits for you to blink your eyes once?”
Silent sunsets always tell me one thing,
“Nothing stays with you forever”
“How long will I keep painting your colours,
When I am deprived of my own rainbow!!”
“Music can bring two hearts together,
Rhyming them in a single note
Later same rhythms can pierce heart into pieces
When you are left alone”
“Perhaps we will meet in some another world
That’s what destined to be”
“We hold some pains for the sake of others,
Burning us too🔥🔥”
“Someone who I loved
Broke my heart to thousand pieces
And each broken part
Is loving back in thousand ways
As thousand souls”
“When you become angry every time,
It creates permanent scars on my moon-like face”
“You broke me into thousand parts
And I always tried to heal you with my broken parts
But now, when none of my broken parts are left
How can I keep healing you?”
“When everyone lived their lives, I forgot to live mine. I too lived for others”
“You brought me closer to life
Now that life is going far away from me”
“Alone in thoughts
Alone in shadows
Alone as always”
“Some storms are catastrophic
When they hit souls rather than places🌪️✨”
“Still in search of my foolish dreams
Which fell with raindrops and broke on earth
Still in search of my momentary hopes
Which set with nightfall rising in repeated mode”
“When those who you bear in your heart make you feel heavy
You can’t put your heart weight down in front of them”
“A birth left with only questions, without answers!!”
“Some moments come only to remind your lost pains
So are some people”
“Moments can die, but not memories”
“When you broke me every time
I keep fixing both of us
Now no more energy left,
Nor I!!”
“Promises given in silence
Are like lines drawn in water.
How easily some people erase them
Without leaving any traces!!”
“Many times, you torment me like an unfinished picture”
“You torment me in the scorching heat of separation
And I blossom as a red gulmohar of hot summer 💔”
“Might have felt bored
Might have built a world without me
Without even giving an explanation
Somewhere you disappeared
But it goes without saying
I truly deserved a good bye”
“Though I am dead in your heart long back
You still stay as an unwithered flower inside mine”
“When you have moved on to new worlds without me,
Why should I stay here waiting?
When you can’t even read my pain,
What more should I expect?”
“I used different colour pens
To write about you.
But when I look back now
All colours appear black
So, I wonder, it’s all my illusion?
Did I ink everything in black,
When I was colour-blind in love?”
“If excessive happiness always precedes excessive sadness
Why excess grieves never brings excess happiness?
Like spreading from one wave to another
Why there are no low tides other than increasing intensity like high tides?”
“Walking through a rusted bridge
Which stands between the worlds of reality and illusion🔥 “
“A lonely journey across a rusted rope bridge hanging between the worlds of reality and illusion to an unknown destination with hope. Not sure where it will land even if it breaks. Maybe someday it happens! Not sure! Until that moment there is no thought beyond trying to sustain life”
“Many people come to life, lost their way.
Once they find the way, you will go back!
Just to teach what love is
Some stray into our lives
Some people, stories and experiences!!!”
“I may pretend to leave
In hope, you will call me back.
But what if, you never realize
What I have been waiting for!!”
“Each time you are rejected
Old memories will come back
With the raging of the storm,
All just a reminder!!”
“You move from one form to another,
Sometimes taking a tint from previous one,
And most times without.
Yes, not a pure transition;
Just paradoxical!!”
“Habit of losing to dear ones
As always💗”
“If you had ever added my shades to your rainbow
If you had ever felt my tears in your eyes
You would have never left me!!
Yes, you also proved to me like others,
You are not different from others”
“Being loved >> To love❣️❣️
Being hated >> To hate 💔💔”
“A day will come when
You start searching me in my silence,
And also the words I poured like rain.
But you won’t find me again,
Because I might have already started
Travelling to a new world,
Where I will never be a disturbance to you again”
“When to hold someone
When to let go
I wish someone give guidance to heart!!”
“Can’t you imagine a state where you have to accept everything that is happening around you without being able to recognize whether you are dead or insane?”
“Will love fade with time?”
Let them go….. I will survive somehow😊”
“Countless were my sad and happy moments
Which I desired to share with you.
But you were not here
And I remained half alive, like a shadow without soul”
“Some will gain
Some will lose
Some will both gain and lose
In love”
“I really wish I get a boat
Which can carry my feelings to you”
“As pure as white
As deep as blue
As vibrant as red
As evergreen as green
As inky as black
Love has so many shades🌈🌈
So is grief in true form😐”
“Though I assured through words and hints
I will never do anything to harm you,
You didn’t believe my words enough”
“You might have stopped loving me
But you can’t stop me from loving you”
“When the vast sky leaves the star fixed on his heart,
What will she do?
She will feel like abandoned
And she falls off saying, I trusted you most!!”
“Pain is sufferings unanswered!!”
“You crushed my heart into a thousand pieces
And it’s fine🤗
From new moon to full moon,
From high notes to low notes
When you are traveling at your own will,
Someday, some part of my broken heart
May find you again!!”
“After giving you all the love I have left to give,
I will be going far away from you
To the distance you can’t call me back”
“Forgetting is good to forget those who forgot us!!!”
“A little happiness followed by a lot of griefs
Some people come and leave this way”
“For those who come to us with lost memories
May those memories never come back!!
May be a selfish thought
But just we desire so 🙂😇”
“My thoughts have the fluttering of cloud drops
Staying in clouds.
Waiting to fall,
But not wishing to fall on ground to get scattered”
“Feeling alone even in your company
I stay alone in my lonely world”
“When your presence is painful,
Your memories are enough to survive💜🍁🌪️”
“It was really hard for me to realize
I never fit into a place,
Which I once believed is mine.
It was my trust in you
Which forced me to occupy that space.
Now I have been displaced to nowhere
Without even telling reasons,
Which makes me hard to believe
What really happened”
“My waits have always been infinite
And all those have been silent,
Without any words or complaints
Yet in repeated mode”
“My waits have turned frozen in this chilled winter
So, am I”
“In an attempt to escape from all your shades
Often I hide myself from me”
“A return journey is not possible
That leads to my world of dreams and desires🦋
Because I slipped & fell down on my path somewhere
Along with thousands of assumptions and imaginations
Woven by my mind to complete that dream journey💜💔😞”
“How long can you hold people from going,
Who tempts to go?”
“It’s sad, not to be understood by anyone
Being misunderstood is even more heartbreaking” 
“My galaxies fixed with my stars, are missing you too much”
“I never knew when you let my hand go.
I never knew you had already left.
I have been in the illusion since long
You are staying with me like an invisible breeze”
“How long can we bind ours to each other,
When there is nothing left!!!”
“Miles apart
Hearts of yours and mine💔”
“Maybe I don’t exist when you return back
Maybe it’s the revenge you are waiting for”
“It’s hard to hold something which never existed!!!”
“It pains more
When it’s only you who is holding”
“How long can skies hold a star,
When all that star wants is to fall!”
“I really wish you travel at least once,
The path through which
I travelled multiple times to-and-fro
All alone!”
“All the colours of my rainbow have now turned black🖤🖤”
“As time deepens
You are moving far away from me
Your new destinations
Your new habits,
Which my heart
Always fail to connect”
“I am lost in some parts of you
Which is now hard to recover”
“My skies have now turned black
I am no longer able to see you🖤”
“In those hundreds of tear drops
Which went hiding,
I said without saying
A thousand of my sufferings”
“Can you see me again???”
“You pour as rain in my dreams
And appear as heatwaves in reality”
“The worlds where you led me
Holding my hands
Are now feeling deserted
After you left without saying anything”
“The peace I got in your embraces
I searched a lot
But never found again!
It looks like
I lost me in those embraces forever
Never to find me again!!”
“Falling star never keeps account of the time, sky held him in her heart😪🌠🌠”
“How long will I keep reading unwritten pages of your book in between the lines? Tired now”
“Today also I asked the floating clouds,
If there is any message for me.
And they replied,
Wind took it away with her”
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