Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 2

“Only broken parts are meant to stay forever💔”
“You fixed bright stars in my dark clouded sky,
Never meant to rain anyway.
When they started brightening my skies,
And my dark clouds pouring down slowly,
How can those white clouds judge me wrong saying
How you dared to dream,
Those bright stars are not here to stay
You are only meant to dark world💫❤️”
“I have an ocean of words to spell
Yet converging everything in a single tear drop”
“My love letters written on autumn leaves were never read🍁💔”
“My dark skies devoid of stars💫✨
And filled with dark clouds
It won’t outpour as well
Instead will smolder and diminish forever,
And who cares!!!”
“My intuitions have never been wrong, sometimes beyond logic and whenever I ignored it, mostly paying attention to some person’s words or opinion, it has costed me big…..too big😓😓”
“My deep pains never show up
It gets stumbled in deep silence without voice”
“It’s just a myth
Others will understand you”
“How many loved ones simply walk away because they are not called back !!!”
“Not sure if there’s a return trip
On that path where I stumbled
In the pains shed 1000 times
In the fallen tears which went futile,
Were you present somewhere?
I don’t know, I know nothing
Am not standing here
To dig & find all answers to puzzles
That too, thinking
Even my shadow should never fall on you”
“Some people are only bothered about tasks accomplished, not the human emotions associated with it🍁🔥”
“No relation ends in a single word
No one parts with you in a single day
It’s a process;
A long journey from past to present,
And reach at an extreme point where
Even saying ‘good bye’ becomes irrelevant”
“I also have a lot to say
About those helpless moments
I cried before you
With tears or without
With your knowledge or without 💫💜🍁🌪️💔”
“I always count my mistakes than others”
“Convincing ourselves is more important than convincing others”
“Good byes are amazing if we have hope to meet again”

“You will understand the value of my tears only if you understand how people treated me in life”

“Each person wants different kind of love.
Lucky are you if you meet someone who is in search of same kind of love you can give😅
“Can you please make me your stranger?”

“There is an extreme level of sufferings, stress, pain and being getting hurt. Beyond that, what should it be called?”

“I often wonder why so much tears in the eyes of those who have always made others smile 🙂

Jokers in life forever🥺”
“Happiness is always a stranger who smiles at you if he is pleased
Mostly those smiles are short”
“Can shadows call you back?”
Why can’t you take my life? I can’t tolerate this pain”
I was only a substitute
And here I prove
I am the best substitute of the world”
“If there is no separation, meetings are colourless”
“When a deep grief is not addressed, it gets added every time when it happens next time. It ever settles down. Some griefs are to be dissolved forever before culminating to next stage🍁♾”
“We may get many people to share also… Yet some pains and emotions are specially meant for someone. No one else can take away that pain “
“Neelakurinji blossomed and withered forever
Now no spring can wake it up
Even the magic that happens
Once in a Jupiter year
Neelakurinji is dead”
“I broke down in front of you many times,
Completely shattered.
But you never lend your hand anytime”
“Once upon a time I had a beautiful dream”
“Some pains are specially meant for someone💞💫”

“Some people we manage to leave easily. But for some, may even take years & decades to take decision to leave, especially if those are connections related to heart. But once done it’s over. As you take more time to get over a relation, it’s that much harder to give them again access to heart too.”

“It’s possible people may misbehave with you, without knowing your real story. But those who, after knowing your story, use it as a weapon to hurt you, trigger your pains & if in case you respond to their bad behavior, leave you in your bad situation, I believe humanity is zero in such people”
“How much can you hurt yourself for someone?”
“Whole world is simply ‘fake’
If you try to find something real,
With a true heart with good intentions,
You will get only disappointed”
“Unless we share the same story
No one understands our plight. Right?”
“Why can’t you leave me if you don’ want me?🍁”
“You should be able to know how my heart has been created bit by bit from broken parts. You should be able to see how I picked myself every time I fell down. Then only you will know how to treat my unhealed parts. If you assume my heart is same as others, you are totally mistaken”
“A single moment of happiness can make you forget thousand painful moments…. many times 💓”
“When you light the candle, it starts burning inside me”
“From end to beginning👀👀”
For healing, we should stop scratching. It keeps tempting us to do so, so that we won’t get out of our past traumas and wounds stay fresh. Real challenge is how long you can keep yourself away from past traumas and memories, which may lust you to think over again”
“Why my sorrows and pain get displaced by new set of sorrows only?
Even if displaced by happiness, it’s for short term😕
“Every pain, when you experience first is intolerable. But when it keeps repeating, your mind, experiencing it again and again, gets more courage to fight with it, and slowly you get used to it. It won’t pain like before.”
I lost all my colours and my spring
Yet you are still saying “Everything is ok””
“A strange feel when you are holding someone’s hand
Yet it doesn’t belong to you😌🍁🌪️
“I dream about repetitions
And the temporary happiness of beautiful nightfalls
To come near me for a few moments to stay
Yes, I just wish!!
Also the lost beat of heart,
Its music and rhythm
Yes, for just one moment to stay😌🥺
“You start loving the most painful moments too
When you start feeling,
Perhaps my tomorrow may never promise me
Those rolling tears too”
“I rented colours in your rainbow for a few moments
You were stupid to assume those colours belong to you”🌈
“It would have been nice if I too become an important chapter in someone’s life, a chapter to turn back again and again”
“At our worst times, even our close ones turn enemies.”
“Ya, I have learnt to struggle alone throughout my life. Nobody really cares”
“Some chapters of life are written to be forgotten💔🔥💜”

“While we are alone in life going through bad times, if we have our dear ones with us, with who love spending time, we may not all think anything; just enjoy those moments, fun & feel happiness most. Overthinking mostly happen in insecurity, worries, maybe some troubling questions in wait for an answer”

“Overthinking would have never stuck me this much, if you had filled by void moments with long talks & laughter as we used to be, or simply talked in silence. When I am alone, my voids get hit with unanswered questions which I had left with you long back, still in wait for answer”

“Sometimes you turn blind in love, you never care, the other person loves you or not, cares or not, humiliates you or not. You can be right or wrong, but that time, your love is only the right thing in your eyes💥💜🍁💔”
Distance between hearts starts at the point where words reach nightfall 🖤🌪️

“No relation survives showing good side only”

“Infinite attempts are not enough sometimes
Though done wholeheartedly
Because most of us always search for perfectness
Though nobody is perfect”
We are loving as strangers🍁🔥💕”
“Some pains can never be expressed or understood
Because such pains are without voices and tears”

“Wish you were one of the stars among us. This world would have been treated me better”

“Many married women still now suffer in the fumes of Sati, even though it’s not real fire, but mental agony. People will keep pushing her again and again into that fire if she tries to escape, teaching her responsibilities of woman and duties towards her man🍁”
“We never exchanged anything,
Not even false promises
Yet I was sure,
You will never break my trust💜”
I believed many times
My absence will make you feel empty
Every time you proved me wrong🍁🥺”
I want to go far away from you♾”
“I started losing sleep when I started fixing everything. Why?🤨🍁😤”
“Ya, it takes some time to accept the truth and convince ourselves. May be the remaining years left on this universe enough🍁”
“I saw so many familiar faces around me, with fake emotions and crocodile tears. I believed many and told my sad story. Yes, everyone listened my words. Many could have lend their hands as well. Everything in their reach, but in infinity from my side. But no one really cared🍁💫💔”
“When I was drowning in dark, I cried aloud in help. Everyone carrying lamps in hands were listening in shore. Some said, let her die. Some said, she will survive somehow. Some said, there is no water in pool. Everyone gave their own opinions, but none cared to give a helping hand🍁🪔”
Sometimes everything fall short…..🚶‍♀️”
“Have you ever experienced a situation when you are fully broken, yet had to prove to yourself and pretend to others, ‘Nothing really happened’?”
When a deep grief is not addressed, it gets added every time when it happens next time. It never settles down. Some griefs are to be dissolved forever before culminating to next stage🍁🌪️”
“Nobody really cares you, my baby
Better take care of yourself💃💃”
I gained and lost🍁💔”
Paying guests living together🍁”
Yes, I tried a lot from my side to touch your expectations,
Even after knowing I may not reach there.
Yes, different people have different expectations,
Who to blame!!!🍁💔”
“Everyone think about their lives and happiness
After all it’s the right thing to do in the short life span.
I don’t know why I never gained courage –
To dream about my happiness and peace,
Thinking it will hurt everyone.🍁🥺💔🦋”
“Every time you hurt me,
I change that each moment to a heart beat of mine💓💫”
Yes, I still remember each and every moment I fell short of your expectations. But do you?🍁🥺”
Is there anything beyond tears to express real emotions? These wasted drops are not enough many times”
“I never want to become the cause of anyone’s tears
Either knowingly or unknowingly.
But the biggest irony is
I can’t expect the same from any”
“If you were born as my tears,
I would have never cried thinking
I may lose you ” #translated #Copied
“To return back to the raindrops
To drop forever💧💧”
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