Eyes have thousands of stories to tell

Eyes reserve thousands of lost dreams too.

Sometimes they try to ponder meanings of inner soul

While words always hesitate to express.

When all sorrows on earth stand still in

Those shining eyes which are in search of answers

Who can see that tear drop hidden in eye lashes,

The silent witness of everything!

Visible are those waves of blue seas only

While everything hidden smartly beneath.


Yes, those tear drops, forced to hidden in sea depths

Also have a lot to say.

Cost they paid for everything;

Sad stories and lost dreams!

Yet can you find at least one who can

Decode the poetry written by those blue eyes?

Can you find at least one who

Measure the depths of those tear-filled eye twin fields?


When eyes play tunes

Lips try to accompany them with lyrics

Yet when words pretend and walk away

Helpless eyes try to reach them.

Again, when words try to pour

Silent expressions say, no!

Those still eyes and disappearing tear drops

What else is left now?

That tiny boat that sank deep in the seas of hope

Or those lost heart beats which rhyme with deep seas of sorrows?

Image source: Pixabay

#translation #originally written 1-2-2005 (2-08-2004)

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