Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes (Part 3)

These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera . Read first part here and second part here.

“It’s great if life gives us a second chance” 💔💔 #Meera 💕💕💜💜

How can you search your lost dreams in me and claim to find it?” #Abhi 🔥😢

Physical presence is nothing if distance between two hearts is infinite” #Hari💔🌪️

Is it an eclipse? Earth which was so beautiful till last moment suddenly looked dim, darkness spreading everywhere. Sky is filled with dark clouds, her mind too. ‘Have I done any mistake?’, when she asked this question to her mind, she pretended not to listen”
The sky filled with dark clouds started raining, on the return journey. Along with pouring rain, her words are raining, yet far away from the reach of Meera’s ears. Immersed in thoughts, she was sitting alone in a wonderland & her mind still filled with those dark clouds without raining”
“Some journeys, though short can change you totally as a person,
Either alone or in company with someone💜”
Slowly she started realizing, her mind is a crematorium now & the burning pyre belongs to her dreams & desires. A bad smell spread everywhere. Its silence scared her a lot. So many people present there, but she felt all alone & only she could see the pyre. Sky was still dark”🌪️🔥
Liking can be told in silence too”
“There was a time when mind used to give instant replies to all her questions. Now it keeps silent most times. Sometimes it sleeps deeply”
“Even the much expected answers can break your heart”
“Why can’t I feel happy with his silly things like before?
Silly things around too”
She didn’t sit beneath stars and moon as usual.
Didn’t tell them stories or tried to recollect good moments
She had already left that dream,
Which she always carried with less expectations”
She went numb😢🌪️🔥….. Null feelings🌪️”
Eclipse forever🌒🌚”
Physical presence is nothing if distance between two hearts is infinite”
He could easily sense seriousness in her talks🔥”

She scared that moment when everything goes out of control, while standing in the deep valley of lost dreams, and it happened🌪️🌪️”

Heavy heart …..Untold words…… Unheard words….”
If he can sense even minute changes in me, how can’t he find my broken dreams and me shattered? How long will we pretend?”
Everything doesn’t happen for a reason. It’s our mind which finds reasons to satisfy ourselves or fit our desires into current situations”
Her heart broke into infinite pieces with that response, though she was expecting the same”
Now she has learnt the art to smile when heart is too heavy to handle. Abhi couldn’t read the depth and meaning of her broken smile, and Meera didn’t try to make her understand too. ‘Let her read my smile if she can’, she told her non-responsive mind”
The art of smile 💔💔 🔥”
Is he pretending to know nothing or was everything just an illusion of mind?”
Endless corridor without any freedom!!”
Invisible wall starts to build up”
Her dreams were totally lost🦋🦋
Yet she succeeded to withstand everything
But it was his silence which devastated her completely”
This journey in the evening used to be so pleasant & enjoyable. Path is same, journey is same and sights are also same, but no more enjoyable. It looks like a never ending journey now. She was not observing wayside sights as usual”
A person who lost his dreams is a disaster”
If something is meant for you, you need not wait long. If you are still waiting for long, perhaps that was not meant for you”
Sometimes she feels, everyone loving her surplus. That love also turns heavy many times, when she wants to fly letting go everything”
When love turns heavy ❣️❣️😢”
Her mind started floating through the chilled valleys of a beautiful dream”
Clouds draw beautiful pictures on clear sky. Sometimes it appear as if they are building a playhouse”
Poets live in a crazy world, full of imaginations. They always feel like flowers and clouds are telling stories. Only they can portray nature as beautiful & poetic. Normal people can’t feel music in rain or assume rainbow, symbolization of hopes. They live in reality”
Sometimes poets are born when you leave dream world and touch reality. Intense poems are born when mind loses its rhythm”
Her mind filled with happiness after a long time, though she was unaware of its source”
He has started realizing the growing distance between their hearts. She felt so. Yes, the invisible thread binding two hearts has broken💔”
Sometimes it’s better to hold rather than telling.
Sometimes situations suppress our words and emotions too”
Invisible shades are more than visible ones”
What went wrong? Where I committed mistake? Can these waves give an answer? My problems are countless like these waves”
Two rebirths within 4 days🌪️🌪️
Soon after the rise as a phoenix from total destruction.
A downfall never in distant imaginations”
If you can’t read your own mind, how can you read someone else?”
“Events erasing last footprints of happiness
Yes, new memories can rewrite old ones”
Is mind losing its grip again?🌪️”
What happened? In mind’s dictionary, the word ‘doubt’ got lost forever. It got replaced with the word, ‘confirmation’.”
To loss faith in love for second time is not easy to accept at all”
We can feel pain for both reasons🦋🦋
1. When dreams are not fulfilled
2. When dreams are lost”
Why couldn’t my eyes drop a drop of tear then?”
When we fail to cry, we often get confused if we are really in pain or an illusion and hence no pain at all”
Why pain is always measured in tear drops?”
When you fail to cry, you make false assumptions that your mind is strong enough to withstand every pain”
When she laughed to prove herself strong and happy, she lost many things – real happiness, peace, last ray of hope, self confidence, good moments and above all, his love💔”
The thought that “I have won. I survived”, was only a fake coin put by fate before her. When she came into terms with it, everything was over. She travelled a lot from that point, and a return was not possible #TooLate “
Without any support, how mind adjusted everything and acted before everyone, as if nothing happened?”
She failed to draw line between right and wrong things. She failed to realize good and bad omens too”
She appeared more happy, and turned childish; started talking more, laughing more and never sat quiet at a place. She feared, others will read her mind if she turns silent. Fear has already swallowed her fully”
Never compare your story with another. It will never fit into theirs”
They talked more. But distance also grew more.”
The last day which he showed full freedom…… The last day she saw him in full happiness too”
“The last day, he showed full freedom was the last day she saw him in full happiness too”
Those expressive tears were like hidden words with thousand meanings”
We can wear masks and act…. Till we know each other”
I can’t exist in this world without that ray of hope”
It was only a prank. Did you take it serious?” #Thoughts
Her pain reflected in his eyes, or is it only an illusion?”
Her burning pyre has almost finished now”
Her burning pyre has almost finished now. Now it won’t torment any longer.
“Completely frozen”💜
She started forgetting the days, he used to openly talk to her”
Hours and years never determine closeness to someone. Sometimes a few moments can make a bond stronger than years could. Never judge the strength of a relation based on the count of days together, or the day from which a bond was established”
Every moment has been captured in memory. But all are lifeless”
The love which used to strike me like these roaring waves and fully intense…… Where has it gone?🌪️”
Are those waves bringing my answers from deep oceans?”
If darkness is the ultimate truth
Why night falls are born to give false hopes for short moments?
Why this cycle repeats?”
“Full moon is taking shower in the cloud ocean🌧️
Her friends, the stars are teasing her and twinkling around her💫💫
Moon is enjoying it🌝💜”

He showed freedom after a long time, to her surprise”

Those beautiful moments could be counted in finger tips”

Didn’t pay attention at first time. But as started thinking more, my dreams gained wings. It’s not to achieve, but to give some sort of happiness to my mind, which is already sinking in darkness. When mind struggles with lost dreams, do all humans behave so?”

“Giving false wings to lost dreams
To pacify mind and its distracting thoughts”
She unloaded her heavy mind every night into the world of stars and moon, and the next day, a new beginning as always”
Very often the weight of mind gives hindrance to tongue and words. Yet she succeeded to hide everything in her fake smiles and laughs”
“Still exist
Some stories
Unknown to you💜”
She missed those lonely moments where she unloaded herself”
She missed those lonely moments where she unloaded herself
“Missing solitude, night and stars”
I often act as I see nothing” #Abhi
When sufferings are gifted one after another without a gap, what left is a heavy heart only. A strange feel as if someone placed a heavy stone inside heart, nothing else. Yes, you can really sense it”
Can’t believe…. Everything is going to end without any meaning”
There are many things in this earth without any meaning and many things happen without reasons too”
Hurting someone by praising someone else in that person’s presence – One of the oldest formulae in romance. It’s a form of revenge also.”
For the first time ever, she felt lonely in the presence of someone, who took away loneliness from her”
She tried not to become silent”
Countless thoughts started to suffocate her and she gasped without breath”
“The feeling when the last ray of hope goes of hand,
Though the mind says it’s an illusion only”
She sat like a statue, emotionless and frozen, with a frozen candy bar in her hand”
Maybe because of his constant presence all these hours
She failed to handle the growing heaviness of her heart
And it started growing second by second”
When nightfall arrives, nature turns beautiful like a bride. But when she returns, she takes away with her whatever light rays which were left till then, & change the whole scene into darkness. Same is the case of spring too, which takes away with her even the last glimpses of blossoms.”
How many night falls have set till now and how many are remaining! Everything resembles this misty evening, hiding mysteries behind”
When she was consoling him, he was unaware of the fact that she was consoling herself”
“”It was her fault, yet she blamed him😉😀
“What’s it Hari? I would have fallen”

“If you trust me and give your hand, I shall never let it go””

“Beneath the stars they were walking together🌠🌠
The street was lonely and yellow street lamps opened eyes on either side
Her mind desired not to talk, and to walk silent
And this journey will be never ending too💫💫❣️❣️” 
#Meera 💕💕💜💜
They were four, enjoying the sip of tea
Beneath the yellow street lamps
Chilling cold & silence spread everywhere.
Suddenly both exchanged looks for a moment
And quickly withdrew too
They never looked at each other again”
After a long time she felt peace of mind. Her mind felt happiness for something. She safeguarded his sleep & stayed awake whole night, thinking such a day can never happen again. She glanced at him occasionally & felt his breathe so close. Only stars became eye witness”
When you are happy, you think everything positive. Negative thoughts easily creep into your mind, when you are mentally disturbed”
Myths & truths are just equals in reverse directions. Attachment to different objects and pains are different in different people”
Some circumstances bring memories back, if we experienced same moments before. But some memories are so powerful that they never leave our thoughts and hence never give the feel of remembering again”
From the waysides she tried to search and find something so fondly to her”
She has already forgotten the path she travelled long back. Yet she could recollect the same fragrance and it stayed with her like a companion, throughout the journey”
When I return back after this short journey
My lost dreams and loneliness will be there,
Waiting for me, at my doorsteps”
Distance between hearts made them strangers for a lifetime 💔💔”
Like an oscillating pendulum
Her mind swiftly moved between ‘Yes’ & ‘No’
Like repetitions of day & night
But without any pattern.
Her mind would have easily accepted a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’
Mind would have got a grip somewhere
And she could have taken a decision
If repetitions had never happened”
Repetitions made her an experiment object
When she starts believing in something
And starts processing mind accordingly
Events force her to think in reverse direction
Contradictory to her establishing beliefs
And this cycle never stopped.”
Is he reading her mind? She was clueless”
You are lucky if you can love someone sincerely”
Now I can’t find truth in anything, not even sorrows and sufferings. They also look unreal “
Her mind started fearing a lot when she received temporary reliefs. She expected big storms to happen soon”
“To prepare mind for something
And to suddenly withdraw from decision🔥🔥
Again prepare mind for something
But this time thinking in opposite direction😦🙄,
It’s not that easy”
“My heart is not fully dead now” – She felt surprised”
“Waiting for that day when I can remove my makeup”
With the basil garland I made for you
When I ran towards you to put around your neck
My heart was beating like another Meera
But why is your flute tune missing, my Lord Krishna❣️🌪️” 
“She didn’t hear anything
She didn’t see anything
She was in a hurry to lengthen-
The wick of her desire lamp
Before it sinks in desperation.
But sadly she couldn’t help.
Light was put off &
She watched the sight of her lamp –
Along with its wick, sinking forever”
Not to stray in thoughts again
She built a wall so high around her strong belief
So that no storm can touch her faith lamp again”
Till now I believed only whatever you told. I never opposed and believed your thoughts more than mine. But now my belief is more important….. Than me too”
What happiness do you receive hurting me?
If I do the same thing to you, will you forgive me?
Yes, I act. But have you ever tried to search its reason?
Yes, I am dumb. I can’t say anything
But are you blind? Can’t you see me?💔😪😢”
After a long time, sadness filled her mind as tears, slowly melting the rock placed inside. Slowly she started feeling the pain as her mind felt lighter than before”
How perfectly he acts!! She tried to pacify herself saying in thoughts, ‘Me also, not bad” 😂
She expected an explosion someday. But it never happened”
He hid an ocean of love for her. But he never felt the need to give at least a few drops😢”
Visuals around her turned dim all of a sudden,
When an eye drop each, blocked her eyesight
She felt the wetness & salt of tears after a long gap
And she never felt the need to give rest to both.
Finally she achieved the strength & courage
To cry ….. To cry for first time”
“Love is like a water current. You can feel its strength only when you swim against it. Similarly you know the intensity of love when you try to keep distance or go away from it. Can you believe in your love at least now” – Abhi
“I shall try to believe” – Meera😐 “
If you believe in ‘Yes’ it’s Yes. If you believe in ‘No’, it’s also right”
Whenever Abhi utters the word, ‘The end’, all words shed in silence and a feeling of desperation hunts her.”
Most intense love stories are those which go unknown, untold and unnoticed”
Am not like you. Simply can’t hurt someone who I love❣️❣️”
“It has always been a mix of truths and lies, where I am asked to decode. I decode a few while I fail in the rest”
The moment I felt my heart can’t hold it anymore,
I was to express everything
But was forced to hide it again the next moment
And the journey between those two moments was not easy!!
How many times I experienced this journey!!! #Repetitions
Those moments are not less than punishments
When we know each other,
Yet can’t comfort,
And keep straying in our own lonely planets”
“He is the most lucky person of the world…
Most unlucky too,
To be loved this much intense,
Yet still not aware”
It’s quite weird, when you have to act a part of the script without knowing the whole story”
I spent a lot of time and took this hard decision. It pained a lot to my surprise. Yet after a few moments, I was ‘OK’ 🤗”
I realize it now, though a little late…
His presence gave me the most painful moments”💔😦
Someone tried to bring back flame from ashes that’s to go out. But for the first time she pretended not to see it”
He is the most lucky person of the world… Most unlucky too”
Hearing this, she felt like ‘No burning husk in the whole world can give me atonement’
She started burning as another fire husk”🔥🔥
Most difficult is to stick on to a decision. Once it is done, mind itself find paths to fulfill it”
All the glimpses of the playlet played just a few moments ago have been fully erased without any traces. Was it really played or just an illusion?”
When he takes revenge in anger I will take revenge in love”
“There are many stories you still don’t know…”
To understand each other’s mind
Yet acting as ignorant…
One of the most difficult things of the world”😢

A feel when physical separation doesn’t make sense at all”💫♾

Everyone assumes love to have the purity of basil leaves.
But in reality, how many are willing to give it the value of at least curry leaves!!”
When you act to get momentary happiness on something
Remember, a deep darkness is waiting for you”
She kept searching for words to fill the autograph”
I want a lullaby to put all my worries and regrets to sleep”
Love and Friendship – both can become the causes of any destruction on this earth”
His advice couldn’t revive the previous magic on her💫💫”
She felt like she was doing a duty” #FrozenHeart
Traveling infinite distance, reached the same point completing a full circle”
For her, meetings and separations don’t hold any meaning now. It has been a long time since she has been detached from everything on this earth”
She looked around. Everyone is busy in chats and debates. Only she is alone. Her hopes witnessed a nightfall and she got up”
When duties fight each other, which will finally win?”
The volcano hidden inside didn’t erupt, though I expected
Instead it’s burning to ashes like a pyre
Feeling happy to burn as a pyre than to erupt as a volcano
As it affects none and only I will suffer”🔥😔
Many times the extra efforts we take for someone to help, can turn out to be the most embarrassing moments”
If a hope can lessen our pain, should we leave it?”
Sometimes we need to lie to extent the time gap of the reality to be faced”
To return back, we should be able to identify the point from where we started #source “
We will find reasons and excuses for what we don’t want to do”
I don’t feel we are parting. Then why should I feel sad?”
My dreams don’t lie in your eyes
My words won’t reach your ears
My arms even stretched won’t reach you
Because I am dumb and you are blind💔💔”
Her mind…. As deep as ocean blues now🌊🌊”

” “Hari, I have added something more to your advice.

Yes, Never expect anything in return.
But….. we should be able to give back, more than what others expect from us ♾♾❣️❣️”
Meera said with confidence in her eyes and moved from there without waiting for a reply”
#Meera 💕💕💜💜
When sorrows knock you, think like they are nothing related to you. They can’t harm you too much”
When life is extended, you need to burn a little time more. All is fine, if it ends well. Otherwise all efforts go futile”
To delay death, is it a wise idea
When you are uncertain about future events?”
When promises kept without the exchange of words, can it guarantee fulfilled promises at the end? What if silence is got as reply after a long wait?”
Time proved she is right and I was wrong” #Abhi
She decided to keep the relation within the barrier of friendship and wait till the right time so that no one can raise fingers against her and accuse her wrong. It was her strong belief in love”
The flame of love I hold within my heart
How can I protect from the blow of time?
If I succeed against all challenges and test of time,
But get his silence as reply, what will I do?”
Love becomes so intense at a moment when you start loving the painful moments it gifted too💞”
When we talk, feel like standing on two banks of the same river😓🤕”
Still now I can introduce him to anyone and say, he is my friend. I don’t want to lose that freedom at any cost”
When you act for long, it becomes a habit and it’s not easy to change it later”
The path or belief we choose to find happiness and mental peace, right or wrong, is right as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else”

Life is like a boat, which keeps sailing in the direction of wind. As long as its oar is safe in your hands, it sails perfectly. The moment you give it to someone, you are lost forever in storms directionless. If oar was in your hand & you lost it in a storm, you are a fighter”

I want to stay away from those who snatch my mental peace”
A love story ended before the beginning💔💔”
It took a moment to come close and drift apart”
Why should I worry about someone who doesn’t care my feelings💔?”
When I lost a beat, the whole rhythm failed”
She stood in front of the mirror and looked deeply into her eyes. Her iris stood still for a moment. Suddenly she saw a shadow inside it and turned back. Is it the shadow of death which reflected in her eyes?”
Real love expresses without words💞”

“When hearts talk each other, no words needed.

When it comes to expression of love, hearts speak louder than words and your eyes can’t lie though you try hard to hide.”
Living in a world of illusion where there is no difference between right and wrong”

I dissolved my words in silence always”

How can a person who lost self-confidence give you courage and positive thoughts?”
“When you hide your love for someone,
You deceive your own heart
By depriving it of the reciprocated love
Which it truly deserves💜💜”
Language of two hearts can never be decoded by a third💞”
Perhaps he never wanted a mediator between you two”
True friends guide us. They never force their decisions on us”
You are a strange creature. You and your strange principles. Throw them in sea and learn to live”
When god keeps testing, you may get confused, is it punishment or testing”
Mind is like an ocean. How many rivers flow and reach it every second, and countless waves keep roaring. Yet it never overflows. But never it remains in peace too.”
I am waiting for that day when I can remove this mask”
I need rest. When will I make all these things right?”
The moment we take to respond to any situation is very significant”
Where have those nightfalls gone?
And where are those promises?
Where is that love
Which used to strike her as sea waves?
What left is this sea shore, another sunset and lonely me.” #Krishna
If I ask you, I feared how you will react
I feared I may loss your friendship forever💜
“Untold words”
Love stories always make her restless. Whenever she hears about a new story, she tries to fix her story in its emotions, and fails always”
How can someone sacrifice a lifetime for someone
Who gave just a few good moments to cherish?”
Many times we pretend to forget our pain
Without waiting for time – the physician to cure it”
“”Have you given word to someone?”
She went numb
“For not even a single moment, you are away from my thoughts💖💖”
She scared to take breath”
How to put this mind in sleep which asks me unnecessary questions?”😕
What defeated me?
My acceptance of failure?
Or his silence?”
The air that passed by
Told his presence💜💜💜💜🌈🦋”
Why I always transform to a child in front of him,
If he talks comfortably for a few moments?”
At that moment she decided not to pretend. She was already fed up with her own acting skills always. She remained silent”
She forgot to say goodbye. Slowly his figure was going far away from her. ‘Perhaps, whenever I acted ignorant, he might have gone through the same, maybe a 100 times. I now know, that’s the reason why his eyes filled with tears every time. But the fact that I never knew, still ignorant to him'”
She felt like her responsive power has improved a little bit”
Many things we believe as ours
But in reality, it’s just like water drops falling on lotus leaves.
Appear like they belong to us, but we can never hold them”
Seconds will shed
Days will pass by
Years will fall down
And eras will die💔😢”
His silence shattered her completely💔😢”
The door not opened for years is still closed. Decayed atmosphere. Leaves fallen down have dried, like the mind. “What else can I do?”, her words dissolved in the deep breath of wind. A leaf which hesitated to fall for years, fell on her uncombed lazy hair, saying ‘Yes’🍃”
She looked at the closed door once more with a glimmer of hope”
It’s hard to believe my heart beat fast a few moments ago💓💫”
Every time I get is a synonym of repetition! Though I try to find new meanings, at last I realize, it’s only a new definition of already existing words!”
I exchanged all my springs with your autumns”
When time moves on, new definitions may be born. Yet none can replace what I lost forever”
Old colourful pictures got erased and dumped in folk tales”
Our crazy imaginations often have tints of reality”
To take revenge using the weapon of silence, some people have mastered this art perfectly”
Sometimes madness is a blessing”
More than breaking links….. What it hurts more is to realize such links never existed, though assumed to be😔😪”
For the first time she forgot to hide her tears in smile, as she used to do” #Dreams
Why can’t you stop pretending?”
Am I a stranger to you?”
Silence dissolved in words for the first time”
I lost. But I realize this defeat is my real win”♥️♥️ #Untold
Yes, I tried many times… I admit
But only when my mind says, you desire so”
“Why you failed to sense the moment….
When I stopped listening you
When I stopped seeing you
When I talked at distance from you
When I moved far away from you
When I stopped troubling you💗😓” #Untold
Why I stopped listening you
Why I stopped seeing you
Why I talked at distance from you
Why I pretended to walk away from you . .
Because you rejected me exactly the moment
When my heart totally failed to endure my feelings💔💔” #Untold
You never tried to know me😓”
When mind casts down, it never speaks. It will search for some sort of relief. But what did you give me each time?
It’s easy to advice others, but hard to practise in our own lives”
I will never let go those who trust me💕💫”
What to do when someone loss self confidence? When I feel you are trying to keep distance, won’t I think I am doing something wrong? Did I commit anything wrong going far away from you?” #Untold
When you can say, ‘I don’t want to share my sorrows’, If I think I too shouldn’t share it, what mistake have I committed?” #Untold
When someone so close to us, hurts us badly
We try not to share our feelings with them
We desire they realize it….
But not through our words”
“When someone so close hurts you badly
You feel it’s their responsibility to realize it
Not yours to make them understand💕💫”
Each and every word of your advice guided me like a mantra💫💫”
When I hurt you once, I hurt myself twice. Never say, I never loved you” #Untold
Please don’t say I am selfish. Do you know the real story behind my tears? When I see you hiding your pain in smile, how can I tolerate? Feel guilty and think only I am responsible & hence keep distance.
Only because
I couldn’t bear it” #Untold
Think no more sufferings left on this earth. Then everything is so easy”
When you love someone so intense,
You may often feel, you don’t love at all
It’s because you feel love given is not enough”
Shall I tell you a truth? Whenever I feel drifting apart, I always tried to come close. Do you know why? Because I feared a lot, I may lose you”
Nothing to gain
Nothing to lose . . .
Except you❣️❣️”
She forgot her eyes were filled with tears”
He picked untold words from her scattered tears💓💫💜”
Looking at those scattered raindrops
She said herself, “Daydreamer””
She started searching her lost dream in those pouring raindrops😔😔”
Her eyes started pouring non-stop along with the rain”
Getting prepared for next birth as usual”
“If there is a season
I can connect with you,
It’s the spring with multi-colors
But only some fallen petals
Without any smell!!”
“My story which I never told,
My story which you never knew,
I wished many times,
You knew it somehow.
Some dreams
Remain unfulfilled”
************* The End *****************
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