Heart Strings – Part 1

“I am a part of you
And you, a part of me💕💕💫🌈🦋”
I want no one to understand me
Except you❣️❣️”
“When your heart beats fast inside mine💓
Sometimes it breaks me totally.
Why can’t you ask yours to beat a little bit slower?”
“The moment till I set it free without any expectations, I was OK and relaxed….
But when I made it a part of my heart and tried to own it, it made my heart into parts💕💕💔
“We can’t predict future. Who knows, that love returns back to us or not! If it returns, never hesitate to say, ‘When I hurt you once, I hurt myself twice’💕💕💜🦋. Many times we simply leave hurting, without giving love a chance💔😓”
Many pass us
But only a few can touch us”
I can feel (see) my tears in your eyes”
“I can feel your tears in my eyes✨💫
I can feel your smile in my heart❤️
And both are mine💕💕”
“How long can you love someone without expecting anything in return?”
“A strange feel when the person who took away loneliness from you, makes you feel alone again because of him/her.
When you experience it for first time, no words can describe it ” #Meera
How far you go away from me
That much close you will find me”
“A strange feel when you are given something for a lifetime
But can’t own it even for a single moment😔🍁💔
“A strange feel when you are holding someone’s hand
Yet it doesn’t belong to you
To understand me, you need to emotionally connect with me”
“If you ever feel I am not close to you in presence or thoughts
Just turn back once
I might be standing so close to you
Even closer than your shadow
So close to your heartbeats”

You are as close to me as you are far away from me”

People stay away from me in hate😓
People stay away from me in love💕
Anyways I am all alone always”
“Short conversations are beautiful
With or without words”
“Getting your love was beyond all my weird and crazy imaginations”
“If you don’t have the fear of losing them
You never loved them”
“We realize true love when we start feeling pain.
Pain in love is above all, the extreme point♾♾
Because all of me love all of you
All of me miss all of you too”
True love is pain”
“I fix stars for you 💫✨🌠⭐️
Have you ever noticed?”
Love is special for those wonderful moments when we feel ourselves special”
“Even while talking with you,
I write about you assuming,
We both now belong to different worlds,
And I enter into a world of illusion,
Fully insulating you away from it
Yet still feel again
Those moments you gave me long ago💜
Even though you can’t enter it now🙂😇”
In normal cases, I too take time to open up with people or form friendship. Yet some people who come in life so sudden, create magic and I fail to resist myself
So close to heart… Yet so far”
We are not attached to names…. But to hearts”
Someone who is attached to me, yet not visible”
Enjoy the joy in silence and solitude”
Happy to find you & sad to miss you
Both experiencing at same time”
“My love letters written on autumn leaves were never read🍁😐”
Very often we tag bonds in love and relations to loss it forever. Better let them be unnamed and undefined and cherished forever, without expecting anything in return”
When relations go beyond, how can we simply tag as romance? It can be of same gender too, with emotional bonding”
You may say, I didn’t remove your pictures from my room. But I will say, I never removed your pictures from my heart”
“She found her heart in mine”
I fight against you……
For YOU ♥️💫”
“Love is like that pouring rain
Which showers so unexpected
Without keeping us waiting
It has the tenderness & beauty of rain
It also has chillness
Sometimes accompanied by thunder & lightening
Though it stops raining
The last drop is kept as tear in mind
Hidden from everyone”
I only want your yesterdays….. Nothing else” 
“When I saw you breaking down in front of me every time
(Every time you break down in front of me)
I broke to thousands in silence
Without even sure
If I were the cause of your pain”
#Repetitions #Sorry
People go far away from you because of
Intense hate😓😓
Intense love❣️❣️”
It’s better to die for someone
When there is no reason left to live for anyone”
“A moment is sufficient to change everything…
Literally everything”
I wish….. We both can go back to our childhood
And live a life again”
A part of you stays in me always “
I want to take rebirth in your eyes
Every day and every moment
As your smile,
As your dreams,
As your tears
And as everything your eyes hold”
I forget the count of moments I desired
To get back a flower from the bunch I gifted you🍁”
Every time I look deep into your eyes
I search for something
But each time I feel despair
Because I find it missing… . . .
It’s your love for me💔🍁
There is no smile without a reason
And no word without a meaning
No river flows without water
And no heart survives without love”

Footsteps even in thousands can’t decrease the distance between two hearts sometimes. But even a single smiling step deep from heart makes the distance feel less”

The moment when love drops❣️💔”

“How can you be so heartless?”

“I waited for a kiss
But you parted saying ‘good bye’
Deep loneliness crept into my mind for a moment
But I hid my throbs in my silent eyes.
Did you notice my restlessness that moment?
Definitely No!!🍁” #Lost4Ever #StoppedWaiting
When heartthrobs transform to sobs
Those dream birds which were to dwell in heart
Leave their nests and fly away”
To blossom my presence in your memories always
I shall give you a flower bud before I disappear forever
Who knows we witness a spring together again!!!🍁” #NeelaKurinji
Two hearts become one
When one’s language is fully understood by other”
At least once in lifetime
We find ourselves in the banks of our lost love”💫💔💜
One who lost love once, treasures it for the second time”
“To love someone,
Sometimes you get thousands of reasons
Sometimes no reason at all💜💜
When you sleep I loss my sleep💔🍁”
If you find your soulmate, you should never be the reason to loss it. Instead make fate, the decision maker. You won’t regret later”
It’s your presence that hurts me most💜
“When you are in love❣️❣️
You feel like flower is telling stories to wind
You feel like sky is romancing rainbow🌈
Feel like flowers are smiling🌸
Stars are blossoming🌠
Sky is singing
Clouds are dancing
And earth appears more beautiful
After the early morning rain💕”
Those who receive love as alms know its true value
Love is a promise to many
Though a single given word can ruin everything” #Sati
How can someone make you so happy and so sad at the same time?”
“If you are happy, it’s OK
If you are not, please come and talk to me💫💕”
Never shed tears in front of me. I have seen it a lot”
In attempt to connect that tune with some pleasant, unfulfilled dream 🎶✨💥🍁”
#Memories #Mist #Snow #Chillness ♥️♥️
There are quite a few people in everyone’s life
They may not interact with you on a daily basis
Yet, they remain close to your heart always
That’s the comfort zone you share with them.
No over-expression, no complains,
Yet a feel of support and rapport at any moment we need it”
More tight you try to hold the rose
Wounds given by thorn will be deeper
Let it go….. It was never yours💜🍁
When I make you miss me once, I miss myself twice”
When I miss you once I miss myself twice”
“Me and my world🌪️🌪️🌊”
“I remain silent
It doesn’t mean my heart doesn’t speak💙💙”
A strange feel when you are given something for a lifetime💕
But can’t own it even for a single moment😶😦🍁
If I get someone who make me feel special
You may hold an ocean of love in your heart
Yet if you can’t hold at least one close to you
Then, it’s the biggest failure of your love”
I enjoy your lies💕💕”
If the pain you suffer is caused by someone who you love most
You may fail to express it;
And at sometimes, you may never want to”
How can I see you in pain
By letting you know how much you hurt me?😪”

A part of you stays in me”

“Never wanted it back anytime 🌪️🌪️
I was weak, yet never so weak as I believed myself to be💜💜🍁🍁
“You have gone too far away from me🍁🍁
Miracles never happen in everyone’s life
Yes, I tried. Hence no regrets😊”
“Sometimes tears give that happiness for a lifetime which 1000 smiles together can’t bring. Only those with emotional bonding can give you true tears, but it’s worth for😍, and it’s very very rare to meet such people in life 💕💜🦋”
We meet as strangers
And part as strangers too…
Sometimes acting as strangers”
Can you act smiling for me once?”
“”How long will you love me? How long will you protect me?”
“Till my last breath leaves me”” 
If you are present with me in this hell, it’s nothing short of a paradise”
“How is the idea to melt and mould broken heart pieces, and transform it to a new heart?
Cracks will disappear completely and appear as if nothing happened.
And heart can love again
“I don’t even have a spare heart now to give it to you to break🤭😝”
Some hearts are specially made (designed) to be broken many times”
Some emotions are unheard, untold and unnamed. They have no definitions, beginning or end. They simply flow freely. Never try to block or tie them by giving names”
I died inside you long back🍁
I died in our path long back😌
Still you prefer to carry me as your shadow
For the world you are associated with💔
It’s not for me, definitely”
That misty evening
You and me
Stars and moon
And those rare blue blossoms🍁
Time gives slow death to many beautiful relations
Surviving ones are those which stand against the test of time”
Till the night pretends💔”
Let time heal both of us
And we can return to those old good days again
“When you shifted my place from reality to dream world, I became your stranger forever”
I shall try, definitely.
But can’t pretend.
Till then you have to wait
As I used to be”
If someone attempts something to make you happy and fails,
It’s your duty to cheer him up”
How long can we pretend?”
“I am not like you.
Simply can’t hurt someone I love
The moment when you want to do a lot for someone, but feel extremely helpless
When love turns heavy❣️❣️”
I fell in love with myself again”
“You add colours to my smile”
Your picture is stored in my heart. Your presence less matters “
To love means…..

To understand❣️❣️”

Some people take away with them some of your most favourite things when they leave you; may be a hobby, a passion, an interest, a sweet memory or anything which you adore most. Someone else can also return it back, very rare though”
I am not talking about you now
It doesn’t mean I don’t think about you”
Have you ever thought
How it would be like,
When you experience both happiness and sadness –
At the same time?”
Your romantic expressions are so deep and powerful♥️”
If someone lists some conditions for love, and say, “If you fulfill all these conditions, I shall love you”, can you love that person? Will you stay in such a relation or break up? Or will you fulfill all, as you can’t break that relation or lose that person at any cost?🍁”
“When you approach me as a truth (reality)
Dwells in my nest, thousands of truths💕
But when you fade away as a dream
My dreams also disappear, following you🔥”
“Distance between two hearts is undefined 
Sometimes close to infinity
And many times far away from it”

“At first they were strong dots . . 👀

Later they turned long lines – – ♾💜🍁”
I pretend to walk away from you”
“I want to become your wings🦋🦋”
“More than time, moments determine and define bonds beautifully
Such moments are momentary.
Yes, time can test relations; but not all.
Truth is that relations die when beautiful moments die”
Till the last beautiful moment is left
A relationship survives”
Someone who takes away your solitude can give you loneliness in return
It’s not like I don’t stay in your heart. Yes, I know I own a special space in a corner of your heart, where nobody can enter. The garbage space🍁”
More we talked
More we grew apart😢”

“How many times I desired for just one heart-touching moment!! 😢

Almost every moment I was awake and took my breath.
Infinite 🍁♾💥
Some pains get inbuilt slowly🔥”
“Still stuck here
Need a hand to pull me down💫💫🪔🪔”

Nothing have I gained

And nothing I feared to lose
Except ‘You’ 🍁❣️💔”

“Through my heart, words and eyes

I told you everything I desired.
I reserved for you the last flower
Which blossomed in my heart garden💓
I hide inside its drops
My silent tears, fragrance of love and purity.
I waited for you long….
The flower has withered now
And you never returned🍁💔”
“Like these pouring raindrops
My mind is also dancing with happiness💃
Shall I say ‘good bye’ to these last teardrops
In belief, they won’t return back….
In belief, you will never part from me💕💕”
“Will be left a few things to say
However hard we try to tell everything”
You silenced my solitude, but now giving loneliness
I am Neelakurinji which blossoms very rare, once in a Jupiter year 💫✨💕”
Trying to read words from your silence”

My eyes want to capture you as prisoner forever”

Many times we lose many pleasant moments to finally get that beautiful single moment”
You are a part of me💕♾♾”
“I can’t define the bond♥️♥️
Only I know is
You are a part of me♾♾💫”

When whole world revolves around me, my world revolves around you”

“More than someone’s presence, its feelings matter sometimes
Your fragrance brings that happiness which your presence can’t bring”
“I don’t know you are here or not
But I can feel your presence inside my soul✨🌪️🦋♾”
“Two hearts grow apart till they turn strangers”
“You are the same
But look different today
Your presence, words and silence
Make me feel something else”
Someone’s thoughts bring smile to my lips, long after colours of all seasons faded inside me”
“The moment when I desired not to love…..✨💕”
“Two hearts grow apart till they turn strangers.
But yes….. Strangers can meet again ✨💕”
Trick your heart into saying, “Nothing affecting at all!💕”
“Had I imagine seasons will sprinkle same colours on me again?🌈💫”
“I don’t want to add you to my offbeat rhythms of broken heart
But to the live tunes of my beating heart💓”
The pain you suffer, sorrows and these long breaths
Are equally owned by you and me”
“I need a hug that would last for a lifetime😌😌🤗🤗💕💕”
We met again as strangers ✨💕”
“Thanks for letting me know I have a heart and it’s not frozen yet♥️♥️”
“I just love to put myself in front of you every time💕”
I hope we shall meet as strangers again”
“Can someone experience same love twice? 🦋🦋💕💕”
“Can you fall in love with same person twice? And again and again?”
“Can you love someone differently at two points of time?”
“Can someone experience same love twice? Can you fall in love with same person twice? And again and again? Can you love someone differently at two points of time?”
“The moments when silence started leaking
I began searching love in your eyes”
#Translated #Copied #OSO
“Do you want to make me happy?
Stay happy and keep smiling
Your smile will reflect in my thoughts and soul
And I shall smile too”
Some songs deeply link to your emotions without even letting you know”
It’s OK 🤗
To stay away when the relation is broken.
Mind will adjust somehow in absence
Though it may not remain happy.
But to witness it every moment in front of eyes
Is not that easy💜🍁🔥”
“I like people who can make me smile and laugh
And very rare I find such”
“Sometimes I act as fool to make you feel comfortable🤭😉”
“I want to capture the beauty of that moment when all my tears turn to happiness”
“True love is not happiness always….
Sometimes it bleeds and go untold & unnoticed”

“When you try to fix your heart with broken pieces like a jigsaw puzzle, are you sure, you can fix it perfect? Many parts will be completely shattered to tiny parts, very hard to restore!! #Shapeless #Heart ❤️🖤”

“How can someone hurt you by hurting himself?”
Trying to fix my broken heart like a jigsaw puzzle. 
Can I fix those shattered tiny pieces & particles with perfection?
Fixing it every time, my heart has turned shapeless & distorted now”
Some songs deeply link to your emotions without even letting you know”
“Each moment in infinite loops when you make me remember
I never owned a special place in your heart,
Each moment in infinite loops I am forced to make you believe
You never own my special place in heart” #repetitions
“Sometimes heart fail to gain strength to listen,
Even though it’s quite sure the words are positive”
“Have been missing the bond since long
I just pretend ignorant
How long can I pretend I didn’t notice”
“I know how to hide myself inside the deep corridors of my heart.
But very often come out seeing you searching me”

“From that moment

To this moment
Where I am right now
You have been my only true friend and companion ~ Corridor 🙂
Thank You🤗”
“Slowly I could feel my emotions getting deep, deeper and deeper”
“I can emotionally feel your tight hugs….though we are virtually connected”
“Until we meet again as strangers …..
“Please leave me
I will survive somehow🍁”
“Why is it so difficult to earn someone’s love?”
“Is it so difficult to earn someone’s love or sustain a relationship?
I always give my level best, but always fall short”
“How can I break you when I am broken inside?”
“Sending a few stars for you💫✨👻
And lots and lots of luv ♾♾❤️❤️”
“You made me forget everything. Thank You🤗💕”
“It’s your love, adding colours and new shades in me
Till now, it has been a single colour – WHITE, the shade of death”
There exists a few things which can make you happy and sad at the same time”
What if that love was never expressed? Can they remain friends forever?”
You are the spring of my autumns💫💫”
“Good bye till we meet again as strangers”
What if that love was never expressed? Can they remain friends forever?”

“Same May Feelings💓💓

#Gulmohar #Rain💕💕”

“Lucky are you if you experienced same heart-touching moment twice💓💓💕💕 #Repetition”

“A single moment of happiness can make you forget thousand painful moments…. many times 💓💓”
I wanna feel your heart beats💓💓”
You are the spring of my infinite colourless autumns💕”
You are the unborn spring of my infinite colourless autumns”
If those parting moments turn at me once…..”
It’s only a virtual relation since long 🍁♾”
Physical presence of someone is nothing if distance between hearts is infinite🥺”
How long will you wait for someone? Tell me”
Sometimes when we don’t give up,
Fate can play terribly bad with us.
After a lot of tireless attempts with strong belief
And after a long wait,
How will you feel when you didn’t get what you really deserved!!!!
And what to say when it repeats in loops, non-ending!! 💜🍁💔♾🥺”
“True emotions also die after a point of time unless cared and reciprocated. What remains is a faded memory🍁💜💔🌪️🔥”
You occupy 80% of my memory and thoughts”
It’s virtual since long 🍁💫”
Many times real relations are more virtual than virtual ones🍁💔”
How much we have turned formal, never like before!!”
There exist people in this world deprived of human emotions too 🍁😓🤔”
Someone who loves you should make you emotionally strong, not weak”
To understand is another form of love”
How long will you hide from me? Do you know how much I feel you inside?”
Lucky are you if you experienced same heart-touching moment twice
“Rented emotions are to leave today or tomorrow
Never try to keep them to yourself”
Sending a few stars for you💫💫♾♾
And lots and lots of luv💓”
Is it so difficult to earn someone’s love or sustain a relationship?
I always give my level best, but always fall short”
Why is it so difficult to earn someone’s love?”
How can you express someone’s emotions exactly the same?”
I would prefer to silently move away rather than keep arguing,

If it’s someone very close to heart”

When you light the candle, it starts burning inside me”

How long will you hide from me? Do you know how much I feel you inside?”

If you cant ignore my flaws and accept my positives,
How will our relationship survive?🍁”
“I can’t hate you, though I can’t love you”
“Can you count the number of times, you made me believe, you don’t love me?😢♾”
“Rarely do we show our true emotions to everyone. We may appear emotionless to many too, because some emotions are specially reserved for that special person. “
“How many times we met as mere strangers – Infinite
How many times we recognized each other – Infinite “
“Got connected with a stranger👻✨💫”
“You are my wings of freedom✨💫💕” #MyChild
Hearts are made soft to be broken 💔😬”
Stop pretending to stay with me……”
You pretend to go far away from me😬”
How much you agonize me!!!!!
Do you know, I can’t even breath sometimes …….
Because you stay in my breath
And you keep distance from me occasionally
Whenever you want so!!”
We both are hyper emotional
Yet forced to pretend not so”
So unexpected I started loving life once again
Started listening positive music
Started smiling and laughing
But again, the story remained the same
Story of nightfall and repetitions”
You are my wings of freedom”
How is it possible moments and small things once associated with someone get replaced by someone else?”
I kept on loving you thinking… I may never get a chance to love you again 😞😞”
“You two are lucky if you can communicate even in silence without exchanging words”
“LOVE & HATE have 4 letters and ends in same letter too👀”
I think, I should also behave the same way you treat me
But what to do,
When you talk to me, I can’t keep distance from you”
“Broken in love many times
Beyond all repairs💔🌪️”
“Heart gains courage when you love someone beyond limit….
Heart losses courage when you love someone beyond limit….
Two extremes and contradictions of love
First one, in passion to gain
And second one, in fear to lose”
“Some people do come to your life as strangers and later become a part of you”
“Sometimes we decode a lot which we prefer to keep to ourselves “
“If you can share emotions along with words with someone, it’s a great feel you know”
“Urmila waited for Laxman for 14 years
But she was sure he would return💕🍁♾🤗”
“Some waits have only dead end🔥
If you are 💯sure of return, it’s a blessing.💫
Otherwise it’s the worst thing to happen in one’s life;
Living each moment in uncertainty,
Even worst than fear of death can give you!!!!”
“Moments just happen
We can never create, however hard we try”
“You are there. Only you are absent from my eyes”
“It’s possible I have flaws
I made mistakes
I fell short of your expectations too.
But I never left you
It means I love you💕🍁
And true love deserve forgiveness and acceptance 🌹😊”
“True love should let you free.
It should not disturb the equilibrium –
You have already set for yours
Everything should flow free as before
Even my appearance should not change it”
How much your absence hurts me, do you have any idea?”
“The undefined point where we both connected beyond infinity”
“Things which I loved most in your presence hurt me most in your absence. They bring your memories more than anything else”
“Love can appear as different shades at different points of time, its intensity may vary, moments may chance. But true love remains at core. It’s foolishness to compare feelings & emotions at different times, and to arrive at a conclusion, love doesn’t exist or has changed, if you found a gap or differences.”
“Some seasons can bring back some seasons inside/of you, so unexpected”
“I want to love you so intense …
Till the moment I start feeling,
I don’t love you at all”
“If there is no separation, meetings are colourless”
I don’t want to walk back to those misty yesterdays
Just to know you loved me or not
Or to calculate the distance you created from me in the yesterdays
I am very much fine today 💜💜🤗🤗”

“I remember those days I fail to keep distance from you, despite taking vows” #Repetition

“It’s not like happened before.
Now no one to block it….
Let me survive for a while in love 💃💃”
“We may get many people to share also… Yet some pains and emotions are specially meant for someone. No one else can take away that pain”
“How much we grew apart without any told reasons!”

“Your lies are too sweet 😘😌”

“There was someone who told me, I share an emotional bond with you, those words I never heard before or after that”

“Everything in this universe is beautiful and nice. These stars, sky, rivers, deep blue oceans, butterflies and rainbows. But now look meaningless & colourless without U. Come back dear & put back those colours and butterflies which you stole away😉”

“I don’t want to return back to you
To count how many times my heart beat for you💜💜”
“I have never been the same since you left. Still missing a part of mine, which you took away then. I want that missed part back. Come back and return it to me “
Whenever I hide all my words in a simple smile, you never knew I was hiding all oceans and storms together in my small casket of silence……
In a false attempt trying to hurt you with my silence……😉
It seems my assumptions are wrong
Otherwise how can you turn so heartless!!
You are not like this”
“Hold me in deep blue oceans
Just like you hold in those vast blue skies”
“I never knew I was missing rainbow, till you came to my life🌈🌈”
“I never express my deep feelings very often/easily
You are lucky I did it for you”
“Better we talk in silence as two people closely connected
Rather than talking for long hours as strangers”
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