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Heart Strings – Part 11

“If rain has a poetry, it’s you💖”   “Sometimes as drizzling rain Sometimes as a night thunderstorm Sometimes as hot summer Sometimes as chilling winter Sometimes as flowering spring And very often as falling...


Heart Strings – Part 4

“Trying to hold all broken parts together And I am sure, We will succeed one day💫✨❤️”   “You give those special heart beats no one else can💖”   “Whatever happens, I stay with you🤗🤗❤️”...


My Dear Friend

My dear friend, Words will be limitless if I want to tell about you Yet I am trying to conclude in a few Like hiding a pearl in an oyster. The moment when my...


Heart Strings – Part 1

“I am a part of you And you, a part of me💕💕💫🌈🦋”   “I want no one to understand me . . . Except you❣️❣️”   “When your heart beats fast inside mine💓 Sometimes...