Heart Strings – Part 11

“If rain has a poetry, it’s you💖”
“Sometimes as drizzling rain
Sometimes as a night thunderstorm
Sometimes as hot summer
Sometimes as chilling winter
Sometimes as flowering spring
And very often as falling autumn leaves
You shower your contrasting shades on me
Without a pause”
“I hope you are (still) there
Listening my words,
Listening my heart”
“I don’t know when my eyes slipped into sleep, waiting for you. By the time I woke up listening to the sweet voice of the night bird, you had already passed the gate, far from hearing my calls”
“You brim inside me like a poem
Even I am not aware of”
“When I trust you completely, will I trust anyone else?”
“Maybe this monsoon brings you along with it”
“Still trying to read the unwritten pages of yours”
“Rain always has your beauty❣️❣️”
“When your feelings are true, straight from heart,
Nothing can stop you”
“Some songs
On some days
Have a special liking”
“Some songs….
Some days……
And a special liking”
“I often hide myself in the words I write,
Sometimes in the ink, not poured into words yet.
Sometimes written words can’t ink me full
And often, I hide somewhere in a corner of your heart,
Without letting you know”
“Whenever I crave your proximity
I fly next to you,
Finding excuses to talk,
Finding excuses to fight.
Yet I stand next to you in silence
Trying to find new meanings
From your silent & deep eyes,
While my eyes droop in shyness”
“The moment when we recognized each other beyond ages,
A blue butterfly came from somewhere and sat beside us.
We gazed each other deeply,
And the whole world froze for a moment or two🦋”
“Someone told me that you are hiding somewhere in the rainbow. From that day I made the rain my friend, and began to search for you in it”
“You can find me in parts
Wherever you go,
And can feel my presence
In each glimpse which flashes in your memory”
“You are my faith,
Lighten lamp and guide.
Even if I close my eyes,
I can walk without fear,
Holding your arms.
That’s my trust in you”
“When this endless wait is over,
As a river,
As a sea,
As an ocean,
You will come to me & dissolve in me, Right?”
“Every evening that fades away like a dew drop
Adds your splendid colour of pure white”
“Near or far away, true love only increases as time moves forward. It only matures and strengthens. It flows as usual, even if you try to block. It never seeks any proof or validation. True love is like that. But still, communication, even if it’s voiceless, it binds hearts more”
“Even if my mind wanders in many places
It finally comes to you ❣️💥”
“Though it was beyond the ages,
Although shores tore us apart,
There is a single moment when
We meet each other –
Like a lightning flash
In the fleeting glow of some star…..
The moment we recognized each other”
“Touch is not always physical
Soul touch is more intense”
“On an eve when autumn blossoms as night jasmine,
You will come back to me,
Ruminating those soft memories of the autumn eve
You left silently.
That day when silence is rained into words
Gulmohar flowers symbolizing separation
Will be carried away by the breeze
And springs will stay forever”
“Last hours of waiting are difficult. Isn’t it?”
“How splendid a rain could be
When you stay on someone’s heart as a dewdrop!!”
“When someone meant for you
Reaches you at the right time,
You forget your past, worries and grieves altogether
And your whole world will shrink into one person,
Your happiness, thoughts & everything,
And a new orbit & a new designated journey,
Reserved for you both only💫🦋” 
“I can’t say how fast time flies
In the thoughts exchanged between we two”
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