Pain and Sad – Quotes Part 5

“Some stars are far away to reach✨”
“Can tears also cry?”
“Hurt me…
Hurt me…
Hurt me…
Hurt me…
I forget to exist”
“Saying goodbye to someone you never met! Have you ever thought about it? Have you ever gone through?💔”
“Some songs can break you …. literally”
“Have I faded away from you forever?”
“A day will come when
You start searching me in my silence,
And also the words I poured like rain.
But you won’t find me again,
Because I might have already started
Travelling to a new world,
Where I will never be a disturbance to you again”
“Some will gain
Some will lose
Some will both gain and lose
In love”
“I really wish I get a boat
Which can carry my feelings to you”
“Deeper and deeper
There are some sorrows
The heart never let go”
“Hurt me…
Hurt me…
Hurt me…
Hurt me…♾♾
I no longer exist❗️❗️”
“My eyes have started graying waiting for you.
I even thought of sending message in the hands of clouds.
But you always loved the language of silence,
Which is dressed like a clown & dancing between us.
Somewhere in those lanes
I am dying like a melting candle
And you never cared!”
“Whenever you pretend to fight to stay away from me
I always fly to reach your arms
When harmony and strife fight each other day by day
We together lose a lot, Irreplaceable lot”
“Why you expect again and again
Even after knowing
Those who you hold in your heart always
Never hold you back”
“When to hold someone
When to let go
I wish someone give guidance to heart!!”
“Can’t you imagine a state where you have to accept everything that is happening around you without being able to recognize whether you are dead or insane?”
“Will love fade with time?”
“How long should I damage myself for someone who doesn’t care me at all!!”
Let them go….. I will survive somehow😊”
“Sometimes I feel
We are a thousand years apart”
“Are we complete strangers now,
Or have we turned half-strangers?”
“Regardless of physical touch or soul touch, if not given, they give the same mental pain and anxiety”
“Have I faded away from your memory forever?”
Just to make our heartbeats colourful,
We simply believe beautiful lies,
Even wrap tears with colourful clouds”
“Some distances are born while being apart
Some distances are born while being together”
“What you scribbed in my heart
Can’t be erased with time.
How deep you bruised my heart
Can’t be healed with time”
“Your lost dreams will turn to long-lasting embers and burn you for a lifetime”
“Nobody left, giving reasons
They simply find reasons to leave”
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