Sajin Gopu – Malayalam character artist of ‘Aavesham’ fame

Sajin Gopu is a popular actor belonging to Malayalam cinema. He is best known for his memorable roles he played in Romancham (2023) and Aavesham (2024), both directed by Jithu Madhavan. Made his acting debut through Thilothama (2015), followed by a bit role in Mumbai Taxi the same year, he got his first breakthrough with Churuli in 2021. His role in Jan.E.Man (2022) was also noticed.

Sajin Gopu started off with uncredited roles

Sajin Gopu hails from Aluva, suburb of Ernakulam. He completed his schooling from his hometown and graduated from De Paul Institute of Science & Technology in Angamaly. Since childhood he dreamt about movies, alongside his friends. He started giving auditions soon after graduation and along with it, he worked in a logistics company for 5 years.

Started off his career with uncredited and significant roles, he was first noticed through Churuli in 2021. His experience in off-road driving helped him in getting his role.

His association with Jithu Madhavan

He was introduced to director Jithu Madhavan by his friend John Paul. Jithu was planning for his debut film, Romancham then. Romancham proved to be a major break for Sajin. Jithu briefed his role for Aavesham in the film sets of Romancham. While he was the film set of Chaver, he got call from Jithu. He was asked to join the team at Bangalore to get trained for his role as side kick of the gangster.

He changed his look to appear as a local thug and the director gave him full freedom to add dialogues of his own. His comic role as Ambaan was well received by audience, and it’s his most popular role till 2024. His chemistry with Fahadh Faasil and comic timing played a major role in the success of the film too.

He mostly played rough roles on screen. After his roles in Churuli and Jan.E.Man got noticed, he started getting more villain and negative shaded roles and he declined many of them. He tries to bring something fresh to his character every time and it’s well evident in Aavesham. His looks and moustache were well noticed in the film.

Sajin Gopu – Some interesting and less-known facts

1. There was a time when he used to give up to 5 auditions a day, and one of his friends during those days, Siju Wilson has already entered films.

2. During his struggling days, he has directed a short film and a few ads too. He has also worked as associate director in the industry. He desired to keep films close to him in one way or another.

3. He has scripted one movie during his struggling days and dreaming to see it on full screen.

4. When the shooting of Aavesham got delayed, he had to turn down a few films including Bhramayugam.

5. Krishnakumar, who portrayed Nanjappa, is a martial arts expert who has been teaching in Bangalore for last 4 decades while the rest two members of Ranga’s gang are professionals. Without any previous experience or doing a full-length fighting sequence, Sajin Gopu joined the team for practise and preparation, and pulled off the role with conviction.

6. In his brief career till now, Sajin Gopu has shared screen space with Arjun Ashokan in ‘Jaane Mann’, ‘Romancham’, and ‘Chaver’.

7. He has briefly worked in theatre before joining films.


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