Growing distance is the cause of old age homes

Many people still believe that to avoid extra expenses of old parents, kids dump them in some old age homes. Is it true? If so, why do they spend money for that process? Definitely not! Kids do this cruel act due to loss of bond between two generations, I firmly believe so. It’s my observation, though there are many exceptions as well. It happens due to absence of love and affection. If not, how could they leave them forever in some old age home? How many kids visit their parents later? Can we stay away from our loved ones?

I agree people have a busy schedule nowadays and things are not the same a decade back. They have everything in hand, except time! So, many people leave their old parents in some old age homes saying, “I have no time to look after you”. If time is the prime factor, why are they not leaving their spouse or kids? So, reason is something else. If love exists in heart, how can we leave a person who has spent his youth days and whole happiness to see a smile on our face? How many times has he/she wiped our tears? How many times has he/she protected us from dangers and sorrows?

So, it’s sure, the growing distance and indifferences generated in between, further give more problems resulting in this hasty decision today or tomorrow. Is there a solution for this? Definitely yes! Solution lies in the mentality of kids to see their parents near and understand their sufferings and hard work they have done till now. If so, it can surely lessen problems in between and generate a friendly bond again. Also, they should think that old parents are now weak, both in thoughts and actions.

Very often, hidden love and harsh words of parents separate them from their kids and family. As matured persons, it’s their duty too, to develop and maintain a healthy relationship with their sons and daughter-in-laws forgiving their simple mistakes, and let go their egos. If so, a peaceful atmosphere in the family gifts a lot of things to all its family members – good friends to grand kids, advices and supports to son in time of need and distress and a feeling of unity and companionship. Do you want those magical things of life? If so, leave those bad thoughts from your mind and try to lessen the distance in between the generations. Actually, I dream for a new world where no old age home exists!

This article is purely based on my personal observation and you can find a related article here, written yesterday.

Treat them as daughters to stay away from old homes.

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