Skin Dryness in Kids – A few instant solutions

Cold winter has just arrived and it brings along with it, several skin problems. Dryness of skin is one major problem associated with cold season, and both kids and adults are equally affected with it. Allergies and cold related problems are often associated with it. While countless cold creams are available in market which can be tested in any type of adult skin, we can’t take risk with younger ones whose skin is so delicate. Through this column, I shall give you a few methods to prevent dryness of kids’ skin. Prevention is always better than cure, isn’t it?

It’s not the case of winter only. Skin dryness can occur at any point of time. Itching of skin soon after sweating, cold and cough at frequent intervals, and many more child diseases are linked with dry skin. This discomfort can deeply affect his sleep also. When he doesn’t get enough sleep, it affects all his daily activities. Naturally it affects his mother also. So, it’s always a better choice to take measures of skin care in kids during gestation period itself.

In the first 6 months of pregnancy, mother should take nutritious food to get rid of many complications in future, not just skin problems. We need to take care of certain points in the case of newborns as well, provided by both Allopathic and Ayurvedic methods. If you take a little care in food habits and life style, you can prevent to a great extend skin problems in kids.

Boiled coconut oil for infant bath

Breast milk is the best food for babies, and as long as a mother can provide it to her baby, it gives a great impact on his health. Apart from playing a vital role in defense mechanism, it also directly helps in skin health of the baby.

Earlier newborn baby was bathed soon after birth. But now, he is only rubbed using a cloth, soon after his birth to prevent the loss of sebaceous layer of his skin. You can boil coconut milk and make oil from it, and use to massage him before taken to bath. After bath, moisture content should be fully absorbed. But never take extra pressure or rub his delicate skin to remove water content soon after bath.

Dryness of skin and allergy – Are they mutually linked?

Yes, allergy and skin dryness are co-related. Those persons with dry skin are prone to allergic problems, and skin dries more in cold weather. During cold winter seasons and weather conditions, skin dryness is common in everyone. But such problems turn worse in dry skinned persons.

For genetic reasons too, a person can get dry skin. For instance, if any of family members of blood relations have diseases such as asthma and eczema, it can be genetically passed to next generation. If both the parents are dry skinned people, there are more chances that their baby too will have skin with same characteristics. Thyroid problems can also lead to skin issues.

In normal cases, skin problems due to dryness in kids slowly disappear when he reaches 10. Yet extra care is to be given to his physical exercises, apart from giving him nutritious food. It’s always advisable to cultivate the ‘exercise’ habit since he is young.

If kids with dry skin have problems like obesity, it can lead to black patches or swellings on his skin surface. If it results in severe itching, you should consult a skin doctor as early as possible. But it’s to be noted that all dry skin conditions will lead to eczema. But if eczema conditions turn severe in kids, lines may appear on his skin without any reason resulting in inflamed skin, or red and sore. Fish scale seen in hands, legs or face of kids may be a symptom of eczema. Problems actually start only after 2-3 month interval.

A slight change in life style

Avoid poly ester clothes, and cotton clothes could be the best choice. Reduce the use of air conditioner as much as possible. Drink plenty of water. Massage body with oil before he takes his daily bath. Coconut oil suits almost all skin types. Sesame oil is the next option. Olive oil is yet another choice. Only use mild soap and shampoo for bathing kids. When he starts going home, never leave those old habits of oil massaging and other needful precautions. Never rub his skin too much while bathing or using soap. You can also use moisturizer, as suggested by your doctor. Moisturizing cream can be applied to his body soon after his bath, before moisture content completely dries from his body.

Wash his feet using a brush with soft bristles. It’s not advisable to use pumice stone for this purpose. Breaking nails and formation of cracks in lips are major problems faced by dry skinned people. But they should never use turmeric and nalpamara, as main ingredients of cosmetic products. They should use soap with less aroma and foams. If dry skinned people bath twice a day, their skin turns drier, as the natural skin moisture may get lost.

Care in food habits

Eat a lot of fruits and drink plenty of water. Yellow coloured fruits, vegetables and leafy vegetables can be included in daily diet. Avoid fruits with soar taste. Fresh juices can also be included. Rice, porridge, dal, ghee and rice flakes are best suited for dry skinned people. Good digestion is essential for healthy skin. Also take care of constipation problems. Drinking plenty of water can avoid this problem to great extent. Kids with dry skin should fully avoid junk food and food items with all-purpose flour (maida), and reduce the use of sugar and sweets.

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