How to do aromatherapy? A few easy methods

Aromatherapy is a beauty treatment done using beauty oils. These oils can be used for oil massage or added to bathing water to get refreshed – both physically and mentally. Today everyone have a stressed social and professional life, and less attention is given to body and mental relaxation. Spare a little time for yourself so that you can refresh both your mind and soul. It only helps you to work better and stay mentally and physically fit.

Natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant are generally used for this purpose. Many of the oils used for this purpose are believed to have healing properties and natural products too. Aromatherapy can deeply affect psychological side, stimulate your brain functions and makes you feel relaxed. It also keeps body and mind well balanced.

It can be done as a sort of mental relaxation program, pain healing treatment or as a beauty treatment. Here I suggest a few simple tips while during this therapy.

1. Add 10 drops of aroma oil to your bathing water and stir it well. Its perfume refreshes your body and soul.

2. For body massage, take almond oil and essential oil in the ratio 10 milli: 5 drops for body massage.

3. Cyprus and rose essential oils are best for refreshment of body. To get rid of tiredness, lemon oil could be the better choice. For pain, peppermint or basil essential oil can be chosen.

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