Some useful tips for your rose plant to blossom

When you see roses in a nursery you may exclaim, “How beautiful are they!” When you bring one of those flowering roses to your home and plant it in your garden, after two weeks you may feel depressed. The plant may shed its blossoms and lose all its beauty. Roses are extremely beautiful when we saw them at flower stalls? Why can’t we bring same beauty to roses in our garden? It’s possible to make fertilizers from kitchen waste and easy available things around.

Here are a few simple flowering tips for your rose garden

1. Water used for cleaning fish and meat can be used to water rose plants. Plants grow well and also give flowers.

2. If you have an aquarium or fish pond at home, you can use the waste water (containing their excreta) to water rose plants. It’s an excellent fertilizer.

3. Not only that, cow dung and excreta of goat, chicken and similar livestock can be used as manure for rose plants. But they should be dried well and powdered before use. If you use them without drying, because of their excess heat nature, the plant may dry or fade easily.

4. Tea and coffee powder waste left after preparation and egg shell smashed can yield beautiful rose flowers, if used as fertilizer. After putting them in the rose pot, gently mix it with soil. If egg shell is well smashed, it gets easily absorbed by plant’s roots.

5. Tea waste (left after making tea), Kerala banana’s skin and egg shell – Make a fine paste of these three and pour in the rose pot once in a week.

6. Take Ground Nut Cake and cow dung in equal quantity. Pour double quantity of water, and ferment for next three days. Stir every day. After three days, add water 10 times to it, and pour a little far away from rose plant.

7. Pests can damage rose buds and kill its beauty. Ferment rice cooked water and use it as spray to kill pests. You can put the skin of onions and garlic beneath the rose plant. Because of bad smell, pests won’t attack the plant easily.

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