Before you drink a glass of water

When we drink a glass of water from your dining room or kitchen, do you think “Is it 100% pure? Is it safe?” You might be drinking boiled water or cold water from a purifier. Is it fresh always even if the water is drawn from a well? Even if we use water from our well, we use tanks and pipes for water supply. If not given enough stress to those things, you might be drinking unhealthy water inviting a lot of diseases and health related problems. Just take care of these points.

1. Use only PVC pipes for your water supply. Kindly avoid lead pipes and iron pipes.

2. Clean your taps once every week with a brush. It removes dirt deposits of your taps.

3. If you are using municipality/corporation water for drinking purposes, boil it well before use.

4. If you collect municipality water in clay vessels for drinking and kitchen purposes, it reduces chlorine and other chemical substances of water.

5. If you fill municipality water in wide mouth pots/vessels and use after 2 hours, concentration of chlorine and bleaching powder will be reduced considerably. Keep those pots open.

6. Keep your water tank clean always. If possible clean it once in every 10 days. Remove mud and moss from your tank once in every month.

7. Never use asbestos to cover your water tanks. It may lead to health problems.

8. Cover your tank fully. Using net is also a good idea, but its columns should be near. Also remove dust and dirt deposits from net covers frequently.

9. If you fix tiles in the cement tank floors, cleaning is easy. It gathers less moss too.

So we have come to the end of this column. In short, using fresh water always can’t assure 100% safety to your family. Keep your tank, pipes and taps clean to keep your family away from all health related problems and spreading diseases.

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