Learning Disability – Are you blaming him for wrong reasons?

It’s true, if we teach our kid a particular lesson 100 times, yet he can’t by-heart it we may feel angry. If he scores less due to careless mistakes or not completing the questions within the allotted time, we may blame him, “Why can’t you complete within given time? You are aware of time”. If he fails in grasping multiplication table or does calculation errors, no other reason to tell other, “My son is poor in mathematics.”  But have you ever thought, due to learning disability an intelligent kid may not perform well in his exams? Yes, if your kid is good in grasping things, yet can’t memorize it right or reproduce later he may be suffering from learning disability. The saddest part is in most cases parents fail to understand the real problem and blame him for being lazy, careless or not intelligent.

Learning disability can be grouped under three categories – Dislexia, Discalculia and Dysgraphia

A kid suffering from Dislexia finds problems while reading. He may point his fingers on book and takes a lot of time too. Discalculia have calculation error problems in mathematics. He may not memorize mathematical tables correctly and seek his fingers’ help for adding numbers. He may make silly careless mistakes while writing answer after calculating a mathematical problem correct. Kids suffering from Dysgraphia have writing problems. Kids who can’t complete exams within allotted time belong to this group. Even if they know all answers, they lose marks due to slow writing. They have poor hand writing as well.

So, it’s sure, even after having good talents and IQ, such kids are dragged back to the corners where they are often blamed, “Foolish kids” or “Careless kids”. Small kids may be slow in reading, writing or doing arithmetic calculations; no need to worry. But if same conditions exist even after he is 7 years old, he may be suffering from learning disability.

Learning disability may occur due to many reasons

Improper diet, malnutrition, disorders in brain, genetic problems or infection during gestation period could be the major reasons. Yet there is one positive effect too. Such kids easily learn through images and pictures than words, as they are keen in observing surroundings. Also parents need not feel anxious about him. Through ‘remedial education’ it’s possible to improve skills of such kids. It’s done by well-trained teachers after knowing the kid’s problems as well as previous history. Counseling is given to parents as well. Just understand his defects; he will improve very soon with your love and care.   

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