How to detoxify body and mind? Here I suggest a few techniques

Detoxification can be tried to get rid of dirt and toxins of both body and soul. It’s simple, but a powerful tool. It’s a myth that only drug addicts and those with smoking habits carry toxins in body. Today’s life style adds a lot of toxins to our body, both knowingly and unknowingly. Polluted air and atmosphere where we live, polluted thoughts and many more – many such toxins rest freely inside our body and soul. Stress sufficient to kill a person at circumstances, cholesterol, diabetics, heart issues and cancer are the end products of toxins in our body. When we eat without any limit, and give fewer exercises to our body parts or while working tireless fighting with stress, you give enough space for toxins to attack and conquer you. 

It’s possible to find and locate toxins which have found shelter in our body. If you really desire to find and get rid of them, make detoxification a part of your daily activities. It’s the first step to start with the process – prepare your mind and body for detoxification mission.

It’s time to remove cobwebs of your mind

There are many methods to get rid of stress, but only a few adopt them. When stress and strains get incremented to job pressure, you can experiment these easy relaxation tips.

1. When you wake up in the early morning, never jump out of the bed suddenly. Instead follow ‘stay cool’ trick, where you relax in bed for a few moments before you get out of it. During these early hours of a day, you can make up your mind not to frustrate yourself the whole day for unwanted reasons.

2. Progressive muscle relaxation technique can be practiced at any hours of your work. Remove your sandals, and if possible loosen your belt and stay relaxed for a while. Concentrate on your right foot. Stretch your leg and draw inwards your leg fingers as much as you can. You can easily notice the relaxing leg muscles. Count till 10, and during this time keep your leg in this position giving a little pressure. Do the same exercise for left leg too. You can do the same exercise for your belly, neck, shoulder and face too. It takes away your attention from tensions and energizes your mind and body.

3. Make meditation or prayer a part of your daily habits. Sit erect. Place one hand in your belly, and second one in your chest. Now take deep breaths and release it. Take breaths through nose and leave it through mouth. During this process, the hand placed on your belly should rise and fall in regular patterns in higher intensity, just like a wave. Never change your concentration to anything else, and focus only on your breath.

4. When sense organs wake up, it refreshes your soul and body as whole. When you have high work pressure, close your eye lids for a while and bring those old and refreshing memories of your recent visit to some tourist location or spot to your mind. Some of the beautiful sights and moments associated with it, pleasant sounds, good meals, and favourite song – such small thoughts and details are enough to distract you from tensions for a while.

5. When you are assigned to do a lot of tasks, never try to complete them in one stretch. Take small breaks very often, take a small walk and engage yourself with a chat with your colleague. You can also drink some water and refill your bottle, take a tea and relax yourself. Continue your work. You will definitely be switched to energetic mode.

6. Songs with beats, videos, jokes, troll sites – all can make you relaxed instantly. Store a few in your mobile phones.

7. If you feel that you have turned workaholic, spare some moments for old hobbies and passions. Music class, dance class, painting and drawing, martial arts – find time for your passion of your choice. Your life will be filled with positivity once again.

Refresh relations and let them reflect as mirrors

Nowadays less time is spared to talk to family members. Some communications may result in quarrels. Less time is spent for kids also. Such problems are quite common in today’s household. No one opens his mind before anyone. Ego problem at office and between couples too, a feel that nobody wants you, isolation from friends and dear ones and all relations turn boring as time passes by. If you face similar situations in your life, now it’s time to brush up once again and refresh the relationships and bonds with others. It’s possible only if you determine so.

1. How often do you say, “I am busy” to your dear ones? Even if you promise to message or call back, you may not be able to keep those promises. Problems start at this point, right here. The term ‘busy’ should be used only at emergency situations. Try to spare time for your dear ones even while you are busy. It’s not easy to get good relations, and hence try to maintain them.

2. Our behavior with parents influence our kids also, who learn many things from us. Unknowingly, we teach younger ones how to behave with others, and kids observe and learn. Misunderstandings should be communicated openly. When kids get opportunity to live with grandparents, they learn good values of life.

3. If father insults mother very often, the child may never learn how to respect ladies. When couple jointly completes household activities and take family decisions, kids learn a lot of lessons from you. They will follow those good lessons and adopt to their life too.

4. Even while you are busy, give attention to your kid and his school activities. Also try to attend competitions in which he participates, and encourage him in every way you can. You can create a reminder or alert in your mobile phone, so that you never miss the event.

5. Arrange family trips often. It refreshes you and rejoices and also improves bond between family members. It gives more opportunity to kids to open their minds before parents, or express something which they were reluctant of. You can support him, and it improves his confidence level too.

6. Give a little bit time to social activities, and involve in events such as cleaning, exercises and parties together. It improves the bond with the society where you live. When you are in some emergency need, neighbours can help you a lot.

7. Appreciate your colleagues for their achievements and hard work. They can guide you in many matters too, if you keep a friendly relation with them. Learn from others and also provide knowledge to others in need. If you have issue with some person, never drag it to public attention. Instead properly communicate with that person and clear misunderstandings.

8. At least once a week, all your family members should gather together and have a chat. Future studies of kids, investments, budget plans, home renovation, purchase of household things etc – you can take decisions during such meetings. Give opportunity to everyone to think and express their views too. It improves the bond between family members.

Technology is needed, but not in excess

Laptops, tabs, computers, smart phones and internet – now lion share of our precious time are reserved for these less important things, and only a little time is spend to live a life of our own. What’s the significance of peace in your life? Get rid of those ‘web addictions’.

1. First step is to take note of the time which you use internet, mobile and PC. You can allocate separate time for facebook, whatsapp etc, and implement that time table in your life. You can prepare a chart also, so that you can memorize it better. Take it as a challenge and follow this timetable.

2. 70% of people who go through smart phones in the late night have sleep problems. Say good bye to computers and phones, at least one hour before you go to bed.

3. Do areas without network make you restless? If so, it’s sure you are tangled in the web of technology. Now it’s not feasible to live in an area without any network. So it’s always a good habit to get addicted to ‘no net time’, where you keep yourself isolated from network.

4. Never add so many groups in social network sites and whatsapp. Whatsapp group of your family association, a sub-group for movie buffs which branches to fan associations…. If it’s the case of facebook, notification tab is filled with favs and comments. You need to spend a lot of time to go through these things, and mobile hangs very often. It adds tensions to our brain and mind also. If a healthy discussion in some group drifts to open conflicts, the virtual stress can take away pleasant moments of your real life. Is it really needed? Can they affect your life positively always? If you are already bored of so many groups, never hesitate to quit or mute at least a few conversations. Do it now itself.

5. Never give phones to kids to play. Let them grow in company with normal toys. Is it not wise not to give them mobile phones, better than trying to correct those bad habits later?

Flush out everything that’s not needed

When you search for something, you may not get it easily. But all unnecessary things are seen as a row in front of you. Why should you change your work area to a dust bin? It’s applicable for your mind too. Whatever you don’t want in future, throw to bin and clean the space. In short detoxify the space where you live, in reality and in thoughts.

1. Prepare a plan for house cleaning. Complete the process as a game plan for different days. You can also add partners to complete your ‘game’. When you enter the next level of your game, mark it. When you have completed the task, appreciate yourself and also give a treat for yourself.

2. Keep three boxes to categorize your things into three – those to dump, preserve and to keep separately. You can have a second check and dump things you don’t want in distant future. If you are confused with a few things whether to throw away or not, ask these few questions. When did you use it for the last time? What’s its cost? Can you reuse it?

3. Old files, glasses and food – dump them from your bedroom. You can place small boxes beneath the bed to keep books and toys, or arrange them in shelves on walls. Throw away old pictures, and minimize the use of decorates which invite a lot of dust to your home interior.

4. While arranging things in shelves and shoe racks, if you are not able to take a decision with a few things whether to dump them or not, spare a little time for them. If you have not used it within the allotted time, throw them to dust bin.

5. If you keep files and certificates in your shelves, occasionally dump unwanted papers and bills, and arrange them properly in different files as per your convenience.

6. Curry powders and other essentials used in kitchen can placed in bottles with labels. While cleaning kitchen, first remove things on the counter tops and place them at pre-determined spaces. The most essentials such as small knives, gas lighter and napkins can be kept in counter tops itself.

7. Pans and utensils which are needed for regular use can be arranged near your stove at a hand distance. Oven, sandwich maker and equipment which use occasionally can be kept at little distance.    

8. Throw waste of vegetables to waste bin soon after you chop them. Make it a habit.

9. While cleaning bathroom, clean everything in shelves first. Take them outside first, clean the shelf and replace them. Things to be used as combo should be clinched together. For instance, you can make tooth paste, tongue cleaner and toothbrush a set, and soap, conditioner and shampoo as second set. After use, throw it to waste bin.

Beauty is also important

The pillow cover and skin health are correlated – do you believe? If you use rough pillow cover regularly, your face also turns rough. Use well-finished and polished cloths for pillow cover.

1. Wash your hands before you wash face. Take care to remove dirt of fingers and nails.

2. After bath, use your towel gently to clean moisture from hair. Use a soft towel only.

3. If you use warm water for body bath, never pour the remaining water on your head. It can affect your hair’s health, and they break easily. Use only cold water to wash hair.

4. Remove your makeup completely before sleep. You should remove kohl, face makeup and everything.

5. Never prick pimples of your face. Instead steam your face for a while and use a towel to completely remove the moisture.

6. Change your makeup brushes occasionally. Many skin diseases can affect your skin.

7. An easy facial tip for those who always complain about time – Take a big spoon of curd and mix it with 2-3 drops of honey and 1 small spoon milk. Place in palm and mix them together, and apply on face. Apply from cheeks to upwards. You can do any household activity till the pack dries. After 10-15 minutes, wash it off using cold water and remove moisture content of your face.

Detoxifying food ingredients

Burgers and pizzas on daily use can invite diseases. But it doesn’t imply they are the only villains behind bad food habits. Deep fry of fish and meat, reuse of oil and excess use of sugar – all these factors attribute to many health issues in future. By following bad food habits, you deposit toxins in your body cells and blood too. To detoxify your body and not to repeat the same mistake – care is needed in both these extremes.

1. Though you are not diabetic, keep in control the use of sugar, sweets and carbonated drinks. From 1 gram of sugar, you get 4 calories of energy. When you put 2 spoons of sugar in tea or cool drinks, the total amount of calories reaches 40 calories, and it’s enough to add a few more pounds to your body. Reduce the amount of sugar and make a habit to eat curry items of meat and fishes instead of frying them.

2. Smoothie, salad, soup, 2 bottles of water adding a piece of lemon or orange and use vegetables and fruits of different types daily – continue this diet for three days to detoxify your body. Choose vegetables and fruits of your choice and also grains for salads. You can seek the advice of a dietician who can assist you in the choice of vegetables and grains for diet. Later you can make it a habit.

3. One cup pine apple pieces, juice extracted from 2 lemons, 2 carrots sliced thin in round pieces and a small piece of ginger – make a fine paste of these ingredients adding sufficient water and serve it adding honey. It’s a good detoxifier.

4. Slice half mosambi (sweet lemon), one cucumber and half lemon, and add ice cubes to it. Add a litre of water to it and keep it so for one night (minimum 6 hours) and drink later.  

5. Instead of carbonated drinks, use rice flakes milk, tender coconut juice, rice starch, buttermilk, juice etc.

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