How to get sound sleep? These simple tips shall definitely help you

Insomnia – lack of sleep in the late nights, but not able to wake up early. When you reach office with tired eyes and depressed face everyone may glare at you. Many people complain about the same sleeping issue. For an adult person, 6-9 hours of sleep is most essential to keep him healthy and energetic. For children and senior people, some kind of liberations can be taken. Those who sleep well at night can wake up in a refreshed mood, and spend an energetic day at office. Here I suggest a few simple tips to get good sleep at night.

1. When you feel sleepy, go to bed. Make a habit to wake up without the help of alarm. If you follow this trick for 4 or 5 days, you get to know about your sleeping style. Then follow the same pattern for sleep, for working days and holidays. Though it’s not easy for working people to follow this ‘timetable’, in long run, it gives better results.

2. If you do regular exercises, it gives good sleep too. When you exercise, your body temperature slightly increases, and after 5-6 hours it starts decreasing and restores the original temperature. When our body temperature decreases, we fall to sleep. If you do some exercise in the evening, it provides you a sound sleep at night.

3. Have your dinner at least three hours before sleep. When your stomach is full, and you go to bed very soon, it gives several digestion problems and gastric troubles. Before bed, take a glass of warm milk or eat some fruit in small quantities.

4. When you feel sleepy in the late evening, you may have a cup of hot coffee or tea, the enemy of sleep. Your body needs to work for next 6 hours to flush out half amount of caffeine present in one cup of coffee. So avoid take of such beverages in the late evening.

5. Your room should be dark, away from all forms of light. Chilled atmosphere away from all forms of sound can also keep your mind calm, and provide it sound sleep. 70 degree Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for bedroom. You can also wear an eye cap to avoid the exposure to light. Ear plug helps you to isolate from external sound factors. If you want to listen to some light music before sleep, you can experiment it as well.   

6. Make some good habits a daily routine just before you go to sleep. For instance, if you have a habit to wash feet before you go to sleep, do it regularly. Same is the case of reading, prayers, meditation or listening music too.

7. Use a good mattress which is comfortable for you. If you turn around during sleep, it may be due to the discomfort of the mattress or pillow used. Avoid sleep on a strong and flat surface. Choose soft mattresses which provide sufficient support to your backbone. Avoid mattresses with extra softness too. Your mattress may be expensive and of high quality, yet it’s expiry date is up to 10 years. Replace your old mattresses with new ones.

8. Your bed should be for your sleeping purposes only. Avoid watching TV and use of mobile in your bed. If you feel that bed is only for sleeping, your body and mind prepare for sleep instantly when you approach it.

9. If you are deprived of sleep even after lying in bed for 20 minutes, read some book or listen to music, sitting somewhere else. When you feel sleepy, go to sleep.

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