How to get rid of anger and stay cool? Here I suggest you 10 tricks

Anger at nose tip – It’s quite a common phrase used for those who lose their temper quite easily. Their anger may be due to some right reason. But it doesn’t get a warm response from those who witness it. Some people do have the habit of suppress everything, while a few express everything. He may respond and shout, but after sometime forget everything.

If you are not able to control your anger, it may affect many healthy relations, and relationships once broken are not easy to restore back. If you are able to ignore some of the silly mistakes done by people around you, you can stay cool. Here I suggest a few more simple tricks. Make them a habit to get rid the bad effects of short temper.

Control your mind first….

First step is to accept the fact that you get angry easily. Try to identify those circumstances through self-learning and avoid them as much as possible. Try to accept others in the way they are, and try not to change them according to your character. Simply ignoring many unpleasant things can get you rid of anger and its ill effects. Here I suggest a few more.

1. Certain situations and certain words can hurt us, make us angry too. Sometimes, it may not be their actions, but our overthinking that creates problems. We may not be able to control our thoughts and get angry unnecessarily over things which others may not even imagine of. Why can’t you avoid it? Be you and yourself and ignore those things what others think about you.

2. Try to divert your thoughts to something else when you lose your temper. Drink some water, have a walk, try some sweets or think about someone who gives you some pleasant feeling. Remember, a slow response is always blunt while a quick response is sharp enough to break someone’s heart you love most. When you remain silent instead of out bursting, it leaves a good impression among spectators too.

3. When you become calm, try to analyze the matter which took your peace of mind and resulted in outburst. Think through the other person’s angle as well. If you find that there is nothing wrong in your side just leave it. Otherwise don’t feel hesitated to say sorry. A simple sorry can of course make many things right.

4. Never overthink about an incident which brought those unpleasant moments. Just leave it and try not to repeat it. Otherwise a silly matter can steal your peace of mind a lot.   

5. Meditation and Pranayama can help you to control your anger a lot. Take deep breaths and relax your muscles. Stay relaxed. Daily prayers and spiritual readings can also help you in this matter a lot.

6. To control one’s anger, only he need to take the first step. Though you feel anger inside, determine yourself never to express it before others. But remember, to respond to right person at the right time for a right reason is never wrong, and you should never feel regret on it. But you can control anger for many unnecessary things for sure.

7. When you wake up in the morning, fix one of the tasks to stay cool always. If you succeed, you can feel yourself proud in the evening.

8. Remember, sometimes our cool approach can give you better results from people around you or your colleagues than sudden outbursts. But it depends upon situation. Respond what situation demands, and not what your mind and feelings demand. Never let your feelings and emotions control your decisions related to others and their feeling. A sudden emotional outburst may not give good end results always.

9. It’s only a myth that unexpressed feelings and anger can harm you. It causes problems only in rare situations. Just ignore others’ jealousy and ego. When you start analyzing the reasons behind the problem, anger would have already disappeared.

10. Mood swings are quite common in ladies just before periods. If you are not able to find it, you can block many of such problems. Family members should also understand the reasons behind her mood change.

I have just suggested a few handy steps that can help you. But it’s upon to you, your patience and determination which help you to succeed. They can test your patience and temper. Yet finally you are the person who is finally going to win it.

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