Food for heart – What to eat and what not?

When luxurious kitchens have found space in common man’s life, he made several life style diseases his companion. It has become so significant to get back those healthy days through our healthy food habits and way of living. Whatever that’s so fond to us, we keep it close to heart. So we should give that much importance to heart’s health as well, providing it healthy food and less work strains. You should ensure yourself, you include sufficient nutrients for heart’s health. You should also follow a healthy life style.

The magical machine named heart

Heart is almost the size of a fist, and its weight equals to 300 gm. But this organ works restless throughout its life time, regardless of day and night, and if we sleep or not. Heart beats at an average of 1 lakh times a day. Energy produced by heart in its total life span is sufficient to have a journey from earth to moon and return back, as per studies. So isn’t it our duty to protect our heart and safeguard it from diseases?

A complete diet for heart’s health

Flavonoids present in fruits and vegetables, phytochemicals and anti-oxidants are best supplements for heart’s health. Apple, papaya, grapes, mangoes and pine apple are good for heart’s health. Carotenoids and Flavonoids present in vegetables play a significant role to protect heart from heart diseases. Fibers present in grains, vegetables and fruits reduce the cholesterol level in human body. Fish is excellent for heart’s health. Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish increases HDL level and also reduce the level of triglycerides, a fat factor present in blood. Sardine and mackerel are excellent for these supplements, but serve them as curry dishes instead of frying.

Avoid these few things

If you want to safeguard heart’s health, we need to avoid many of our favourite and delicious food items. If you are obsessive to excess salt and sugar, leave that habit today itself. Sugar and sweets increase the level of fat in blood. Chocolates, ice creams and bakery items are not good for heart’s health. Excess use of salt results in increase of blood pressure level. Avoid fried items, pappads and fast food items. If you have a habit of putting salt in your rice or porridge, it’s time to change it. Milk with excess fat, ghee and butter increase the chance of heart diseases. Avoid carbonated drinks, tinned food etc.

Eat slowly

The way we eat food can also influence your heart’s health. If you eat haste, obesity may attack you. Chew your food well to block obesity. Drink plenty of water.

Mediterranean diet

Mediterranean diet is excellent for heart’s health. This diet includes olive oil, vegetables and fruits in plenty. Olive oil helps to reduce bad cholesterol. Reduce the use of red meat as much as possible. Fish is also an important item of Mediterranean diet.

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