Travel trips for kids this monsoon season

Now it’s rainy season, and kids are prone to diseases as well. Here are a few useful tips you can take note while you are sending your kid out to school or any other journey this rainy season.

1. It’s always a better idea not to purchase food items for kids from local dhabas or small tea shops on the roadside. They are not hygienic, particularly in the rainy season when flies multiply in the drainage or small pits around the season.

2. Home stay is best while you are out for a journey, rather than hotels, where you have options to boil water and prepare food for kids, thus reducing chances of monsoon diseases.

3. Monsoon is a reason of mosquitoes and diseases spread by them. It’s better to avoid outings in the evenings when mosquitoes are seen in high number. If you can’t avoid the outing, choose dress covering whole body. Now mosquito repelling creams and stickers are also available.

4. Buy separate sandals for kids during rainy season. Sandals with a little high sole and good grip are best. If so, water on paths and roads will not get into feet and heals, and make feet dirty. Never use shoes and socks during rainy season.

5. Keep raincoat and umbrellas in their bags. If you are set for a journey, you can keep dry blankets too. Cold can damage the whole enjoyment and pleasure of the journey.

6. Georgette, light weight soft cotton and chiffon are best for your kids in the rainy season. Frocks and half-length skirts till knees can be chosen for girls. Avoid long dresses for girls the rainy season.

7. Three-fourth cotton pants are best for boys. It’s better to avoid jeans stuff. Once soaked, they take more time to dry. Shrugs can be chosen for them to avoid chillness.

8. When you are set for a journey, never forget to take emergency medical kit with medicines for cold and fever.

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