A few useful tips while giving medicine to your kids

Many mothers complain about the difficulties to feed their children. If feeding children itself is a tedious job, what about giving them medicine! In most cases, medicines are sour or bitter in taste and kids may feel annoying with its smell, at a time when they show displeasure to everything. It’s most important to give medicine to the kid in right proportion, and not make him cry. How is it possible? Here I provide you a few useful tips.

How to give medicine? If your kid is too weak, place his head on your arm and give him medicine. It’s a better procedure to give him the medicine this way than giving him while he lay on bed. For a small baby, filler is the best option to give him medicine in drops. Place the filler at one end of his lip, and press it gently. If he spits or vomits medicine, take a small break before you start again. Allow him to become calm.

Measurements should be very accurate – When you use kitchen spoon to give medicine, it may be a bit more than the correct measurement. The slight difference may be up to 3% comparing with standard medicine spoon. It’s a better choice to buy the measurement spoon along with medicine. In most cases, measurement will be marked in a plastic cap placed on the top of the medicine bottles.

You can also measure medicine using dropper or syringe. Then you can transfer the medicine to spoon or glass and feed him. If ill condition is severe, the dose can be increased only if doctor suggests so. If not, give him the same dose prescribed by doctor.

Complete the course of medicine – If antibiotics are not taken or dose not completed as prescribed by doctor, there are more chances for the disease to return. When antibiotics are stopped abruptly the disease causing bacteria will multiply in number. Even if same antibiotic is repeated, bacteria may outlive the same medicine this time.

Never neglect health supplements – Taking into account the kid’s health, the doctor may prescribe a few vitamin tablets and health supplements. Never neglect these health supplements. When you consult doctor the next time, show this prescription also.

Never pretend to be a doctor – It’s a usual habit of parents to give medicine of kid’s siblings for the same disease symptoms – for instance, cough, throat pain etc. Though symptoms are the same, it’s not necessary that disease is also the same. Only a doctor can suggest the correct medicine. Parents may detect their fault only after the condition of the kid turns worse.

Though you give medicine for fever and cold without consulting a doctor, it’s not at all risk free. Cough syrups may contain paracetamol in small quantities. In addition, if you give medicine for fever, dose of medicine that reaches kid’s body may be higher. It can often invite certain problems.

Doctor’s handwriting – If the pharmacist has doubt with doctor’s medicine, clear the doubt first before buying medicine. If they are doubtful and give their own opinion, never rely on them. If you are using medicine for allergy for a long time, keep in note the measurements written on cover. As the kid grows, there may be slight variation in the medicine’s measurement.

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